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Maternity Clothes

17 Aug

Went shopping today. No, all of my pants still close on me easily – but when I sit for a long time, they cut in and hurt. I guess because all of them are lower rise (not too low-rise… that would not be appropriate for my age/job title :))

So went to an outlet mall close by and bought 3 pairs of maternity jeans (one capri), 3 summer dresses, and a few shirts. All of that for $120, taxes in. Not bad, eh?

Last time I didn’t want to spend almost anything while pregnant. This time around I know that I will be wearing my maternity pants for a few months after delivery – as well the long shirts (hence I bought shirts that double as nursing tops).

The summer dresses are mostly for our planned vacation in late fall.

While trying the clothes on, I stuffed the provided belly-pillow in my jeans – and it felt like such a strong deja vu! If it weren’t for Timothy, staring at me from his stroller, this would have been too weird I think.

Anyway… I am so happy to have capri jeans to wear now while it’s still hot – and they won’t cut into my lower abdomen!!!


26 Oct

Had to cut off the buttons on my coat and sew onΒ  closer to the edge. That’s right, the coat that I bought about a month ago already doesn’t close on me (well, one of the buttons doesn’t… so I moved all of them). One of them ended up very crooked and not level, but I don’t care. I am not sure I am going to cut it off and sew it back on again…

My bump is pretty big now. I gained 9 kg (about 18 pounds), so I guess I will go over the “suggested” 25 pounds – although 25 sounds kind of unrealistic.

You know, I thought I didn’t gain much weight other than in my boobs and belly. But I guess everything now just looks pretty slim in comparison to these newly protruding body parts, making it look like no weight gain is happening in other body parts. I came across a corduroy skirt in my closet and decided to see if it might fit under my belly (as it used to be a bit big on me). Ha! I couldn’t even pull it over my hips!!! Well, I could – but just barely. And closing the zipper and the button was absolutely out of question. So I guess my thighs got bigger. Much bigger.

And I spoke to a friend of mine on skype today (whom I haven’t seen in a loooong time) and she told me my face rounded out.

Oh well. At least no one tells me I look like a whale. Apparently, that’s a common comment :/

I am secretly pleased that my belly is so big, though. I figure the more it sticks out – the less pressure on my organs πŸ˜‰

OB Appointment

13 Oct

Had my monthly OB appointment yesterday. Only it wasn’t my OB but some other bearded doctor.

Looks like my placenta is at the front top of the uterus – it was interfering with him getting the baby’s heart beat on doppler. Apparently, placenta is pulsing just like heart – for the heartbeat-like sounds that we kept hearing while trying to listen to the baby, turned out to be placenta heartbeat. And then once we heard the baby heart, there were some other weird noises. It turns out you can hear the baby move in the uterus. Whoa! And, of course, he commented that the baby is very active. Well, duh. I know that.

All in all, things are good. He did some weird sort of finger measuring of my belly and told me that my little boy has obviously been reading books for he’s developing exactly by the book.

He told me the heart-flutter thing, the liver-aches, the occasional burning discharge – all normal. Ah, the wonders of being pregnant. I sometimes feel like I am a renter, living in someone else’s body, not used to weird sounds, smells, and other happenings… Yes, I smell differently. Not bad, just different. So bizarre.

The baby gets its quiet and busy days. Today, it moved a lot. Never kicked, just… swam about there. Yesterday it was quiet. Overall, there’s less kicking and more movement. Sometimes I can feel the movement with my hand, but not on the inside – so I guess at times baby moves and I don’t even know. I shall remember it later on, when I freak out about baby not moving (oh I am sure that will happen!)

Got my maternity medical compression pantyhose. Haven’t tried it on yet, but planning to sport it to a housewarming this Saturday, wearing a maternity dress… Hope it helps the painful spot on my leg!

Mmm. That’s all for now πŸ˜‰

Maternity Fall Shopping

21 Sep

Went bra-shopping today. My-oh-my, I underestimated my growth! I used to be 34B or C – depending on the model and how revealing I wanted it to fit, so I was certain I am 34D now – not so! I was so squished-squashed in 34D! It was too tight around the torso, too – so I went for 36D which, as far as the cup size goes, equals 34DD – yikes! Considering they’re supposed to keep growing for the remaining 4+ months of the pregnancy and then get even bigger once the milk comes… I think I will be like a cow!!! They’re huge and heavy and all covered in blue veins, so bizarre. I decided to buy only one bra – winter is coming, so I am not likely to deal with see-through issues. It’s army-green with white polka-dot, so cute πŸ™‚

I also bought a fall jacket, knee-length. Nothing that I own will close over my belly – and fall isn’t even here yet. The one I bought has double row of buttons, so I will be able to move a butting or two if it gets too tight. It’s nothing fancy, a Suzy Shier coat – relatively cheap – but looks nice and, I hope, will last me until I need to switch over into my winter jacket.

