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Hi there!

I am 32 and I have PCOS. After going off birth control pills, followed by a year of no menses and no ovulations, I was referred to a fertility clinic. I had no idea how long and how hard the TTC journey was going to be, and I needed more information. Fertility, infertility, PCOS, sperm-count, hormones, testosterone, LH, progesterone… I was getting lost in all this – and I feel very grateful to the network of blogs – and the new, albeit virtual, friends I found here.

I was SUPER lucky to get pregnant on my second cycle of femara-ovidrel-progesterone. That happened in May 2011. We actually conceived on the day of my bday 🙂

Over the first trimester, I spent most of my time fighting numerous fears, worrying before every u/s, and wishing so hard to finally feel joyful about pregnancy.

My second trimester was a tremendous improvement. With no more progesterone suppositories to worry about, with the baby starting to move around 16 weeks and then getting very active, with finding out we’re having a boy – it all got real and reassuring.

In my third trimester, my baby was busy practicing kung-fu, my belly’s was getting bigger by the hour, and the baby was born in early Feb. 2012. Here and here I shared my labour story. Part one was actually written while in labour.

Here I shared a bit more about my TTC history

And after all that TTC, I found myself pregnant in July 2013, again – with my second one. The new baby is expected sometime early March – so my kids will 25 months apart (scary!!!)

The first trimester was a bit worrisome, with some weird brown spotting and aches and pains. Which seem to have cleared now (11 weeks).

What else? I paint and draw and intend to take illustration courses in fall. Under a creative outburst tag, I was sharing spreads from my pregnancy #1 artbook/sketchbook.

I read the blogs I follow religiously and often comment. On my blog, I always respond to each and every comment. I believe if someone took the time to read my ramblings and even react to it – the least I can do is at least thank to commenter.

I live in Canada. Big portion of my meds were covered by insurance, all my u/s and bloodwork were covered by government healthcare. My matleave is 50 weeks, paid at approximately 50% my salary. Canada rocks.

Finally, I have another “parenting” blog where I write about raising my son. If you are reading that one, too – please keep it quiet about this blog. This blog is very personal. I share highly intimate stuff here, like cervical mucus and darkening nipples – so please respect my privacy.

PS: the head picture in my blog was taken by me. It felt very fitting with my name – Zygotta. Although those aren’t cells or sperms or anything of the kind. They are… chinese mushrooms 🙂

3 Responses to “About Me”

  1. alleycatm April 19, 2012 at 6:38 AM #

    I’ve tagged you in a post so I can learn more about you.

    • zygotta May 3, 2012 at 12:18 PM #

      thank you – I particiapted in this one a while ago, can’t bring myself to do it again…


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