35 weeks and gyno appointment

4 Feb

4 weeks to go. In 4 weeks, on Tuesday March 4, my second baby will be born.

Saw my gyno yesterday. Itchy cracking nipples – normal. Lovely.

Belly growth right on schedule. Total weight gain so far – 10 kilo. She thinks this baby won’t be quite as big as Timothy was (4.5 kilo or 10 pounds), and not simply because he’ll be born a full week earlier (Timothy was born at 40w2d). But then she says that now is when most of the growth is happening, so we’ll see.

I am indulging in whatever I want in terms of food and barely am gaining weight.

Baby obviously hasn’t read the books where they say it’s supposed to move much less due to lack of space. He MAKES space for himself to move. Oftentimes, it hurts. And he often presses in my bladder.

The heartburn is a little bit better – but then I go to bed much later now, leaving a bigger gap between meals and bedtime.

I am not sure why I am less sleepy. I typically go to bed after 11 pm now – like I used to before getting preggo.

2.5 weeks at work left.

Timothy is turning two this Friday.

Baby arriving in 4 weeks.

my boobs are already producing colostrum – I squeezed lightly and there it was. Apparently, that’s the reason ny nipples are drying and cracking.

Bottom line – I am ready for this next chapter to begin!


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