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26 Nov

Back from 2 weeks in a sunny all-inclusive. Thank god it was a 2-week vacation, for we arrived sick and it rained the entire first week.

I am 25 weeks now, gaining weight as gradually as I did. I have to admit, I stepped on the scale with certain trepidation. Once upon a time I managed to gain 7 pounds in one week in an all inclusive. And since alcohol was off limits, I indulged in desserts. But I gained only 4 pounds over the past 5 weeks since my last gyno visit. Bringing me to the total of 11 pounds gained so far. Pat myself on the back.

The new baby is uber active. There are days when he doesn’t seem to ever stop moving. He’s much more active than Timothy was. I fear this means he’s going to be the restless, never-sleeping opposite of Timothy.

I am sure the lower than expected weight gain is due to chasing Timothy all day long. We barely sat down. But we slept!!! We went to bed shortly after Timothy, around 9 pm, exhausted – and slept until after 7 am. So all in all, we did get the rest we needed.

Now back in Toronto, I am once again exhausted and sleepy. Blame all the internet-connected gadgets for keeping me up until 10:30-11 pm…

And the gloomy cold weather doesn’t help!

Overall, no pregnancy news. Baby is kicking, belly is growing, heartburn is showing up more and more often, libido is close to zero… all is as it should be 🙂