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29 Apr
Amelie Storksdottir's Head Goes Round - First Chemistry Class

Amelie Storksdottir's Head Goes Round - First Chemistry Class

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Amelie Storkdottir was loving every second of her new life. She loved the school. She loved her roommates Tutsie Utero, Josie Pregs, and Rosie Green. They had so much in common they talked non-stop half-way through the night upon arrival. They shared their dreams, their fears. They became friends instantaneously.

But that was all just settling in. What was really important was the studies.

She looked around the classroom. Everyone was sitting at their desks, looking uncertain and slightly sheepish. Only Janus Twoface and Eric Fruitful talked at the back. Boys. Amelie rolled her eyes.

– Hmmm, there you are. The next generation of baby-carriers. – The teacher walked in and studied them through her huge bifocals. – My name is Mrs. Woohoolah Owlish. Silence please.

Amelie felt confused. Mrs. Owlish handed out chemistry kits containing tiny colourful jars with mysterious labels “hCG”, “estrogen”, and others. There were little bottles with some microorganisms swimming in circles. And a vial with minuscule… balls. “What on earth has this got to do with babies?” – Amelie thought, slowly swirling the swimming microorganisms.

The lesson began. There were tons of diagrams, charts, definitions. Amelie looked longingly at the colourful jars and the microscope. She felt bored.

Amelie Storksdottir

28 Apr
Amelie Storksdottir in Front of the Gates

Amelie Storksdottir in Front of the Gates

This was the most exciting day in Amelie Storksdottir’s life. And no wonder – this was the day when she stopped being a nestling, wasting her life on bug-chasing, cloud-gazing and flying. She was going to Colcannon, the best sc

hool for storks wishing to become baby-carriers.

Her older brother, Gustav Storksson, had graduated from the school last month and now came home in the evenings carrying an air of great self-importance. She called him Dorksson but secretly envied him. He had so many great stories to tell – about the hardships of his profession, the babies he had delivered, the monsters he had defeated.


All of a sudden, Amelie felt uncertain if this was the right career for her. She looked at her thin legs, her long and vulnerable neck, her funnily sticking out feather on the right shoulder. How could she ever withstand a monster’s attack, let along beat him?

– Are you coming or what?

Amelie woke up from her day-dreaming, tried to flatten the sticking feather and entered the school at a run seconds before the school’s grand door was shut.

Her new life awaited her.

Thanks and Updates

27 Apr

Thank you all for your support and kind words. I am not devastated, I am not overly upset. But I am gloomy and slightly depressed. I am out of work, so I have way too much time on my hands to brood.


I decided to start a “project” to occupy my brain and help me while the time away. A small creative project. I will be… writing a story. Like a fairy-tale with a fictitious animal character, and it will be related to IF.

Expressing myself through creative writing… I am undertaking this at least for the next cycle. Will see how it goes and whether I want to continue (also, it will depend on the success of the next cycle, I think).

Mmm… Welcome to the book club, if you’re interested 🙂 I might even throw in a picture here and there. Have a I ever mentioned I draw and paint?

Should be very therapeutic.