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34 weeks. I’m soooo tired…

28 Jan

34w2d – baby to arrive 5 weeks from today.

I am exhausted. Heartburn is killing me, especially at bedtime. I’ve been sleeping on 3 pillows for some time now.

Sleeping is worsening. Sometimes I can’t fall asleep for ages – because of heartburn or Timothy or no reason at all. Sometimes I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. This is the time to sleep! In 5 weeks I won’t be able to any longer! Grrrr.

Baby is hurting me with his karate practices. It’s even a bit scary sometimes, some of his sudden moves. His knees and elbows are too sharp.

I am feeling heavy. The baby feels too big for the size if my belly. Often when I stand up, a need to wobble and shift the baby inside, or else it’s too uncomfortable or even painful.

The bones between my legs hurt when I walk.

I an clumsy and it’s icy and scary.

My nipples itch so badly I almost wanna cry. The skin on them dried up and cracked and started peeling. Just lovely.

All of this is making me rather unfriendly. I just want to be left alone. To get some peace and quiet. I easily lose my patience with Timothy. Abd invariably feel guilty.

I also feel guilty when I think how much I was excited when I was pregnant with Timothy, how I expected his arrival. While now I feel guilty, again – because mostly I dread the repeat of the cycle. The sleepless nights, the being stuck at home, the inability to go out and have some fun…

I am getting a bit… nit depressed, no – but bogged diwn and tired and sad… and guilty.

Gyno Appointment

21 Jan

Had another gyno appointment today. Got very frustrated. I understand (kind of) how if you come on late in the day, you have to wait for 1.5 hours past your appointment time. But today I had an appointment at 9:40 am. Forty minutes after they open. And yet I still had to wait for 1.5 hours. How can it possibly be?!


Gyno was concerned as according to her track, I lost weight since the last appointment. I assured her that according to my scale, the previous measurement was whacky (I definitely did NOT gain 3.5 kilo in on month!) She was kind of worried and was asking me if I am drinking milk (no) and eating yogurt (yes). I assured her that I eat a lot and after she measured my belly, he said that the belly is growing right by the textbook and calmed down.

My blood pressure is perfect, as always.

Baby is head down – as suspected. I noticed about 1-2 weeks ago that he seems to be head down now.

Baby’s heart beat is perfect.

They’ll do the swab test next time – which I was surprised to hear since mine will be a c-section. Turns out if there is an infection and my water breaks – even though the baby will be delivered via c-section, there’s still a risk to the baby.

Oh, and another surprise: they changed my c-section date and forgot to tell me. Haha. I discovered it by chance. No big deal – just 2 days earlier. I will 39w2d, so I am satisfied. Just needed to make sure that my friend is still available to babysit Timothy for those 3 days. She is 🙂

Oh, and the extremely itchy nipples (like wake up in the middle of the night to scratch itchy) – not much to do. Put vitamin E cream… Sigh.

Anyway. 6 weeks to go. Another Tuesday baby. I am heavy, I am waddling, at times I feel pressure down there. Baby feels too big for my belly, some of the postures he assumes really hurt me.

I am looking forward to starting this new chapter.

I have to admit a planned c-section is starting to feel a bit scary. Like, it’s a real surgery, you know? Last time I was exhausted and couldn’t care less about what was to happen. I barely remember the needle in my spine. I don’t remember any of the prep in the OR, I was so groggy. This time it will probably be much more different. I am glad my c-section is first thing in the morning. Hopefully, I will sleep the night before – and won’t have to bite my nails in anticipation…

We’re getting there!

33 Weeks: shopping for the L&D bag contents and housing thoughts

19 Jan

33 weeks today. Less than 7 weeks to go until c-section!

Went shopping today. I uncovered my “L&D Bag” list and went to buy things missing (although I might not need them all). Bought size 1 diapers, nursing pads, 0-6 mos pacifiers, hemorrhoids suppositories (although hoping I won’t need them!), huge pads, etc.

Even bought some snacks to take with us to the hospital – the canned fruits and mousses, the ones that do not require refrigeration and are fairly liquid (I remember how scary the first poop postpartum seemed!)

Then I went home and purchased 2 more items online: the nipple cream (which I could buy online but that’s quite a trip as only a few stores carry the one I like) and – to make shipping free – a nursing cover. Last time around I bought a cheap one from Toys-r-Us and it barely covered anything at all. It was too short and too narrow.

So there. I think I have everything now. Just need to pack the L&D bag, just in case – the prenatal classes lady (from before Timothy) always insisted it should be packed by week 32. And I am 33 now 🙂

We gave a bit more thought to who should sleep where. We have only 2 bedrooms (well… there is another room on the first floor which is a home office – but who wants to live on the 1st floor with the bedrooms on the 3rd when there are sleepless nights involved???)

At first, the plan was for me to take the new baby into the master bedroom and for hubby to move in with Timothy. However, the more I thought about it, the less sense it made. Yes, it will keep things familiar for Timothy – but you know what… He’s very easy-going and has no issues sleeping wherever.

