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27 Jul

Started having some brown discharge. It was barely there at first and only when I strained. But then there was more. Combined with some lower back and lower abdomen pains. More so on the left.

After 4 days of worrying, I got restless enough that I got my hubby to bring me to the ER at midnight yesterday.

After four hours, I was told that my HCG level is consistent with 8-10 weeks (I am about 7w6d today)  and that I have the pregnancy in the uterus (not ectopic) and there is a heartbeat.

They don’t have internal u/s in ER so I had to go back today for a more thorough u/s.

Which also didn’t reveal anything other than a biggish cyst on the left ovary (which they didn’t even mention – I saw it in the report printout).

They say they aren’t too concerned with brown discharge saying it means old blood which could be anything. Even implantation bleeding leftovers.

What left me deeply dissatisfied with the experience is that they didn’t check my progesterone levels as “that’s not covered under ER services”.

Since with my first pregnancy I was prescribed progesterone suppositories, I now wonder if it’s low again – and that’s what’s causing the brown discharge.

I read tons online – all of it aggravatingly inconclusive. Could be notging, could be everything. I’m a bit less worried now that I know that my baby’s alright – at least for now – but if this brown discharge continues to bother me, I’ll have to think how I can get my progesterone checked, not having a family doctor (and my first gyno appointment is in 2 weeks).

The good thing out of this whole ordeal? This precious baby just got real for me, having seen the heartbeat.

Cling on, my little pea! Ee love you..