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Baby’s There, Even if I Cannot See Him

12 Nov

I realized that when I play tag with my son in my belly, I actually feel like he’s only hidden by a thick blanket or something. I so fully feel him – and even know most of the time which way is the head, which way are the heels – that he feels all too real.

Sometimes when he sticks out his limbs too much, I have to gently force him back 😉 It’s too uncomfortable, when he stretches me like this.

But he’s a good boy. Kicks are more and more rare – his movements are now more fluid and gentle. And even when he kicks, he kicks my skin – not my organs on ribs (well, most of the time).

And it is just so sweet – waking up to his wiggling around, like a goldfish in a bowl… My day immediately starts with a broad smile. I can imagine how one day he will be waking up, looking at me with a smile, happy to see me when he wakes up – and I will be saying: “look who woke up! My little precious baby boy!” – and he will giggle in response 😉


My Baby Boy, Getting More and More Real

11 Nov

Yesterday I felt so close to him, I almost shed a tear of wonder.

He usually gets active the moment I get in bed, so that was no surprise. What was a surprise was that I felt hard pressure against the right side of my belly and when I gently palpated it, I realized it was his spine. I rubbed his back gently, and sang some songs, and could feel him wiggle happily. Almost as if he said “rub here, too, please!”

I sometimes feel sad my husband can’t always be around to witness things like that. By the time he got to the bedroom, he was too tired. He absentmindedly rubbed my belly with icy cold hands (baby stopped moving right away) and went to sleep. I even felt hurt – how could he not want to wait an extra minute to feel the baby move?

But I let it go. My hubby is having a hell of a week at work this week.

I went on rubbing a rocking my baby boy in my belly, feeling him kick his little heels on the other side of my belly. I am sure once the baby is born, sometimes I will be too tired to enjoy our baby – and my hubby will have to step in.

26 Weeks!

30 Oct

26 weeks – 14 to go!

The progress is accelerating with a mind-boggling speed.

My hubby yelled yesterday when the baby kicked him. He said he never felt it so real. That before he always needed my confirmation that what he felt was the baby – not me or my rumbling insides. But that was… a very good kick and he yelped in surprise – he actually scared me 😉

Took another merengue class today – was fun! Even though I am starting to feel the changed centre of balance is affecting my ability to follow the steps 😉

Went for a nice walk in the autumn forest today. Weather was beautiful – about 10 degrees and sunny. Just lovely. But a bit too hilly for my pregnant self. I got hot from the hour-long walk 😉

Hosted an awesome halloween party! I made my own costume. I was a cupcake – that provided enough space for the big belly 😉

I still don’t pee excessively. I don’t even necessarily wake up to pee during the night. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. But I do wake up in the middle of the night because my hips hurts, and my knees, and my feet…

TMI: I am getting progressively more and more leaky. I hate panty-liners, but now I feel I cannot do without them. It’s weird – feels like I suffer from incontinence.

And I definitely am developing the horror of hemorrhoids ;( Oh well, I’ll take care of that after the baby arrives. it’s not too hard, right?

But all in all, I am doing great. Baby is kicking away busily, I am feeling great, feeling happy.

Night-time Acrobatics

28 Oct

I am glad I’m such a tight sleeper. My baby is uber-active in the night time.

He moves a lot during the day, but never with such force as at night time.

When I go to bed in the evening and spend some time with a book, I can feel the night-time jumping begin.

I lay on my side, with my belly on the bed next to me, and I can feel my baby jumping with one foot and then the other one against the mattress (yeah, he already knows where up and down is). And let me tell you: he is STRONG! These are no flutters and cute kicks here and there. This are kicks.

Many women complain that babies wake them up – I guess I am blessed being a tight sleeper. I do not wake up from these acrobatics rehearsals. But I can see how this can keep someone from getting any sleep.

And the funny thing is – my colleague who’s 2 weeks behind me, excitedly told me she just felt, for the first time, a kick. Before then it was only an occasional flutter here and there. She’s almost 24 weeks! My baby has been bouncing around since 15 or 16 weeks!

I am holding on to the theory that babies active in-utero are nice, calm sleepers once they arrive. This gotta be true!!!

Heartburn…Little Heels…

25 Oct

I am tired. I so wanna sleep.

Not only do I have a cold, I also started suffering from heartburn the moment I go to bed. Which makes my throat even more scratchy. Which makes my eyes tear so bad it looks like I am crying.

So I have like 5 pillow now and I am falling asleep in a seated position. It’s a bit easier that way. But only a bit.

I am kind of scared of how it will be when the baby arrives. I am so tired just because I fall asleep around 1 am (and wake up at 7 am) – I still get 6 consecutive hours of sleep! Which soon will be a luxury – first with the increased bathroom breaks frequency, then with the baby feedings…

Oh well. No point in worrying about that now. I’ll worry about it if and when I get there.

For now – I started feeling baby’s limbs through the skin. Often if I press my fingers where my son just kicked, I can touch his little heel. He often would kick again in response 😉

He’s getting bigger. His kicks are getting progressively closer to my liver and stomach. Soon his kicks will probably be very uncomfortable. For now – I enjoy it. He moves a lot. I can feel it, I can see it, it’s very cute.

And… heartburn-shmartburn… it’s all so worth it!

24 Weeks

16 Oct

24weeks. No matter which source to turn to, we’ve reached viability. Chances are very slim, but they’re there. Baby will mostly be putting on fat now – all the organs and systems, as far as I understand are in place now. He’s practicing breathing and is getting fatter to keep himself warm once he arrives in this world. Amazing.

Baby is very active, moving along. At times I feel like he’s somersaults in there, sometimes it feels like he’s feeling his way around (as if trying to find a loose brick in his imprisonment cell, looking for an escape route, lol), sometimes it feels like stretching, sometimes – well, just kicking 😉

It never hurts me, but sometimes he hits some nerve and makes me start. And even makes me jump a little in surprise 😉

He is very active in the mornings when I wake up. If I stay in bed for a while, he’ll keep swimming around, letting me and my hubby feel his moves.

I talk to him. Tell him how much we both love him. Let him get used to his name, to my voice, my intonations of love and care. I often sing in the shower – for the baby. I rarely used to sing before.

Funny thing: at some point after getting past the midmark (20 weeks), weeks became less important – I am measuring more in months now. As in “I am 5.5 months pregnant”. As in “3.5 months to go”. I now sometimes get a little lost in weeks. Especially since online sources tell you what happens at 24 weeks – while my book talks about what happens during the 25th week. Which is confusing.

So if in the beginning it was all about day of the cycle, and after the BFP it was still weeks AND days (as in 10w5d), and then more like 15 weeks and a half – now I am measuring in months.

Next milestones I am looking forward to: having less than 100 days to go (hitting the double-digits) and crossing over the trimester #3 (28 weeks, I think?)

All in all, all is well. I have never been happier – on all fronts of my life. I sometimes feel scared – it’s too good. I am scared something bad’s gonna happen. But I waive these thoughts away. I brush them under the carpet. If something bad will happen – I’ll deal with that then. Now – I need to enjoy. Bask in my happiness.

The Craziest Baby-in-the-Belly Video!

15 Oct

I posted my belly kicks online for the relatives and went through a few videos from other people. THIS one is the craziest thing ever. It’s hard to believe your eyes. It looks like the baby is about to puncture his mom’s belly, honestly!