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23 Weeks

10 Oct

By the way, we’re 23 weeks already!

I missed the 22 weeks post last Sunday for I was on vacation, and I didn’t get around to posting the 23-week post yesterday.


23 weeks – and one day!

According to one of my newsletters, we’ve reached ‘viability’ – which means if the baby decides to get born now, there is an 85% chance of survival. I am quite dumbfounded – the chance is that high? I don’t believe it.

Baby is busy wiggling and kicking. I feel not only the kicks, but the moves, too. It seems to communicate – like respond to pressing or tapping on my stomach, and kick around when loud music is around.

Every time I spent too much time in the pool, it would start moving around. Was it getting a bit cold in there? Or was he swimming, butterfly-style, like his daddy? 😉

Also, the baby started to blink (according to the newsletters… I don’t feel it, of course ;))

Overall, it is an amazing feeling, feeling the little one move around and start showing its temper (often when I turn abruptly from one side to the other, he starts wiggling around, obviously trying to find a new comfortable position :))

My belly got quite huge – or so I feel.

My weight gain is still progressing very well, I believe – so far I gained about 7-8 kg (about 15-16 pounds) – not too bad for 23 weeks?

No stretch marks – but my right leg hurts under the back side of the knee and a dark spot is starting to show there. I guess I will have those ugly spider or varicose veins. Before going on vacation, I ordered online a couple of surgical weight pantyhose to keep the pressure on my legs. They have probably arrived – will find out tomorrow when I am back in the office. I am glad fall is upon us – and it’ll be cold enough to wear them, soon.

After the flight to Cuba, my right leg hurt really badly, and both my legs got a bit swollen. The flight back was normal, though.

I often wake up with my hips sore; sometimes it’s the sore hips that wake me up in the middle of the night.

But overall – it’s grand. I’ve never been happier.

Squashed Belly Scare

17 Sep

Woke up in the middle of the night today and found myself sleeping… on my belly. I got so scared that I might have squashed my baby that I spent the next 5 minutes pinching and punching my belly to get an “I am okay!” kick. Finally the baby showed signs of life and then it was him not letting me sleep, kicking 🙂

This is starting to be an issue. Had to take subway in rush hour this week – was so worried someone might accidentally push me or kick me in the belly. I walked around protectively holding my belly with my hands. Hoping people would notice I am pregnant even in their rush to work and would behave. And they did. *Exhale.*

Yesterday I lost my balance. I squatted to detach a hoover from the wall and all of a sudden fell on my butt. I got so used to the idea that my centre of gravity moved to the front – with the boobs and belly – that I didn’t expect to experience the opposite effect while squatting. I actually laughed – even though I was alone at home 🙂


10 Sep

Artist Mouse wrote yesterday about her navel disappearence. Granted, she’s like 6 weeks ahead of me – still, today I caught myself doing just that – navel gazing.

And boy, was I surprised!

My navel always used to be really deep and sort of wrinkly on the inside. TMI alert: cleaning the folds of it was one of the greatest pleasures (I am sure some of you go YUUUUUCK!!! oh well… that’s TMI for you LOL)

So today I discovered that my navel got all stretched out, wrinkles smoothed out, navel absolutely clean. The navel “crater” got wide – compared to what it used to be. This is so weird.

All because of you, Artist Mouse 🙂

But seriously, should I be surprised? Look at my belly growth progress at 6, 10, 14, and 18 weeks – it is definitely getting big now, not just bigger

Whose Body Is It Anyway?

7 Sep

I often wondered about the way some pregnant women behave – grabbing their boobs in public while saying they got bigger, sharing their nude pictures, some even going as far as demonstrating their darkened nipples to a roomfull of people.

I understand them now. It’s weird – but when I look in the mirror these days, I don’t quite connect what I’m seeing with the real me. I am not convinced this is my body. Those huge boobs covered in blue veins? Those humongous nipples, darker than what I am used to? This belly?

That’s not me. I love they way it all looks. And I actually do feel this weird desire to show it to someone and say “look, doesn’t this look spectacular??? Isn’t this nature’s most beautiful masterpiece?”

