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Lots of Parcels

20 Jan

Yesterday the big package arrived – a bday present for my hubby. I got him a keyboard (piano) – he’s getting more and more into music and I am certain he’ll love it. The problem was figuring out a good spot to hide it. So we (my baby-in-the-belly and I) brought it to the top floor and hid it in a closet in the nursery. It was heavy, but not too heavy.

Today my photobook arrived. I spent quite a number of hours putting together pictures and texts – stories behind those pictures. 3.5 years, 220 pages, countless hours laying it all out, editing, proofreading… And it all arrived today – and I LOVE it! I am glad I finally did it. If not now, when?

Baby ear thermometer also arrived today – I ordered it from Costco. Every other retailer in Canada sells them at 80 bucks + taxes (which are 13% here); at Costco it was $60, shipping included. Now I have a thermometer 😉

I also bought some small canvases to paint pictures for the nursery. I intend to copy the animals from the curtains to create a “theme”.

My hubby assembled the crib yesterday evening. I attached the mobile to it today.

Things are getting more and more real, closer and closer…

And here are a few spreads from my photobook:

Pregnancy Xmas Tree Ornament

20 Dec

I received a xmas tree ornament that I ordered online. We have a tradition of adding ornaments that signify main events of the past year – so I got a pregnancy ornament. This is what it looks like (mine is the brunette in pink dress on the right):

I searched for a logn time, but most were boring. Like this pudgy couple that is too boring for a xmas tree ornament. It lacks some kind of sparkle:

or this simple ball (I can make it myself!)

Or – even worse – flat white medal-like plastic ornaments with some pictures or sayings. Looks cheap.

Mine is made of metal and looks witty and cool and shiny 😉 Love it!

Hubbies of Pregnant Wives

16 Dec

I often see questions in online forums from heavily pregnant women, asking for advice on how to satisfy their hubbies that complain the sex life became too boring. I always feel like giving a slap to those hubbies. Seriously? This woman is carrying your baby and you complain about sex getting a bit bland? You complain about lack of sex games and narrow variety of poses? REALLY? Newsflash for you: for many pregnant couples sex is out of bounds for the whole 9 months. And for those who can do it – it’s a chore. Seriously, turning from the left side to the right side in the middle of the night makes me sigh and grunt. And you complain about sex positions?..

I realized I don’t spend much time talking about my hubby here – and he deserves more than that! Yes, I knew I married a wonderful, caring person – but the way he supports me throughout this journey to motherhood doesn’t seize to fill me with gratitude and more love.

Take the now – 7.5 months pregnant – lots of things are hard and tiring. He took over cleaning, vacuuming, and loading/unloading of the dishwasher (the repeated leaning/bowing is killing my back). He never says a word about no food in the fridge, no lunch to take to work. And he never forgets to thank me for a quick bowl of boiled perogies. And he can even cook something occasionally.

He never says a word if I spend a whole day doing nothing but hugging my laptop.

When I have my hormonal moments, he just leaves me alone. He doesn’t get mad at me. He doesn’t tell me I’m misbehaving. He just withdraws until I return to my normal self. I don’t have many of those moments these days, but the first trimester was fairly roller-coastery.

He forces me to go to bed earlier if he sees I am tired. He tries to take over as much chores as he can – and as many household questions (calling to inquire about a bill, things like that).

He offers to pick me up at the subway station if I’m coming home later than he does. He brings me flowers and treats. He hugs me and pampers me – and my belly.

Literally, he does everything to create a calm and worry-free environment for me – and our baby.

And while I keep telling him just how much I notice and appreciate all these things – there’s no way for me to express it enough. I am blessed to have him as a husband. I am very happy to have him as the father of my baby.

Let It Snow!

9 Dec

It is snowing – finally! Well, “light flurries” according to the weather network. What an abnormal weather we are enjoying this year! A week ago it was still +10C. This will be a story to share with our baby boy.

I always hear the story of the snowy winter my mom was pregnant with me – one night so much snow fell, that my dad with three neighbours cooperated to dig out one of their cars and carpool to work (cars were covered with snow up to their roofs).

And when my sister was pregnant with her second one, there was an unusually warm fall – even in November she would still occasionally lounge outside in the backyard.

