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Pregnancy Weight Gain

30 Dec

My weight gain has reverted. I was almost 75 kg at my last OB appointment – but I was 73 this morning. 2 kg (or about 4 pounds) less.

Yes, at the time of the OB appointment I was badly constipated. Yes, my appetite has decreased, I eat less now – and am trying to watch my carbs intake, like the doctor has suggested.

I hope the decline in weight has nothing to do with the baby. Well, at least I haven’t noticed any changes in his behaviour.

I was about 61 kg when I got pregnant. So if (let’s say) I am 75 kg now, then I gained 14 kg so far (or just a bit over 30 pounds). Which I believe is normal weight gain. With one month left to go, I hope I won’t all of a sudden gain a whole pile…

On a separate note, I was dreaming our baby was born – and for whatever reason he was mixed race – he had black facial features, but very light-skinned. Still dark, but not black. In my dream, my hubby and I were perplexed: yes, we went through fertility treatments, but we didn’t use donor sperm!

But the baby was oh-so-cute. And his hair was golden-brown curls 😉

Blond Baby Boy Dream

14 Dec

I saw a Dream today. I was in bed, watching my belly go wild (my guess is the baby probably was going wild in reality) – and then all of a sudden the baby “got born” through my belly button. No blood no nothing – he just kind of stretched through it, nice and clean, but duely with an umbilical cord.

I took him in my arms. He was bigger than a newborn is supposed to be and his skin was perfectly white as opposed to red and wrinkly. He was blond (my hubby and I are both dark-haired). He held his head on his own. I looked at him, he looked back at me and… gave me a broad, warm smile. I beamed back.

And then I started panicking and urging my hubby to call 911 – or hospital – to find out what we’re supposed to do with the newborn and the umbilical cord. And the fact the he’s a preemie – only 7 months old.

And then I woke up – with a broad smile and a memory of this blond boy with a loving smile 🙂


2 Dec

I woke up in the middle of the night from having some ridiculous nightmares that involved someone attempting to assassinate my ex – and someone succeeding setting my house on fire.

Since I already woke up, I decided that I might as well go visit the bathroom. That’s when I realized something’s off with the way my bump felt – it felt like the baby got tired of being head-down and turned sideways. Oh no!

a) I felt too stretched in an uncomfortable way and b) I heard that if they don’t take the head-down position by 32 weeks, they might not be able to turn later (not enough room to flip).

But sometimes during the morning he returned into the head-down position and went back to happily kicking my belly button and the upper part of my bump with his legs. In fact, a couple of times I thought I might get bruised. He’s getting strong!

On a less happy note, I think I am going down with a flu or cold. My throat hurts and feels swollen 😦

30 Weeks (Yesterday)

28 Nov

I was away for a few days visiting some relatives – so didn’t post the 30-week post on time! Nevertheless.

I am 30 weeks! Feels like a milestone. Three quarters of the way there. 10 weeks to go. Time is running out!

I was slightly worried about flying at this stage – especially on those tiny propeller airplanes. I don’t think I have ever flied on such a plane. It’s noisy. On the way there baby really did not appreciate all the goings on. he moved and kicked and just generally protested. We were sitting tight next to the turbine, it was really loud. On the way back, he was fine – just his usual active self 😉 But I’d rather feel him being active – and know he’s doing fine.

Got a bit freaked out by a slight lower back pain after we landed – after all, they say it might be a labour sign. But all is well.

While traveling, I started feeling really drained and exhausted – although we didn’t do much. Stayed at our relatives’ place, ate some Turkey, talked, played with their kids… But I felt like taking a nap all the time! I guess this is what trimester numero three is all about?

And from what I am hearing, it will only go down the hill from there. It will get much worse before the baby learns to sleep through the night. Oh well.

I also had an ugly dream where I wake up and discover my legs covered in ugly varicose veins that looked like warms. You know, the kind they dig from the ground for fishing. Yuck. I was relieved to wake up and find my legs fairly normal. there are a couple of spider-veins spots, but that’s about it. For now.

Got more hand-me-down baby stuff from our relatives. Yay!

We also bought a video monitor by Safety 1st – and it was ATROCIOUS. We returned it. The sound and image were good, bu the parent device had defective batteries. The very moment I unplugged the batteries (having charged them for the prescribed 12 hours), it just switched off. I went online and discovered that EVERYONE was complaining about the batteries. What’s the point of the wireless monitor if it is not, in fact, wireless? So we’ll have to do more research and find something else.

Anyway. Before this post gets too long-winded, I’m gonna end it. 30 weeks – yay!

Weird Dream

23 Nov

I had a dream this night that my baby stretched his foot so much that I could actually see the contours of his little foot through my belly – the toes, the heel, the whole thing… It was FREAKY.

And then I dreamed that we somehow got him out – to have a looksie. He looked much older – he even knew how to crawl and go down the stairs! And then we panicked because we didn’t know how to put him back inside me – and we knew we needed it to, it was to early for him to be born.

I woke up.

Sure enough, baby was safely tucked inside me. doing the stretches. But I couldn’t see any toes 😉

Pregnant Nightmares Begin…

23 Sep

Last night, I had my first pregnant nightmare – I was dreaming I went to the bathroom and saw lots of brown discharge. I panicked, went back to bed, and was praying for it to be nothing, trying to convince myself in the second half of trimester things like this shouldn’t happen.

