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29 weeks

25 Dec

> 29 weeks.
> Belly is starting to get really heavy – I am wearing the belt now. Yesterday after over an hour of sitting in traffic, my belly hurt. It was a strange sort of pain, full and sort of right where thw womb is (or rather where it was back when it didn’t occupy the whole space inside).
> It hurt only when I stood, I was ok while seated, so I figured nothing to worry.
> Once I got home I put the maternity belt on and ahhhhh sighed with pleasure.
> I put the belt before leaving the house today.
> I think the baby spends most of the time in a breech position – and that’s why it feels so heavy. I guess. Once the baby turns – if it turns – it should get a bit better.
> I also am waking up now to pee around 5 am, just like I did in the first trimester. And falling asleep in the evening is getting harder and harder, takes longer and longer – I’m not quite sure why.
> Baby is very busy kicking, tossing and turning. Timothy was more of a stretcher – this one actually kicks and sometimes hurts. For example, if I’m lying on my side, belly sort of lying next to me, and the baby kicks that side of the belly that resides on the surface of the bed, it’s as if he pinches me – from inside and outside the belly. It hurts.
> Unlike the winter when I was pregnant with Timothy, it’s a real winter this time around. I don’t remember so much snow in December in Toronto ever. I don’t remember it ever being a white xmas here. So walking is a bit of a scary thing at this point in my pregnancy – it’s slippery.
> I went gift shopping and realized how much I miss shopping. Getting preggo with Timothy, then nursing, losing the belly and huge boobs gradually, then getting preggo again – it just never makes sense buying new clothes. I bought some, here and there, but most if my clothes are old and boring. So while I was shopping I bought 6 pairs of crazy patterned knee-high socks. Fun!
> I woke up today with an unpleasant feeling in my belly. I even feared they were early contractions, but I think they are just a bit if indigestion. But I was worried there for a short little while.
> The city is covered in ice – we’ve had a very bad ice rain storm over the weekend. It wasn’t very bad in my part of the city, but pockets of the city have been sitting with no electricity for more than 24 hours now. But hey – ice covered trees look nice and festive.


Hello Trimester 3

9 Dec

Here we go, trimester 3. 27 weeks.

As I was moaning about the overall feeling that the baby’s too big and my lower abdomen feels too stretched already, hubby suggested I might simply need the pregnancy belt. It worked. Indeed, it wasn’t the baby getting too big – but getting too heavy. During the day, the high-waist pants or leggings provide some support for the belly, but at home I wear my usual pj’s – so the belly feels heavy.

The baby is super active. Timothy never woke me up (while in utero, that is :)) – but I think this one wakes me up. I sometimes wake up and the baby is boogie-woogying. Which makes me think that that’s what’s waking me up – what else?

Other than that, nothing to report. Feeling ok, not too tired (nothing like what I experienced at 2-4 months), still fairly comfortable in bed – although started using the pillow for between my knees.

Now that the delivery date is less that 3 months away, it feels very real. I am finally imagining having another baby – not having Timothy yet again. I am realizing it’s going to be another baby, different from Timothy, in addition to Timothy.

I am starting to wonder, muse, plan. I am starting to think about the year off.

So my mindset is finally shifting.

Gladly, the fears aren’t surfacing – the will I love him as much fears, the will the baby be okay fears, so far so good – I am just paddling along, peacefully.