33 Weeks: shopping for the L&D bag contents and housing thoughts

19 Jan

33 weeks today. Less than 7 weeks to go until c-section!

Went shopping today. I uncovered my “L&D Bag” list and went to buy things missing (although I might not need them all). Bought size 1 diapers, nursing pads, 0-6 mos pacifiers, hemorrhoids suppositories (although hoping I won’t need them!), huge pads, etc.

Even bought some snacks to take with us to the hospital – the canned fruits and mousses, the ones that do not require refrigeration and are fairly liquid (I remember how scary the first poop postpartum seemed!)

Then I went home and purchased 2 more items online: the nipple cream (which I could buy online but that’s quite a trip as only a few stores carry the one I like) and – to make shipping free – a nursing cover. Last time around I bought a cheap one from Toys-r-Us and it barely covered anything at all. It was too short and too narrow.

So there. I think I have everything now. Just need to pack the L&D bag, just in case – the prenatal classes lady (from before Timothy) always insisted it should be packed by week 32. And I am 33 now 🙂

We gave a bit more thought to who should sleep where. We have only 2 bedrooms (well… there is another room on the first floor which is a home office – but who wants to live on the 1st floor with the bedrooms on the 3rd when there are sleepless nights involved???)

At first, the plan was for me to take the new baby into the master bedroom and for hubby to move in with Timothy. However, the more I thought about it, the less sense it made. Yes, it will keep things familiar for Timothy – but you know what… He’s very easy-going and has no issues sleeping wherever.

On the other hand, EVERYTHING I need is in Timothy’s room: glider, changing table, baby monitor camera, etc. And moving all of it into the master bedroom is impossible, our king size bed takes too much space 🙂

So we’re probably going to bring Timothy into our bedroom maybe a week before the new baby arrives (so that Timothy doesn’t think the baby kicked him out of there), and then I will occupy the nursery with the baby until further notice… whenever the new baby starts sleeping more or less through the night (ahhh… with Timothy that was at about 6 weeks old…)

We also went double stroller shopping today. We don’t want to spend too much as we don’t foresee using it too long or too often – but we feel we might need it for a year max. There’s a stroller for $330 plus taxes – which is better than $800-1000 like most double strollers and better than the cheap ones for $130-200 (Timothy looked extremely uncomfortable in those). We didn’t buy it yet, but I think we will.

I picked up a carseat from a friend last weekend (her son outgrew it and they’re only starting TTC for baby #2, so we can use it for now).

Ahhh, we’re starting to get ready… Now I need to go through the boxes of clothes returned by my friend whose baby is a year younger than Timothy and make sure everything’s there (like winter sack for stroller outings and such).


4 Responses to “33 Weeks: shopping for the L&D bag contents and housing thoughts”

  1. Mrs FF January 20, 2014 at 12:55 AM #

    You seem about all done! Yep I learnt quickly that even with a new born size 1 diaper is best not the new born size.

    Hubby had a fright when I told him there were strollers that cost as much as $1000.

    I enjoyed packing the hospital bag but as it turned out it was a waste of time as the hospital where I had my baby provided everything we needed and even gave us stuff to take home that we could use for the first few days after we got home both for baby and I. Apparently you only need to show up with going home clothes (if you don’t want the one they provide) and stuff for hubby (if he is staying over). Who knew

    • zygotta January 20, 2014 at 8:33 AM #

      Last time they also provided the diapers and wipes and such – but who knows? Better have it with than send hubby on the way looking for stuff…

      And besides diapers and wipes and a bottle to wash myself with there was nothing, if I remember correctly. Free medicine for you 🙂

  2. Aspiring Mom to Be January 20, 2014 at 1:52 PM #

    You are almost there! Sounds like you are all set!

    I don’t know why I didn’t think about doing the sleeping arrangement that you are doing after your baby comes. We’re currently in a two bedroom apartment, so we had to figure out what to do with the new baby too. Ours slept in a pack n play in the living room until he was sleeping through the night, but I think doing what you are talking about doing would have worked well. We moved the boys into the same room when Ian was 12 weeks. It has really gone well. I am amazed at how both boys can sleep so soundly through the other one making noise. And my older son won’t sleep WITHOUT the baby in his room now.

    Good luck! I can’t believe you are in the home stretch!

    • zygotta January 20, 2014 at 8:42 PM #

      Oh, that’s good to know! Thank you for sharing your experience. Moving them in together around 12 weeks sounds great!

      One of the reasons I wanted hubby to be in the room with Timothy is so that at least one of the two kids won’t be my responsibility if waking up 🙂

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