On the other hand, EVERYTHING I need is in Timothy’s room: glider, changing table, baby monitor camera, etc. And moving all of it into the master bedroom is impossible, our king size bed takes too much space 🙂

So we’re probably going to bring Timothy into our bedroom maybe a week before the new baby arrives (so that Timothy doesn’t think the baby kicked him out of there), and then I will occupy the nursery with the baby until further notice… whenever the new baby starts sleeping more or less through the night (ahhh… with Timothy that was at about 6 weeks old…)

We also went double stroller shopping today. We don’t want to spend too much as we don’t foresee using it too long or too often – but we feel we might need it for a year max. There’s a stroller for $330 plus taxes – which is better than $800-1000 like most double strollers and better than the cheap ones for $130-200 (Timothy looked extremely uncomfortable in those). We didn’t buy it yet, but I think we will.

I picked up a carseat from a friend last weekend (her son outgrew it and they’re only starting TTC for baby #2, so we can use it for now).

Ahhh, we’re starting to get ready… Now I need to go through the boxes of clothes returned by my friend whose baby is a year younger than Timothy and make sure everything’s there (like winter sack for stroller outings and such).

32 Weeks – Name!

12 Jan

I think we finally decided on the name. We had 3 variants and we felt rather ambivalent about all three. It was like “well, I like this one, but I can live with this one, too…” Yesterday we went through all three names again.

Just a bit of a story: we try and choose names that exist in both Russian and English. Like Timothy – it’s Timofei in Russian. Tima, Timoshka – are the cute names for this name in Russian (like Timmy in English).

So we looked at the three contenders from all angles and decided that one name we didn’t particularly like in full form in English, even though we liked the cute Russian form the most, probably. Living in Canada, it’s rather important that the English name works, eh? 🙂

For another one, on the opposite, we liked the full form in both English and Russian, but couldn’t come up with a cute Russian form. And it’s important, cause that’s what we use the most at home!

As for the third one, we like the full English form, the short English form, the cute Russian form… I am not a big fan of the full Russian form – but hey, we most probably will NEVER use it… so – I think we got a name! Yay!

In other news…

I am finally getting over this ridiculous cold. It’s been over 2 weeks now, but I still have this thick mucus plug in my throat 😦 Well, at least my nose is breathing, finally!

Less than 6 weeks left to work.

Appetite is picking up a bit.

I think baby is head down now, or so it feels. MUCH more comfortable for me.

Got the bucket car seat from a friend yesterday – they don’t need it for now. Savings!!!

Okay… I need to find that list I made for the L&D bag and the list for newborn necessities and get on with that…

The clock is a-ticking!!!

31 weeks

6 Jan

31 weeks. 2 months to go until c-section. The weeks are in the thirties now, last stretch – this time we won’t be getting into forties.

We all three went down with a very nasty cold right after Christmas – and we’re still not over it. It started with a nasty phlegm-coughing right out of nowhere (and I always thought one needed to have a running nose for a while to build the phlegm up!) – followed by running nose, congestion, etc.

Hubby and Timothy had high fevers.

Hubby and I were sweating like crazy – waking up in the middle of the night in soaking wet sheets (we both ended up lining our bed with towels for better absorption). Insane!

And with both of us sick, taking care of Timothy for a whole week was no fun at all. I was sort of happy to go to work today… even though I’m still not completely recovered.

My weight gain stalled. I had zero appetite over the past 1.5 weeks. I’ve been watching the needle of my scale approaching the 70 kilo mark for a while now – and I still haven’t crossed that line. My total weight gain is 17.5 pounds so far. With Timothy, I gained about 8 pounds in the last trimester (3 months) – so if I have only 2 months to go… I guess my total weight gain is going to be less that the first time around. We shall see. I am not too preoccupied with my weight gain anyway. Breastfeeding does the weight-loss miracle, so no need to worry.

Baby HURTS me. There’s one spot just to the right and a bit above the belly button which feel bruised now. Whenever baby hits that spot, it really, REALLY hurts. Overall, maybe because of the slower weight gain, maybe because this baby is much more active, I feel more uncomfortable this time around. I feel like the baby has already run out of space, he’s stretching me and kicking me like Timothy never did.

The heartburn left me, at least for now – great!

But I already experienced a few day of swollen lady parts. Last time this didn’t happen until last the month.

I am starting to get tired again. Energy leaves me after 8 pm. I feel like doing nothing. Even drawing feels like too much effort.

Overall, we both feel like we want to get started with the new chapter already. Get to know what the new baby is like. Start with the sleepless nights (and get over with them sooner).

Only 2 months to go. Still full 2 months to go. I can’t decide whether it’s too much or too little.

I guess I should find that packing list for the L&D bag, just in case. I remember the prenatal classes lady telling us the bag should be packed by the 32 week. So it’s about time.

I should also review what I need to buy – like nipple cream. And size 1 diapers.

I should probably check if all the 0-3 mos clothes made back to me after helping my friends. And have some laundry done. Or maybe that can wait… there’s still 2 months to go.

Only 2 months to go – and we don’t have anything ready. Nothing. Nada. Unlike the first time around 🙂

Anyway… enough rambling.

Btw, I am reading you all… but commenting from my phone is often a challenge, so commenting is all hit and miss… but I do know who delivered a baby, who got pregnant, who hit another pregnancy milestone – and who is hoping for another pregnancy in the New Year…

Best of luck to you all in the New 2014!