So the year I am pregnant, we’ve enjoyed an unusually warm fall, too. But I am ready for some snow now – it’s xmas time! We already bought the tree (not decorated yet) and the music is on. I even already had my corporate xmas party. Snow is the missing element!

While I was typing this, it stopped snowing. But at least it did snow, even if a bit, even if for a short little while. Having a winter due date, I am excited for the winter to come. Maybe for the first time ever 😉

Baby Shower – and 28 Weeks!

13 Nov

I had the most amazing baby shower today. I feel so humbled and blessed to have such wonderful friends.

I don’t have any family around (95% of them are across the Atlantic), you see – so my friends really are my family. They are the ones that get me through the hard times, cheer with me through the good times and – well – are just there for me, any time.

My two best friends that saw me through my divorce and into the new and happy marriage arranged all of it for me. They decorated my house, they came up with great games, they kept everyone entertained, and made sure there is enough drinks and food (because I kept getting distracted and couldn’t keep up!!!)

About 16 girls gathered, a HUMONGOUS pile of gifts was aggregated in the corner, and there were a few fun games. I am documenting the games – you can skip this part if you’re not interested in details of baby shower games 😉

  • They served me with a tray of smelly diapers – I had to guess what the baby “ate”. they were testing my motherly skills 😉 If you ever repeat this for your friends – don’t use garlic or onions. It cross-contaminates other diapers. Half of them smelled like garlic, even though there was something else inside 😉
  • They made everyone tear off as many pieces of toilet paper as they wanted, and then made every girl give me as many pieces of advice as there were toilet paper pieces. One girls ended up with 19 ;)) But she made it! The advice that really sunk in? “Don’t worry too much. Most stuff goes away on its own after three days”. They left behind their lists, so I will review their advice later 😉
  • They also made each girl write a birthday wish for our baby boy for each year of his life (well, for the first 12 or 13 years of his life) – and a list of wishes for when he is born.
  • And then they read out the questions that they asked my hubby earlier on – and made me answer the same questions – AND guess what his answers were. We were pretty consistent, I am proud to report. And he knew when baby switches to solids and how many hours a day it sleeps! And everyone suggested I laminate his answers and frame them on the wall – for he said he’s ready to change ALL of the diapers ;)))

And then there was the gift opening that just blew me away. I have never been to a baby shower myself, so I didn’t know what to expect – but I certainly did not expect such generosity. Really, I feel humbled.

I am now waiting for my hubby to get home to go through the pile with him – and open the cards with him. I didn’t read them while I was opening the gifts – I decided to save at least some of the “live action” for him. As well as a piece of cake ;)))

I don’t have any pictures yet. But I will share some – when I get them!

Oh, and I am 28 weeks today!!! That’s more than two thirds down the road. And with this pile of stuff next to me, and the baby wiggling around inside me, it feels strange that he’s still not here – and there are still 12 more weeks to go. 2.5 more months to wait until we meet him. He just feels so real…

Thank You, Universe

10 Nov

Thank you, Universe. I don’t think I thanked you – well, not in a formal way, anyway.

When I look back at my life mere 3 years ago, I am in awe – how my life has changed! From being utterly miserable, licking the open wounds of my failed marriage and the pain it caused me, and the deep cuts on my heart and soul? From a job which I masochistically loved to slave at? From a total confusion of where to go next, what would my life even be like? From having a couple of thousands bucks in my account after the split-up?

To this.

Yes, the change was gradual. Yes, there were setbacks. But hey – look where I am.

Thank you, Universe. For giving me the best husband – for me. Caring, thoughtful, loving – and loved. For giving me a husband who wants kids. For letting us conceive a child. For making this pregnancy such a life-changing experience – through letting me have a part time job. Which means I have lots of time to listen to the changes happening inside me, to live in the now and here, taking the pregnancy day after day, to fully enjoy the miracle taking place inside me, not rushing to the finish line (EDD), for having the time and peace to prepare for the next big adventure that me and my husband will start in about 12-13 weeks.

For giving me friends and relatives as supportive and caring.

For the beautiful house that we have. For the wonderful weather. For the serene babymoon we had.

For all the things, small and big.

