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Theory of Relativity

21 Apr

You know what thought struck me today?

What we the 3-5 month absences of a period over the past year, getting pregnant feels more probable than getting a period.

Funny, isn’t it?

I am back!

12 Apr

Hello world! I am back from vacation. It was wet, rather cold, but absolutely awesome!

While I was away, I was having a very short and light period (in comparison to what I used to have in the good old days when I used to have periods at all) and I was taking Femara, which is an off the label drug to make my body do the cycle again. A cycle that is not 3 or 5 months long, that is.

So first thing this morning I ran to the clinic as this is already CD13. They were pleasantly surprised with the results, considering this is the first treatment cycle. I have one rather large follicle on the left side (1.8 cm – and the ovulation size is about 2 cm) and a few smaller ones on the right.

The doctor told me that unless I ovulate on my own today, she’d rather wait and have the others grow a bit more and then trigger the ovulation with some kind of a hormonal injection.

Hmmmm. Just how likely twins are?..

Anyhow, as my bloodwork just got back with non-ovulating results, I am to go back tomorrow for more follicle counting and LH measuring fun. And perhaps some hormone shots. And then – some good old fashioned sex.

Being swamped with work after the vacation, I wonder how good the sex will be. Well, as long as the little “sperm whales” have enough energy to find their way to (perhaps) multiple eggs, I think I can wait for the real orgasmic kind of sex.

But first things first – I need to ovulate!

The Plot Begins…

1 Apr

After 3 months of Big Drought, I all of a sudden got a period yesterday. My own, not triggered by anything. So i called the clinic and they told me to come in and start the monitoring fun.

I was surprised: they didn’t ask me to fast for the blood test and they didn’t ask for the full bladder. They performed both ultrasounds as is! SO much better, let me tell you. They also counted my PCOS follicles (I guess they’ll have to know towards the ovulation whether any new ones appeared?) and prescribed an off-the-label drug called Femara to get me to ovulate.

I am to come back on Monday 11th to see the progress.

Hallelujah! Good news just in time for my vacation!

What Do I Need to Get Pregnant? A Period.

9 Mar

A year ago, I theatrically quit the birth control pill: we started trying.

We were in one of those all-inclusive resorts, but I proudly chose virgin cocktails and listened to my body: am I pregnant? Maybe now? Well, perhaps after this time?

How naive I was!

A month went by – no period. Pregnancy test – negative.

And then another month. And another. Peeing on one expensive test after another (well, at least I saved on female hygiene products, what with no periods and all) – and went to see a doctor.

I got a drug-induced period, and then again: one month dry, two months dry…

I got another drug-induced period and then – hallelujah! – my own period. TWO WEEKS after the drug induced one.

And then again… One dry month, another… I am into my third dry month now. Overall, I had ONE real period over the past year. Lots of sex – yes. Opportunities to conceive – none.

What do I need to get pregnant? A period.