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33 Weeks: shopping for the L&D bag contents and housing thoughts

19 Jan

33 weeks today. Less than 7 weeks to go until c-section!

Went shopping today. I uncovered my “L&D Bag” list and went to buy things missing (although I might not need them all). Bought size 1 diapers, nursing pads, 0-6 mos pacifiers, hemorrhoids suppositories (although hoping I won’t need them!), huge pads, etc.

Even bought some snacks to take with us to the hospital – the canned fruits and mousses, the ones that do not require refrigeration and are fairly liquid (I remember how scary the first poop postpartum seemed!)

Then I went home and purchased 2 more items online: the nipple cream (which I could buy online but that’s quite a trip as only a few stores carry the one I like) and – to make shipping free – a nursing cover. Last time around I bought a cheap one from Toys-r-Us and it barely covered anything at all. It was too short and too narrow.

So there. I think I have everything now. Just need to pack the L&D bag, just in case – the prenatal classes lady (from before Timothy) always insisted it should be packed by week 32. And I am 33 now 🙂

We gave a bit more thought to who should sleep where. We have only 2 bedrooms (well… there is another room on the first floor which is a home office – but who wants to live on the 1st floor with the bedrooms on the 3rd when there are sleepless nights involved???)

At first, the plan was for me to take the new baby into the master bedroom and for hubby to move in with Timothy. However, the more I thought about it, the less sense it made. Yes, it will keep things familiar for Timothy – but you know what… He’s very easy-going and has no issues sleeping wherever.

On the other hand, EVERYTHING I need is in Timothy’s room: glider, changing table, baby monitor camera, etc. And moving all of it into the master bedroom is impossible, our king size bed takes too much space 🙂

So we’re probably going to bring Timothy into our bedroom maybe a week before the new baby arrives (so that Timothy doesn’t think the baby kicked him out of there), and then I will occupy the nursery with the baby until further notice… whenever the new baby starts sleeping more or less through the night (ahhh… with Timothy that was at about 6 weeks old…)

We also went double stroller shopping today. We don’t want to spend too much as we don’t foresee using it too long or too often – but we feel we might need it for a year max. There’s a stroller for $330 plus taxes – which is better than $800-1000 like most double strollers and better than the cheap ones for $130-200 (Timothy looked extremely uncomfortable in those). We didn’t buy it yet, but I think we will.

I picked up a carseat from a friend last weekend (her son outgrew it and they’re only starting TTC for baby #2, so we can use it for now).

Ahhh, we’re starting to get ready… Now I need to go through the boxes of clothes returned by my friend whose baby is a year younger than Timothy and make sure everything’s there (like winter sack for stroller outings and such).

20 Weeks

20 Oct

Wow – time DOES fly by when it’s your second pregnancy and life is busy with a toddler, a hubby that studies on weekends, and demanding – but beloved job.

20 weeks. Half way through – well, more than that, actually – considering that I am scheduled for a c-section at about 39 weeks.

Baby is 20 weeks. Timothy is 20 months.

Oh Timothy… one minute my heart bursts from loving him, and then he drives me up the wall with his never-ending throwing of anything that can be thrown. Or with whining. Well, to be honest, those moments are rare. Mostly it’s love and admiration that I feel looking at him. He’s such a cool little boy, so smart and happy and strong. I’m just in a grumpy mood today.

It’s the headaches. I am so tired of them. They last for 1-2 days. I go to bed with them, I wake up with them. They’re the worst in the morning, especially if I start tossing and turning: whenever I turn on the other side, it feels like a burning piece of coal shifts from behind one eye to behind the other. It’s not too too bad when I am in an upright position – it’s more like a very heavy head just before a headache develops. Unless I need to lean, bend, or do anything else that makes my blood pressure spike. And, well, with the toddler in the house I need to do this all the time. Sigh.

Enough whining.

The baby is moving. Hubby already felt his kicks a couple of days ago and commented “oh, they’re weak”. Huh! Of course, he must be comparing them to Timothy’s kicks when he was about to get born at the whopping 10 pounds. This one is still t-i-n-y! But feisty, I’m telling you. Oh! He just kicked me 🙂

The test results were all good.

I am taking my iron supplements, they seem to be helping with my energy levels.

We have a Caribbean 2-week vacation with my parents to look forward to (they’re more impatient, though – they haven’t seen Timothy since last summer!)

The weather has been nice this fall.

Timothy talks a lot – and we expected him to be delayed! Well, they say bilingual kids usually are.  Not Timothy. He loves reading, he loves learning what things are called, he loves repeating.