Somewhere in the middle of this dream I woke up but didn’t notice that I was previously asleep. I stayed in bed, panicking and agonizing for at least 5 minutes before I thought: wait a second… I don’t remember going to the bathroom tonight… this is the first time I woke up… this must have been a dream!

Oh my god, I was sooooo relieved to realize this was just a dream and all was well with the baby!

This night, I had a very bizarre dream. First of all, I was dreaming that my baby has arrived. At first it was very tiny and not moving (because he’s 20 weeks only) but then he started moving and crying and then he got to be normal baby size.

He was lying on his tummy – on my tummy – raising himself on his hands and smiling. And… he had almost a full set of lower teeth! I thought: uh-oh, I guess I ate too much calcium supplements while pregnant… how on earth am I going to breastfeed him??? But then I decided that since he only has lower teeth, it should be fine…

And then I was outside and there were two snakes, one normal size and one HUGE. I ran away and my uncle (to whom I haven’t spoken in like 15 years because of a family quarrel) said he’ll catch the big snake (the small one vanished). Finally my uncle managed to bump the snake’s head, but got bitten in the process.

I start calling the ambulance, and then realize I don’t know the address of the house I am in. I pass the phone to my dad, but he’s so slow, he clears his throat, nearsightedly peers at the phone screen… in short, by the time he presses the phone to his ear, no one’s there any longer.

Frustrated, I grab the phone from him and thrust it at my sis – and that’s when I notice the snake started moving again trying to eat a cat. And NO ONE is paying any attention to me or the snake, everyone’s standing around, drinking, eating, chatting – while this huge snake swirled around.

And then I noticed that the snake’s body got really fat – it swallowed the cat!!! The snake attacked me, I caught its head, calling out my classmate’s name (what the hell was HE doing in my dream?? Haven’t seen him for even longer than my uncle!) and he appeared and threw an ax that conveniently was in his hand and killed the snake (miraculously killed the snake and not me, I should say).

And that’s when I noticed the snake managed to bite my hand. At the same time I realize I am pregnant, my baby is once again inside me. And I am terrified – how will the snake’s poison affect the baby? Can a pregnant woman get the anti-poison meds? All the way hoping that since the snake already bit my uncle, maybe it didn’t have any of the poison left…

And then I woke up.


8 weeks

26 Jun

8w0d today – ninth week has started!

Exhausted beyond comprehension. Woke up at 9 am, fell asleep at about 12:30 pm, slept for 2 hours… The only reason for waking up – wanted to pee. Still sleepy. Listen to that belly growling – am hungry, too…

I know, I should be grateful I am not suffering from morning sickness on top of it all, but I guess I am too tired.

I was dreaming today that I had to confess I was pregnant while on a conference call with the headquarters (in the States). Once I went off the line, I (somehow, as it only can be in a dream) was able to hear my boss’ discussion with the US counterparts. The US people were suggesting firing me right away, and my boss was saying that in Canada, firing a pregnant person is not worth the bother, especially for a big corporation.

I woke up with evil thoughts of confessing I am pregnant right away – and stopping all the worries of not being able to perform… for I will become un-fi-rab-le!

No, not gonna do this, of course…

So, am going to make myself a salad… read about 8 weeks (received one update email telling me my baby is the size of a raspberry), and read – or maybe watch a movie…

Am tiiiiiiiiiiiiii-red… Yawn…

Miscellaneous Musings and Nightmares

11 Jun

Had a terrible dream today. That I miscarried: went to the washroom and… well, I am not going to describe all the gory details. Was relieved to wake up. Was 6:30 am, so went and took the ass pill. Worried a bit about the upcoming u/s on Monday. Slept until 9 am.

Was again a bit nauseous this morning when finally woke up. Nausea lasted longer than the previous 2 days. But still not too bad. Nothing to get in the way of my life. Well, maybe sex won’t make it quite to the top of the list…

Still no food aversions. Food craving are harder to spot as having food cravings is a norm for me 🙂 Totally want veggies and fruits all the time. And then thoughts of burgers and hot dogs make my mouth water. And I typically am not a big fan of either one!

Nipples getting enormous. Boobs went up a whole size already. Getting more and more painful. Like “ouch, don’t hug me like that” painful.

Hubby asked some questions related to giving birth. Am so far from even thinking about that at this point. I guess when I graduate from the clinic to a normal gynecologist, then will be the time.

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks. Only 6 weeks. This is a looooong journey. Well, it is shorter than the journey up to here… Especially if I throw in the childless years with no hope at the horizon with husband number one. As long as awful things remain in my dreams and never cross over to the real world…

It Felt So Real…

30 Apr

I had a dream today that felt so eternally real.

I had a baby. She was 2 days old. My heart was swelling with love every time I looked at her. My house was full of people who came to meet her.

I went to check on her sleep, and found her looking at me. I smiled at her “Now look who’s just woke up!”

I picked her up, brought her to meet the guests. She was so warm, her hair smelled so nice. Love was radiating from her.

I let one of the guests hold her – the next moment I caught him feeding her… rice. With a fork. I snatched her, made her spit what was still in her mouth. I was extremely concerned – what happens when a newborn is given real food?

Then I went upstairs and got ready to breastfeed her, arranging her on a pillow, making myself comfortable on a bunch of pillows in my bed.

And that’s when I woke up. At 6:55 am on a Saturday. And couldn’t go back to sleep. I didn’t even try. Ididn’t want to lose the memory of this dream.

Oh how I want a baby…