Sometimes I think life cannot possibly get any better. And then my baby kicks me, reminding me that soon enough he will join us – and I am certain life will get even better. Deeper. More meaningful.

Thank you.

Total Bliss

9 Nov

I spent the day in a spa today. I arrived at 2, and until 5:30 I relaxed in a comfy chair by the pool, eating apples, drinking herbal tea, reading “The Happiness Project” (AWESOME book!), swimming, enjoying the meditative music… And communicating with my baby boy.

For the past 3 days, it feels like he almost never stops moving. Or stops but for very short intervals. I am glad he mostly moves now, as opposed to kicking. I enjoy watching his limbs move across my belly. Or, whenever I feel extra pressure, press my fingers and touch his sharp something, whatever it is (unless it’s the head, I can never tell what exactly I am touching… but it is so cute).

I feel so healthy and beautiful and happy. And when I say “beautiful”, I actually refer to my belly! I love it. I am proud of it.

The I had a 50-minute pregnancy massage – that was fun! I was on my left side, with one pillow between my knees, hugging the second pillow like a teddy bear, the third pillow supporting my neck – that’s how pregnancy massage is done for, of course, you can’t lay on your belly 😉 And then he transformed the bed into a semisitted position to massage my legs, feet, and then neck and shoulders.

I polished it all off with a luxurious shower. they have those rainforest shower heads. I spent at least 15 minutes just indulging in the pouring hot water, and all the fragrant body washes, shampoos, hair conditioners… And then a body moisturizer, of course.

Total bliss!

By the way, the baby was going CRA-ZY during my massage. He was all over my belly, like a fish in a bowl 😉 What was that about?..

And the walk to subway was lovely. We’re having an unusually warm November – it was +17 today!

Awesome day.

Anatomy Ultrasound

14 Sep

The suspense is over. The gender has been revealed. After an hour-long ultrasound (I didn’t expect it to be THAT long) we were shown the head, the face, the profile, the four chambers of the heart, the stomach, the spine, the hands, the feet, and there, in between the legs… was a small penis 😉

Now we know – it’s a boy! A little soccer player. Or kung-fu master, more likely. Even the u/s tech commented “this one isn’t a quiet one” 😉

Baby was super-active during the ultrasound. The ultrasound machine froze up on us twice – and while she (the u/s tech) was fiddling with it, I saw the baby kicks for the first time – I mean on belly!!! The baby kicked me a few times in a row to the right from my belly button – and I saw the kicks, bump-bump-bump! Very cute 😉

The baby is almost upright. My friends are telling me once it turns head-down and starts kicking my diaphragm, it won’t be quite so cute. Oh well. At least with all this kicking going on I didn’t feel worried before this u/s. I know the baby is alive and kicking. Literally 😉

It yawned and waved and moved a lot. And it’s measuring almost a week ahead at 20w2d (I am 19w4d). Yay!

Now I’ll have to get used to the idea of having a boy. So weird. Most of my friends have girls, so I know very little about baby-boys. Except for my nephew, but I was 12 when he was born. I don’t remember much.

Anyway. The suspense is over. The baby shower is scheduled. Now I’ll have to double-check my registry to make sure I don’t have an occasional pink item there 😉


Felt the Kick on the Outside!

4 Sep

I just felt the baby kick with my hand! It started to kick, I placed my hand on that spot and baby kicked my palm! Woo-hoo, and they say my partner won’t be able to join for another few weeks! Well, he might not feel it, I guess. It’s hard to be next to me at the right moment.

And I just shared the news with him and he was all confused: what do you mean you felt the kick on the outside?

He didn’t seem excited.


Well, I am excited!

First Baby Outfit, First Pregnancy Question

22 Aug

Last week I had a business lunch with someone I used to do business with in my previous job. They’re interested in getting business from me in my new position. We got talking, and I shared my pregnancy news, and he showed me pics of his 7-month, and…

This morning I discovered a parcel, inside which was a cute white onesie, branded with their logo. And it’s the first baby item we got! So unexpectedely, who would’ve though the first one would come from a business partner 😉

I got also asked today for the first time whether I am pregnant. I guess it is showing prominently enough now that the woman wasn’t afraid to pose the question (and to hear “no, I am just fat” ;))