He hates Windows 🙂 Yes, the company 🙂 That’s because when he asks to watch the youtube nursery rhymes videos, it takes a while for my laptop to wake up – and all he can see is the Windows logo. He point at it and says “all done, windows!” – which means he has had it with windows and wants to move on 🙂

Anyway… Timothy is really fun, he keeps me very active – which is good, most of the time. I walk a lot, spend a lot of time outdoors. He mostly makes me smile and laugh.

Hubby is awesome and as supportive as I could’ve dreamed of.

And all in all, things are great.

After vacation, we should start seriously getting ready for baby #2 (we already have a name, by the way… but we’ll keep it a secret :))

Double stroller or not?

Crib #2 or adult bed for Timothy?

Those are the big questions…

Gyno visit #3

16 Oct

I arrived there at 2:50 pm.

They finally called my name at 4:30 pm.

It was insanely hot in the waiting room. They moved offices – so I guess figuring out ventilation systems takes time. At least now they have enough seats for all the pregnant women (coincidentally, there were very few pregnant women there yesterday, very unusual).

Then it turned out they still didn’t get my down-syndrom-test-part-2 bloodwork (from 3 weeks ago!) They didn’t get my last week’s anatomy ultrasound results, either.

The doctor got her receptionist calling the clinics and was able to get an “oh, our fax is broken but the bottom line for the ultrasound is that everything is okay.” They couldn’t reach the other clinic – they closed for the day.

Hot and tires, I finally left the office at 5 pm (having spent there over 2 hours!) and raced to pick up Timothy from daycare. I made it there 5 minutes before the daycare closes. And tore my necklace while pulling out the stroller. My grandmother’s necklace. Thankfully, the beads are very big, so I was able to pick them all up.

Anyway, I was cranky to the point of criticizing the type of potatoes my hubby bought (instead of praising him for doing the groceries, which he hates). He knows me well enough to swallow all the criticism in silence.

Bottom line is that they called me today and my down syndrome test is fine. They don’t give specifics over the phone, but I am sure if they had any concerns, they would have raised hell.

So there you go. 19.5 weeks, 2 more pounds up in the past 5 weeks, anatomy scan good, down syndrome scan good, blood pressure was good (iron supplements seem to be helping).

But they decided to move my c-section date. I mentioned before they scheduled it mere 4 days prior to the due date. The last ultrasound made them doubt the correctness of this due date, so we’ll probably move it 2-3 days more. Which is still within the 40th week. Apparently, I am lucky: until 2 months ago, they were obligated to schedule all c-sections at 38 weeks (and that’s been the case for the past 15 years). They relaxed it 2 months ago, I get to benefit from this 🙂

Ultrasound #3 – Anatomy Scan

11 Oct

Well, the results of the anatomy scan will remain a mystery to me until Tuesday, when I go to see my gyno, but the verdict (albeit not a 100%, of course) is in: it’s a boy!


I am happy. I sort of wanted a boy. I know boys. Boys are familiar. Timothy will have a best friend and playmate. We have everything a boy needs.

I think my hubby’s family might be a bit sad – there very few girls on his side of the family. My parents’ comment was also something like “well, most important that the baby’s healthy” – which I also interpret as a bit of disappointment. I know how much they wanted a granddaughter (which my sis gave them almost 8 years ago) – but now they’ll have 3 grandsons and still only one granddaughter.

But hey – this is my child. And I am happy. We already chose a name – still deciding on how to spell it (there are variations available… we like the French spelling).

And I can now do the walls in their bedroom and bathroom – cover it with airplanes and firetrucks and such.

And talk to Timothy about how he’s going to have a baby brother.

“You’ll be heavily outnumbered now” – said my husband jokingly, hugging me as we were leaving the hospital.

“Well, you three better take good care of your only woman.”

Another boy. In less than 5 months. Weird!!!

16 weeks, Kicking

27 Sep

I am 16w5d.

The bay is KICKING! Well, kicking is not the right word, but I feel it every day doing tiny somersaults inside me. It’s a familiar and unfamiliar feeling at the same time – it reminds me of Timothy, but then I have much sharper memories of big Timothy stretching my belly every which way. I don’t really remember these tiny flutters (although now that I am feeling them on a daily basis, I am more sure than ever that what I felt at 12 weeks was the baby, and not a figment of my imagination).