I also finally found where they sell tight that help against varicose veins (which run in my family) – they’re 50 bucks a-pair!!! That is outrageous!!! I am going to do an online search now. I am sure something more affordable should be available there… Fifty bucks for tights…

And now I am home, tired and hungry, boiling perogies for lunch. Mmmmm πŸ˜‰

20 weeks

18 Sep

20 weeks! Half-way there! Woo-hoo! Baby’s around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel – apparently starting from 20 weeks, they start counting the full length, finally – I guess the curled legs are easier to measure when baby is that big?

Lost most of the weight I gained due to bad constipation problems, so not as worried about my weight as I was (I was half-expecting to be put on a strict diet next time I see my ob-gyn – so this worry is off the table, at least for now).

Bought knock-off Uggs today at Winners – they’re swede with ship-skin insides, so soft! And I bet they should fit me just fine in winter even if my feet get all swollen.

Bought a cute sweater-dress with draw-stringed imperial waist. I feel like I need a waist somewhere or I am starting to look just formlessly big, I don’t like it.

Talked to my friend about turning my winter coat into a pregnancy-friendly one. I found the idea online: sew an insert for the front of the coat with two zippers, one to attach the insert to the left side zipper of the coat, the other – to the right-side zipper. Most women can borrow their husband’s coats, but my hubby is so skinny…

My friend also told me she’s going to give me a basket of all the proved-and-true lotions, creams and soaps (she has 2 daughters so she knows what to buy/not to buy) – so excited! I felt the task of researching these things on top of all the strollers and cribs quite daunting.

Great day πŸ™‚



18 weeks. Strollers. Baby stuff

4 Sep

Time has definitely started to fly. 18 weeks already! And I am starting to feel the pressure: time to start if not buying, then at least choosing baby stuff.

We went to a store in the north of Toronto (dear born baby) that was recommended to me as the one featuring a wide choice of strollers. The store was very, VERY cramped. Half of the strollers were on the upper shelf (how on earth is a pregnant woman supposed to get them from there???). The sales people would help for a minute or two and then lose interest and excuse themselves to never come back.

I have never felt so stupid. I would pull out a stroller, trying to figure out how to recline the seat, how to remove the car seat, how to extend the handle, how to fold a stroller. If you have never done this – it is not easy to figure out! After fighting with one stroller, I asked a sales person for help. She seemed very confused by my question: she said: is there something wrong with the stroller? – and reclined the seat. It seems she couldn’t even imagine someone wouldn’t know how to recline it.

There were way too many people for a very cramped space. I do not recommend that store.

We left in very low spirits. On our way home we stopped at our friend’s house and got a play pen, a swing, a nursing pillow, and a safety gate. SoΒ  now we have even more baby stuff!

This improved our mood. Somewhat.

Then we went to Ikea to look at cribs. I don’t know what’s the deal here, bu all the stores have these MASSIVE cribs that seem to be designed to withhold a baby elephant. They are like armoirs, huge and shiny. I remember my own crib – white and simple and lightweight – and that’s what I have in mind for my baby. Ikea has just that! Simply white cribs. And -bonus! – they are really inexpensive. Something like 80 bucks. And the front wall is removable and the mattress levels is adjustable (2 positions). I would only go look for a mattress elsewhere. Theirs are too soft – that’s dangerous. Baby mattress should be really firm.

Today we went to toys’r’us. They also have lots of strollers, FAR more space to try every stroller, fold it, unfold it, try and walk it. We became pros today and figuring out all the secret mechanisms. We liked one stroller: Graco quattro tour deluxe. It’s big, sturdy, I can fold it (and unfold it) with one hand, it has a newborn carseat that goes with it, its seat is removable (for washing), it’s almost fully reclining, it has one handlebar (which makes it more maneuverable than two “umbrella handles”), you can reach into the basker under the seat even when the seat is fully reclined, wheels are large enough to go in the snow. And it has pretty patterns, which is also important, right?

We didn’t buy it (I decided to read online reviews and do price comparisons), but I feel much, MUCH better having chosen at least one candidate πŸ™‚ And online reviews are pretty good. The only downside is its weight (26 pounds) and width – hard to maneuver in tight spaces. But we live in the city, so I don’t see myself taking car trips all that often, and we have only one doorstep outside, so I won’t be lifting it all that much. I expect I will be strolling around the neighbourhood, going for walks, jumping into stores to buy eggs or milk, and going for walks in the park – we live on lake Ontario, there’s a nice park with marina there.

Finally, I got myself a maternity support belt. The sales person at toys’r’us didn’t even seem to know what I was talking about – but I found a couple there, neither of which I liked. Then I went to Thyme Maternity – and got a nice one, almost half the price of what I saw at TRU. As I right this, I have it wrapped around me. Somehow it makes the baby kicks feel much more pronounced πŸ™‚

I feel much better now. Carseat, stroller, and crib are the biggest purchases – and I at least have made some decisions πŸ™‚

16 Weeks

21 Aug

Oh, and by the way I am 16 weeks today. Time starts to feel like it’s flying. I feel like more and more often I post these “turning another week” posts.

My baby is developing its ears – he might be hearing me already!

It’s about to go through a growth spurt, doubling in size and weight over the next 3 weeks (wow – I’d better increase my dairy intake!!!).

