32 Weeks – Name!

12 Jan

I think we finally decided on the name. We had 3 variants and we felt rather ambivalent about all three. It was like “well, I like this one, but I can live with this one, too…” Yesterday we went through all three names again.

Just a bit of a story: we try and choose names that exist in both Russian and English. Like Timothy – it’s Timofei in Russian. Tima, Timoshka – are the cute names for this name in Russian (like Timmy in English).

So we looked at the three contenders from all angles and decided that one name we didn’t particularly like in full form in English, even though we liked the cute Russian form the most, probably. Living in Canada, it’s rather important that the English name works, eh? 🙂

For another one, on the opposite, we liked the full form in both English and Russian, but couldn’t come up with a cute Russian form. And it’s important, cause that’s what we use the most at home!

As for the third one, we like the full English form, the short English form, the cute Russian form… I am not a big fan of the full Russian form – but hey, we most probably will NEVER use it… so – I think we got a name! Yay!

In other news…

I am finally getting over this ridiculous cold. It’s been over 2 weeks now, but I still have this thick mucus plug in my throat 😦 Well, at least my nose is breathing, finally!

Less than 6 weeks left to work.

Appetite is picking up a bit.

I think baby is head down now, or so it feels. MUCH more comfortable for me.

Got the bucket car seat from a friend yesterday – they don’t need it for now. Savings!!!

Okay… I need to find that list I made for the L&D bag and the list for newborn necessities and get on with that…

The clock is a-ticking!!!


One Response to “32 Weeks – Name!”

  1. Mrs FF January 12, 2014 at 3:27 PM #

    Time is speeding by so quickly. YAY on getting a name. I couldn’t get hubby to commit on a name until the morning our little girl was born!!!

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