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16 weeks, Kicking

27 Sep

I am 16w5d.

The bay is KICKING! Well, kicking is not the right word, but I feel it every day doing tiny somersaults inside me. It’s a familiar and unfamiliar feeling at the same time – it reminds me of Timothy, but then I have much sharper memories of big Timothy stretching my belly every which way. I don’t really remember these tiny flutters (although now that I am feeling them on a daily basis, I am more sure than ever that what I felt at 12 weeks was the baby, and not a figment of my imagination).

My anatomy scan is scheduled in less than 2 weeks – I hope we will find out what we’re having. Hubby hopes for a girl, while I don’t really care either way. Timothy is so awesome that I wouldn’t mind having another one like him 🙂

My c-section is booked, too – in early March. I was surprised they booked it only 4 days before my EDD. But then I was relieved, too. See, I felt very uncomfortable with the idea of evicting the baby before the baby is ready. I also think that the longer the baby stays in, the bigger the baby gets, the bigger their stomach gets, the more they can eat at a time – and the longer they can sleep at a time. That’s my theory. So I was worrying about evicting the baby before it’s time. But 4 days shouldn’t make much difference – and, well, if the baby decided it is time before then – so be it. It will still be a c-section, just an emergency one, right?

Since I started taking liquid iron supplements, life has changed. I am alive, I am not in bed until 10:30 pm, I have energy to go to the playground with Timothy every day after daycare, for about 40 minutes before it’s dinner time… All in all, I feel great.

I am showing more and more. The belly is very pronounced when I sit. You know how with a fat belly when you sit down it all kind of… folds? I hated that about my postpartum body 🙂 Well, now it most definitely sticks out and gets nice and round when I sit. Yesterday someone offered me their seat on the streetcar.

The funny thing I still don’t fully understand I am expecting another baby. I still have this deja vu feeling, as if I am pregnant all over again with Timothy (even though the 19-month old Timothy is running around me in circles). I am half-expecting to have the same labour experience, same-looking baby, same way to spend the matleave… It’s weird. I have to prepare myself that this is a different baby. It might be very different, for all I know – not sleeping, being colicky, etc. I should prepare myself for that!

I am in a rush to “live life” before I am caught in the breastfeeding cycle again. Going out for a dinner and movie with a friend today, picnic tomorrow, hiking on Sunday… A spa day planned, want to go see Les Miserables musical with hubby, take a dancing class, have a girls night in cooking party… I have a whole list of things I wanna do while I can, relatively easy 🙂

There are some work-related worries on my mind, but that’s a whole other post, I’ll share some other time…

All in all, this pregnancy – unlike the first one, seems to be moving soooo fast!

First Movement?

27 Aug

I was having lunch with my colleagues when I felt it.

It was not gas, I’m sure. Gas usually moves from point A to point B. And it often is uncomfortable or downright painful. This felt more like a bubble turning around. Like a baby turning from one side to the other, in its sleep. Like it was with Timothy.

Now, internet generally says you can’t feel a baby at 12 weeks, it’s too small. Just about 2.5 inches. But then internet says most women start feeling movement around 20 weeks. With Timothy, I felt first movement at 15 weeks. And this is my second pregnancy, so I know much better what to be looking for. And if you ask me, something 2.5 inches long moving inside you doesn’t sound all that hard to feel.

I think that was it. The first baby movement. I am pregnant, I guess :p