Overall, I am feeling very happy and waaay more positive and confident than in the first trimester, as the chances of something going wrong diminish.

Not all of it is all that fantastic, though, even in the ‘golden’ second trimester.

I can definitely feel how fast my baby’s growing and just how bad my abdominal muscles are. I should have exercised before I got pregnant. Now it’s too late – every time I overexert myself even a little bit, I get horrendous round ligament pains (like attempting being on the top while having sex… TMI, I know). At times, the pain lasts for a few hours and during those I can’t find a pose that doesn’t hurt. I am planning to go next week and look for those pregnancy abdominal support belts – or those specialty tights for pregnant women, to take some of the womb pressure of those poor muscles.

Well, that should take care of those debilitating pains.

All in all, I am starting to visualize the nursery, imagine how it will be once the baby is around (reading books about raising and caring for a baby are tremendous help!), and it’s great.

My belly shows more and more. I like the way my t-shirt rides up my belly and my trainers – below my belly (I am talking about my home attire here, LOL). I just love the way it looks, the whole package – the huge breasts covered in blue veins, the belly that’s getting rounder and shinier and more pronounced, the increasing slowness and clumsiness.Β  Those are all fantastic metamorphoses.

And today I noticed the little sort of mustache that I used to have (as most women with PCOS do) almost disappeared – the hairs gut lighter, shorter, less noticeable. No more testosterone overload for the pregnant woman! πŸ™‚

Oooh! The baby just kicked again! It was quiet all day today, but have been doing a lot of kicking for the past 5 minutes as I am writing this πŸ™‚ Now, that’s the most amazing part of it all. I love my baby. I love being pregnant. I love being so happily looking into the future (and waiting for winter with excitement – now that’s a first! :))))

Maternity Clothes

14 Aug

I finally did it! Went to an outlet mall today and bought 2 pairs of maternity jeans (I don’t have dress code at work, so I expect this should suffice as far as pants are concerned, unless my ass doubles in size).

OMG, they’re sooooooo comfy! And they fit nicely around my belly bump πŸ™‚ And there’s room for belly growth, too – they have these belly inserts in the store, so that you can try it on as if you were much further down the pregnancy path.

So I put this pillow in my pants, pulled the shirt down, looked in the mirror and… a huge dumb smile spread all over my face. For how many years I’ve been dying to see this! Myself, very pregnant πŸ™‚

Very cool!

I also bought a couple of shirts in a non-maternity store. They were roomy and cute and very cheap πŸ™‚

I feel so excited!

14 Weeks

7 Aug

14 weeks are here. Amazing.

Yesterday I spent some time bagging lots of my clothes away. I can’t fit in almost any pants and jeans (I can sort of close them, but only while I stand, no sitting allowed).

None of the button-down shirts fit – neither in boobs, nor in belly region. I am glad we don’t have dress code at work.

Lots of t-shirts were packed, too – too tight, too short, too booby (now that boobs threaten overflowing out of anywhere).

I wonder, when will I be able to fit in those again?

My hubby was even a bit taken aback by the summer dress I put on yesterday. He felt my boobs are too big to be put on display like that. Trust me, they weren’t on display. They’re just big. Read: noticeable. I can’t help that. And it’s hot out there. So – whatever.

I haven’t mastered the will power to put away shoes. Although I haven’t worn most of my summer shoes this year – too uncomfortable (narrow high-heeled blisteriziers, the majority of them) – I still keep them close. I actually wore one pair to tango yesterday – their soles are leather, and that’s much better for ballroom dancing on those hardwood floors. Tango was awesome. I am keeping the shoes for a little while more. Summer will be over soon enough anyway.

And then it will be fall, and we will find out the gender. In 6 weeks.

And then it will be winter. And we will greet our baby into this world – in 26 weeks or so.

And then… well, then the big journey will commence!

PS I almost forgot: I am officially into trimester #2 now! Whichever way you count, whether the first trimester is 12 or 14 weeks long – I am there now! Yaaaay!

Random musings 1/4 into pregnancy

14 Jul

Just realized that AF is not gonna be visiting me for a while. Since her visits were so scarce during last year’s TTC (um… 3 times in a year? or something like that) – that until now I didn’t even notice her absence.

I have my first ob-gyn appointment in a month – what should I expect? Overall, what is it like – once you are out of the fertility clinic? How often do you need to see a doc? How often do you get ultrasounds?

I tried on maternity jeans yesterday. They were HEAVENLY comfy, but still too big. And normal jeans really cut into my belly when I sit – I can only wear dresses and skirts now. Can’t wait to be big enough for maternity pants.

My best friend asked me yesterday how we’re going to announce – call everyone who matters and email the others and facebook the rest of the world? I dunno. Haven’t decided yet.

I need to start looking into money matters. I need to understand what baby needs in its first year – what will we need to buy, how to choose it, how much will it all cost us. Lots of stuff you can find cheaper in the States – we will be visiting my SIL in the fall (she lives in NJ) – we should probably buy something online and get it shipped to her place and bring it back with us (we plan on driving).

Only 30 weeks left!!! πŸ™‚