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Sugar Rush

31 Oct

Somebody, please hide the chocolate from me before I eat all of it, suffer from insomnia, racing heart, and then gain like a gazillion pounds!!!

My friend works at this bakery or whatever where they make this awesome candy stuff that is chocolate with caramelized sugar with nuts… or something like that. Literally, to die for. And she brought a huge box because we had a huge halloween party. Only guests were too full by the time it was desert time and almost all of it was left… for me!

I already am experiencing sugar rush. And it’s 11 pm – the worst time for sugar rush. I need professional help!!!

Things I Miss

22 Jul

So far, there aren’t many things I miss.

I still eat deli meats – if I am the one buying them in the store, checking their best before date. I won’t buy a sandwich, though.

I still drink coffee occasionally – maybe 2-3 cups a week, and most of the time I don’t even finish my cup. I read that 1 cup a day is totally normal.

I haven’t drank wine in a while, but I promised myself I won’t go crazy over this issue – if there is a party, I will have half a glass or so. Just make sure it’s not on empty stomach and it’s stretched over the evening.

So as it is, the only thing I really miss is sushi. Yeah, I still can have the grilled eel sushi, the crab ones, the vegetarian… But it’s not quite the same! If I were in Japan where you’re guaranteed to have fresh fish, I probably wouldn’t have stopped even eating sushi. But being deep inland in Toronto… I make piece eating my smoked salmon sandwiches (fresh baguette, butter, smoked salmon… mmmm…)

I still struggle with dairy consumption. I just can’t consume as much dairy as I am supposed to. I don’t like dairy. It is still a puzzle for me…

Tastes and Preferences Changing

19 Jul

I mentioned earlier that I stopped craving sweets. Pastries, croissants, cakes, ice-cream… I couldn’t care less. Smoked salmon on a piece of bread spread with butter? Yes, please!

I used to have light breakfasts. Like yogurts with a small piece of bread. Now? All I can think of is BAGEL AND CREAM CHEESE!!! And the bagel has to be toasted, of course.

I used to drink lots of tea in the morning. Now I hate the taste of it, no matter what tea and what flavour. I can only drink tea now if there is a piece of lemon in it. And sugar.

Yes, I don’t want to eat sweets anymore, but I want to drink sweets! Sweet tea. Orange juice. I never drank juices. I expelled all pop and juices from my diet years ago – for it adds sugar and calories without making you feel full. Making you fat, sneakingly. And now all I can think of in the morning is orange juice.

My lunches remained fairly unchanged – whatever leftovers I bring. But if I go out to buy something, I tend to be tempted by pizzas and such… I never used to eat junk!!! How many things changed…

I used to crave sweets in the afternoon. At 3 pm I used to start going mad, dreaming of chocolates or cookies. Not anymore – now all I want is a big juicy orange. Or mango.

In the evening I used to eat a big bowl of salad – and that was it. Not salad is not enough. I will also eat a smoked salmon sandwich or two or four. And a fruit. And drink a huge glass of chocolate milk. Although the last one I drink because I need to get my calcium, not because I like milk.

So… I guess I crave breads, mostly. Bagels, pizzas, sandwiches… And since I could be more accurately described as the one with diarrhea (as opposed to the majority of constipated pregnant women(, I guess bread is exactly what I need to normalize my bowel movements.

If you are still reading, I am amused that you found my dietary details so interesting – and I thank you for your attention ๐Ÿ™‚

Sweet Tooth Gone?

15 Jul

I realized: since I got pregnant, I lost interest in sweets. I used to have the longest, biggest sweet tooth in the world. Chocolate? Pastries? Pies? Bring it on – no matter how full I am, I will always find a place in my stomach for desert. And now I realized that lately I just don’t crave desert.

To be sure, there is no aversion – give me a pastry and I’ll eat it. But I don’t get that mad light in my eyes, with a sole thought flashing at the back of my head “chocolate croissant, chocolate croissant, chocolate croissant”.

I don’t crave sweets any longer. I crave smoked salmon. Or babaganoush (sp?). Or sandwich thickly layered with mayo. Or even (urh) burgers. But not sweets. I lost my interest in them.

It is indescribably weird for me. No more crazy runs to convenience store to buy a jar of nutella. And even no baking!

Weird. As it is, I cooked a huge pot of soup to last a few days, and right away ate a bowl – and got myself a second helping. Such are my preferences these days…

Miscellaneous Musings and Nightmares

11 Jun

Had a terrible dream today. That I miscarried: went to the washroom and… well, I am not going to describe all the gory details. Was relieved to wake up. Was 6:30 am, so went and took the ass pill. Worried a bit about the upcoming u/s on Monday. Slept until 9 am.

Was again a bit nauseous this morning when finally woke up. Nausea lasted longer than the previous 2 days. But still not too bad. Nothing to get in the way of my life. Well, maybe sex won’t make it quite to the top of the list…

Still no food aversions. Food craving are harder to spot as having food cravings is a norm for me ๐Ÿ™‚ Totally want veggies and fruits all the time. And then thoughts of burgers and hot dogs make my mouth water. And I typically am not a big fan of either one!

Nipples getting enormous. Boobs went up a whole size already. Getting more and more painful. Like “ouch, don’t hug me like that” painful.

Hubby asked some questions related to giving birth. Am so far from even thinking about that at this point. I guess when I graduate from the clinic to a normal gynecologist, then will be the time.

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks. Only 6 weeks. This is a looooong journey. Well, it is shorter than the journey up to here… Especially if I throw in the childless years with no hope at the horizon with husband number one. As long as awful things remain in my dreams and never cross over to the real world…

To Crave or Not to Crave

4 Jun

I am not sure whether I actually am having cravings. I mean – whether they are any different than cravings you might get while not pregnant – but I do know that now I am very fast to indulge myself on whatever whims I get.

Two days ago I really, REALLY wanted herring in mayo-and-beets salad. Mmmmm. I ate the whole jar within 24 hours. I don’t think I like the way I smell now ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank god it’s the weekend and my hubby also ate a lot of the stuff.

Yesterday it was carbs. Cereals, cakes, pizzas.

Today it was an omeletย  for dinner.

But I am fairly sure these aren’t pregnancy cravings. Those are just me having a reason to indulge myself.

No other preggo signs. Well, boobs started to get a bit sore at the upper part.

Oh, and my libido seems to have come back! Yay!