Gyno visit

14 Feb

Had my gyno visit today. Everything is by the textbook – weight gain, belly growth, blood pressure, baby’s heartbeat…

Once again, since according to my LMP my due date is March 2 – and the c-section is scheduled for March 4th, she went over my history to make sure we’re not planning my c-section after my edd 🙂 I assured her I am certain March 10 is the right actual edd, she looked at my anatomy ultrasound results – which stated my edd as March 9th.

She asked if my son was early and late –  I told her it was 2 days late and could have been even later if it was her scraping my membranes. I also mentioned that at my 38 week ultrasound with Timothy, my cervix was 5 centimeters long.

So shr relaxed about the date and now it’s all systems go for march 4.

I am to drink a LOT the day before the c-section – apparently, the anesthesia for c-section is very different from epidural. It’s a thin needle that I will barely feel and that will be in and out. It won’t stay in my spine like epidural. However, the medication makes your blood pressure drop dramatically which may cause nausea and vomiting. And getting well hydrated the day before should help me tolerate this blood pressure drop.

Oh yes, I remember with my first c-section when they injected the anesthesia, I felt extremely cold, light headed and sort of suffocating. I felt like uf I don’t force my lungs to breathe – they would just stop. I guess that’s how I experienced the blood pressure drop…

Other than that, no prep. I am not supposed to eat or drink past midnight. I am not supposed to shave down there as it increases risk of infection. I am to arrive about 1.5 prior to the scheduled c-section time so that they havr the time to do some blood work.

We arrive, fill out the consent forms, run the blood tests, go into the op room, have c-section, they give the baby to hubby, sew me and wheel us into the postpartum room.

The surgery will be a bit longer than the first time since they will be going over tge existing scars and will have to make sure there’s no adhesions and such. My sister also told me the scar will be a bit longer as they sort if cut the old scar out.

The healing is supposed to be faster since they will not be cutting tissues all bruised by contractions. It will be a clean cut and is supposed to heal better (not that it was that bad last time).

My friends warned me they experienced weird postnatal contractions, which were pretty bad. Well, at least I am prepared …

Friends also told me with second child milk usually comes faster. Based on the fact that I already have colostrum, I believe them 🙂

So… the bag is 3/4 packed, the bedroom is almost ready, I need to finish some more laundry and hubby needs to install the carseat… and that’s pretty much it.

Looks like we’re ready.


3 Responses to “Gyno visit”

  1. Mrs FF February 15, 2014 at 9:12 AM #

    Phew, time really is flying! Glad to read everything is going as planned. Does Timothy understand that he’ll have a baby brother soon?

    • zygotta February 15, 2014 at 9:32 AM #

      Nope, totally oblivious. I guess at this age “brother” is too vague a concept. And claims that there’s a baby hiding in my belly seem bogus to him 🙂

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