My anatomy scan is scheduled in less than 2 weeks – I hope we will find out what we’re having. Hubby hopes for a girl, while I don’t really care either way. Timothy is so awesome that I wouldn’t mind having another one like him 🙂

My c-section is booked, too – in early March. I was surprised they booked it only 4 days before my EDD. But then I was relieved, too. See, I felt very uncomfortable with the idea of evicting the baby before the baby is ready. I also think that the longer the baby stays in, the bigger the baby gets, the bigger their stomach gets, the more they can eat at a time – and the longer they can sleep at a time. That’s my theory. So I was worrying about evicting the baby before it’s time. But 4 days shouldn’t make much difference – and, well, if the baby decided it is time before then – so be it. It will still be a c-section, just an emergency one, right?

Since I started taking liquid iron supplements, life has changed. I am alive, I am not in bed until 10:30 pm, I have energy to go to the playground with Timothy every day after daycare, for about 40 minutes before it’s dinner time… All in all, I feel great.

I am showing more and more. The belly is very pronounced when I sit. You know how with a fat belly when you sit down it all kind of… folds? I hated that about my postpartum body 🙂 Well, now it most definitely sticks out and gets nice and round when I sit. Yesterday someone offered me their seat on the streetcar.

The funny thing I still don’t fully understand I am expecting another baby. I still have this deja vu feeling, as if I am pregnant all over again with Timothy (even though the 19-month old Timothy is running around me in circles). I am half-expecting to have the same labour experience, same-looking baby, same way to spend the matleave… It’s weird. I have to prepare myself that this is a different baby. It might be very different, for all I know – not sleeping, being colicky, etc. I should prepare myself for that!

I am in a rush to “live life” before I am caught in the breastfeeding cycle again. Going out for a dinner and movie with a friend today, picnic tomorrow, hiking on Sunday… A spa day planned, want to go see Les Miserables musical with hubby, take a dancing class, have a girls night in cooking party… I have a whole list of things I wanna do while I can, relatively easy 🙂

There are some work-related worries on my mind, but that’s a whole other post, I’ll share some other time…

All in all, this pregnancy – unlike the first one, seems to be moving soooo fast!

Not Ready?..

30 Aug

I think I finally realized what scares me so much in having another baby: I don’t feel physically ready.

I am constantly exhausted. I don’t remember the last time I slept in – and not because I can’t, no. In fact, hubby gets up early with Timothy and as far as he is concerned, I can sleep all I want; but I can’t. I simply can’t. Whether it’s a habit or what – I don’t know, but the longest I can sleep is until about 8 am.

And it’s not like I go to bed late, no. I am in bed around 10 pm usually, lights off by 10:30 pm. So even on weekdays I get over 8 hours of sleep. I have never slept that much! But I am exhausted, constantly.

And that scares me. When Timothy was born, I didn’t have much trouble waking up for the night feedings (and staying up). I was fine. I wasn’t even too sleepy. I was there, in the dark, relaxing, nursing. Well – maybe mot the first 3 or so weeks while nursing still hurt, but then it was all relaxing. Get up nurse, crawl back into bed, sleep.

Now I worry that I won’t have that level of energy. I won’t be that peaceful, go-with-the-flow mom. I worry that I will be a nerve wreck. I fear that I won’t have patience for the baby. Especially if the new baby turns out to be a difficult one.

And with looking after Timothy and being pregnant, I just don’t see how I can get rested enough before baby #2 arrives. I hope that it’s still the first trimester tiredness lingering, that it will pass… but I worry.

I am at home today, alone. Timothy is in daycare, hubby at work… and all I wanna do – is do nothing. I sat in front of my computer, then in front of TV watching How To Train Your Dragon. I ate in between. I forced myself to start some laundry. But overall – I would be quite happy to sit and stare at the wall. I don’t wanna do anything. I want to sleep but I can’t. I’m so, so tired. All the time.

I hope it passes over the next couple of weeks as trimester #2 kicks in… but what if it doesn’t? How will I ever get ready for baby #2?..

First Movement?

27 Aug

I was having lunch with my colleagues when I felt it.

It was not gas, I’m sure. Gas usually moves from point A to point B. And it often is uncomfortable or downright painful. This felt more like a bubble turning around. Like a baby turning from one side to the other, in its sleep. Like it was with Timothy.

Now, internet generally says you can’t feel a baby at 12 weeks, it’s too small. Just about 2.5 inches. But then internet says most women start feeling movement around 20 weeks. With Timothy, I felt first movement at 15 weeks. And this is my second pregnancy, so I know much better what to be looking for. And if you ask me, something 2.5 inches long moving inside you doesn’t sound all that hard to feel.

I think that was it. The first baby movement. I am pregnant, I guess :p