It’s very bizarre. I have never been an exhibitionist – in fact, I used to be painfully shy (no-male-doctors-shy). And I can’t even call it self-loving or whatever. Because it’s not really me I am so enamored with. It’s the pregnant body 🙂

Super-Active Baby

6 Sep

While I’ve been feeling my baby move for a couple of weeks now, today things changed. On my way to work the baby was going craaaa-zy in there (with excitement and joy, I hope), giving me kick after kick after kick… Mmmm… morning calisthenics?

It lasted for about 30 minutes, and then kept happening throughout the day.

We got a feisty baby in there!!!

I almost posted a pregnancy status on fb today, but hesitated for a few seconds and… deleted it. I still don’t feel like sharing it with broader public. Perhaps I will on Monday – when I am supposed to find out the results of our down screening (ultrasound + blood). Perhaps I will next Wednesday when – if we’re lucky – we’ll find out the gender.

I don’t know. I am not ready yet.

But my baby’s excitement – especially after meals – is so endearing 🙂

And this us – me and the baby inside me 🙂 at 18w1d – taking a stroll along lake Ontario.

Pregnant Belly at 18 Weeks

5 Sep

my pregnant belly bump at 18 weeksHere’s the most recent photo of my preggo bump.

It’s not too too big – but it definitely is a pregnant bump. I used to be slim-slim-slim in the waist region (never in my butt region, though).

And my appetite these day is cra-zy. I can snack all day – unless I pack a really, REALLY big meal into myself – then I can go for a few hours.

I crave hot-dogs and perogies most of the time and I eat tons of peaches and berries. And for the past few days – nutella.

I now sleep on my side with a pillow under my belly and between my knees – otherwise my belly sort of gets pulled by gravity towards the mattress in a most uncomfortable way. So we sleep side by side, my baby and I: me on the mattress, my baby on a pillow in front of me 🙂

Switching sides in the middle of the night is a chore. And not because of the pillow – but because I have to tip-toe around the round ligaments. I have no interest in twisting them and suffering from pain for the rest of the night. Same goes for waking up to pee – I now push myself upright with my arms and elbows without using stomach muscles.

No stretchmarks so far. I keep moisturizing my skin religiously. And my heredity is good.

The digestive system definitely slowed down :/

But all these are just little pains and groans that I wanna document – for my friends once they get pregnant. For myself – when I will hopefully be waiting for my #2…

All in all, life is grand 🙂

Calcium, Pacifier, and Movement

27 Aug

The bliss of the second trimester.

I am feeling great. I am – finally – full of energy. I feel like dancing and singing. And I sing. Sometimes a lot.

My appetite is definitely growing. I might have gained another pound or two, so total gain so far is around 6 pounds. Although the first two pounds went all into boobs, I am sure.

Bought calcium supplements yesterday. Seriously, how on earth am I supposed to have 3-4 servings of milk?! I rarely drink even one. I find milk quite disgusting. And overall, I prefer drinking water and tea – I believe that drinks add unnecessary calories and sugars without making you feel full. I gave up all pop and juices years ago – and happily maintain my weight while eating pretty much as I please.

So hopefully the calcium supplements will help – as the baby is going through a growth spurt right now. Of course, the calcium is for me: the baby will get what it needs. It’s me who might end up toothless if I don’t consume enough calcium.

I also started spreading cream religiously all over my belly and my sides, morning and evening – just as I used to spend time with progesterone suppositories twice a day. Only this is muuuuuch more pleasant 😉 My friend told me she’s been oiling her belly, only to end up with stretch marks on the sides. Which she never thought to oil. So I am spreading the cream all over. I hope I got my mom’s genes – she doesn’t have stretch marks.

Round Ligament Pains plague me every now and then. It even woke me up this night – I guess I might have turned awkwardly in my sleep.

I already need to put something under my belly when lying on my side. Belly looks the biggest when I am on my side – muscles are too stretched to hold it in any way, so the belly sort of lies next to me. Very weird. And uncomfortable if not supported.

Got a small gift yesterday: a bottle and two pacifiers. So now I have 3 baby items: a onesie, a bottle, and a pacifier! Exciting 🙂 Hubby said “well, we’re ready for baby’s arrival now, we have all that’s really needed” :))

Baby moves a few times a day. Very cute. Often when I wake up in the middle of the night to go pee, I feel it’s moving. I read once that babies tend to sleep during the day, rocked to sleep by mothers walking, and wake up at night, when the mother is at rest.

I love being pregnant. I enjoy every minute of it. I love my changing body. This is all I wanted for so many years.