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Nursery Decor

25 Jan

Perhaps you remember me running around, frustrated, trying to find cute curtains for the nursery? I ended up buying fabric. And while I still didn’t get to actually sewing the curtains, I undertook another project: I painted the characters from the fabric on 5 pieces of canvas to decorate the room and create a theme.

Curtain fabric:

My desk:

And here are the pictures:


OB Appointment #9

23 Jan

Yet another OB appointment. Due to her secretary going on vacation, my next one is in two weeks. Which is a day after my EDD. So… Hopefully, today was my last pre-birth OB appointment. Now isn’t that a weird thing to imagine?..

Good thing – the baby has dropped big time. According to my OB, he’s really, really low now. But the cervix is closed and long. But she said that the baby being so low will hopefully thin it out and start opening it.

I spent the rest of the day shopping (household shopping), walking-walking-walking. Getting the baby to press on the cervix. My hubby also got the yoga ball out for me. Apparently, it relieves hip joint pain – and also helps the baby work on that cervix.

I didn’t notice any difference since last week. My belly is as big as it was, and the pelvic pressure is the same. So I was pleasantly surprised by the dropping news. I feel much better now. If they say babies drop 2-4 weeks before delivery, and I am 38w1d, then it feels like we’re on the right track.

And baby is posterior, too. Good boy (according to the latest newsletter, he’s the size of a watermelon now)  😉

First Day on Matleave

18 Jan

I keep forgetting to take the prescribed iron. So I keep being super-tired 😦

I woke up full of energy, happy to finally be on matleave. Took out my pencils, did a sketch of a rubber ducky that was part of the gift basket I got from work.

Went across the street to pick The Help from the library.

Got my hair cut. And a bottle of pretty expensive protein cream for my dry hair.

Spent a bit more time drawing.

And then around 6-7 pm it hit me – the Tiredness. I feel like going to bed right now. Which sucks…

I Finished the Glider!

12 Dec

Hours of needlework, my fingertips shedding skin, my back tired – but I am happy with the results. The glider is finished!

Here’s my curved needle (oh how proud I was when I entered a store and asked where they had a curved needle – only to realize that it is, in fact, the actual name for this needle! It said so on the package) and one of the fabrics I used:

Here’s what the glider looked like when we got it (black and worn out):

Little by little, I transformed it:

And ta-daaaam!


From Cold to Halloween

21 Oct

Third day in a row of border-line-cold-balancing. Am I gonna get sick? Am I not?

My throat is all yucky. My head is heavy. I sneeze occasionally.

Weird – usually when I get a cold, it comes really fast after first symptoms. I get niagara falls of a running nose – I need to keep rolled pieces of toilet paper stuck in my nostrils for a day or two, that’s how bad it usually is.

This time I keep feeling under the weather, not getting really sick, but not getting better, either. Ahhhh. I’m tired and bored.

Spent the whole day today crafting Halloween decorations. Got some ideas online, inhabited my staircases with paper rat silhouettes, made a garland of jack-o-lanterns (painted and cut by me), attached webs and spiders around in the corners. We are hosting a party next weekend, so if I am stuck at home – I might as well use the time and start decorating early!

I am also making my own costume this year since there are no costumes for pregnant women and the idea of painting my belly (as a basketball ball, or a fish bowl, or whatever) just doesn’t sit right with me.

I am going to be a… cupcake! It’s big enough to allow for the belly 😉 Saw the idea online, will make it myself, though. I’ll share a photo when I’m done (if I am happy with the results).

Oh, and we’re gonna have a family-oriented Halloween, first time ever! We already have 6 confirmed kids! This is gonna be interesting…

Pregnancy Art. Double Suspension

5 Sep

Another illustration from my pregnancy artbook. I drew this 3 or 4 weeks ago. I guess I am already dreaming of my Caribbean vacation 🙂

Hmm. It’s been a couple of weeks since I added anything in there…

Pregnancy Artbook – Dreams of Growing a Huge Belly

26 Aug

Another illustration from my pregnancy artbook: dreams of growing a huge belly 🙂

This one swings both ways: if you aren’t pregnant, you dream of becoming pregnant.

If you are pregnant – in the early stage (like me) – you dream of a huge belly. Of being really-truly-noticeable pregnant 🙂

Pregnancy Artbook - Dreaming of growing a huge belly

Pregnancy Artbook – Dreaming of Baby Items Invasion

24 Aug

Another spread from my pregnancy artbook. Well, they are sort of two separate illustrations – but on the same theme.

I was walking down the stairs one day and, looking at the mess of shoes in out hallway, had a strong vision of how it will be in the future: how there will be baby rain boots and shoes and teeny-tiny crocs… I had to paint this thought.

Dreaming of baby shoes in the entrance hall

And then I thought of another future inhabitant of our entry hall: a baby stroller. So the right side of the spread was devoted to it.

We didn’t buy a stroller yet – or even choose one. I just picked a picture online that I wanted to draw from (and coloured it differently).

These are dreams. Reality will come next year… and will get photographed 🙂

Dreaming of a stroller

As always, the images are clickable (in case you wanna read my scribbles ;)))

PS I drew this when I was 13 weeks.

Pregnant Art: Bathing in Happiness

13 Aug

Yes another page from my artbook. You can tell I am getting into a much happier – and much more personal space. In the beginning, my spreads were more abstract – like what pregnancy is all about, what fertilization looks like…

Now I am expressing emotions – my emotions. And I like what I am seeing! I definitely am getting calmer and happier 🙂

The drawing look more and more as sketches, as I feel the need to draw more, without getting into too much detail and finishing things up. These are sketches of my emotions – and those need to be caught fast, before they pass and move on to new things!

Bathing in Happiness: I drew this one on one of those rainy days. Not even a rainy day can dampen my spirit now, pun intended 🙂

Pregnant Art: Changing Life = Changing Shoes

10 Aug

Another spread from my pregnancy artbook.

Before I got pregnant, you would be hard pressed to catch me in anything too casual on my feet. Layers of bandaids, but shoes were my thing! Mostly high-heeled blisterizers.

Ever since I got pregnant – that ended. Not only did I stop wearing heels – I bought birks and crocs and a new pair of snickers. My friends had a troubled look on their face when they saw crocs – they still cannot believe I wear them to work (well, in the office I change… but I wear them on the way to/from work).

And I am so happy I bought Sorel boots last winter – they will be sooo handy this coming winter!

So this spread is devoted to this part of my being pregnant 🙂

Image is clickable, as always.