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Gyno visit #3

16 Oct

I arrived there at 2:50 pm.

They finally called my name at 4:30 pm.

It was insanely hot in the waiting room. They moved offices – so I guess figuring out ventilation systems takes time. At least now they have enough seats for all the pregnant women (coincidentally, there were very few pregnant women there yesterday, very unusual).

Then it turned out they still didn’t get my down-syndrom-test-part-2 bloodwork (from 3 weeks ago!) They didn’t get my last week’s anatomy ultrasound results, either.

The doctor got her receptionist calling the clinics and was able to get an “oh, our fax is broken but the bottom line for the ultrasound is that everything is okay.” They couldn’t reach the other clinic – they closed for the day.

Hot and tires, I finally left the office at 5 pm (having spent there over 2 hours!) and raced to pick up Timothy from daycare. I made it there 5 minutes before the daycare closes. And tore my necklace while pulling out the stroller. My grandmother’s necklace. Thankfully, the beads are very big, so I was able to pick them all up.

Anyway, I was cranky to the point of criticizing the type of potatoes my hubby bought (instead of praising him for doing the groceries, which he hates). He knows me well enough to swallow all the criticism in silence.

Bottom line is that they called me today and my down syndrome test is fine. They don’t give specifics over the phone, but I am sure if they had any concerns, they would have raised hell.

So there you go. 19.5 weeks, 2 more pounds up in the past 5 weeks, anatomy scan good, down syndrome scan good, blood pressure was good (iron supplements seem to be helping).

But they decided to move my c-section date. I mentioned before they scheduled it mere 4 days prior to the due date. The last ultrasound made them doubt the correctness of this due date, so we’ll probably move it 2-3 days more. Which is still within the 40th week. Apparently, I am lucky: until 2 months ago, they were obligated to schedule all c-sections at 38 weeks (and that’s been the case for the past 15 years). They relaxed it 2 months ago, I get to benefit from this 🙂

First Gyno Appointment

12 Aug

Had my first Gyno appointment today.

We had some discussion around c-section vs VBAC. When kids are less than 2 years apart, they pretty much force you into c-section. Our kids will be just a bit over 2 years apart – so I have the choice. But for the VBAC, there’s not stimulation. So if, like last time, I don’t go into labour on my own – and if my labour isn’t progressing – I might have to suffer through very, very long labour. And, chances are my next baby will be just as big, if not bigger.

Bottom line, she says if I don’t feel very strongly about vaginal birth, there’s no reason risking it. I have time to decide until my next appointment in 4 weeks. Because apparently c-sections have to be scheduled that far in advance! Shock.

I got my referral to the down syndrome ultrasound – which we hope will help us establish my EDD. According to my cycle, the EDD is March 2. According to my calculations – it’s March 9. We need to know to book the c-section appropriately.

And the doppler revealed a beautiful heartbeat. I wasn’t sure if we’ll hear it today – I read that at 10 weeks it might be picked up only if you’re very slim. Well, I guess I am very slim 🙂

The Gyno smiled and said “hmmm, I think a girl”.

The heart was beating really fast.

And the whole experience of sitting in that waiting room again, less that 18 months since my last time, somehow made this whole pregnancy that much more real. Discussing birth. Hearing the heartbeat. Sitting among humongously pregnant women.

I am pregnant, people. I am pregnant.

I wonder if I might be ready to start sharing the news with the family.

OB Appointment #9

23 Jan

Yet another OB appointment. Due to her secretary going on vacation, my next one is in two weeks. Which is a day after my EDD. So… Hopefully, today was my last pre-birth OB appointment. Now isn’t that a weird thing to imagine?..

Good thing – the baby has dropped big time. According to my OB, he’s really, really low now. But the cervix is closed and long. But she said that the baby being so low will hopefully thin it out and start opening it.

I spent the rest of the day shopping (household shopping), walking-walking-walking. Getting the baby to press on the cervix. My hubby also got the yoga ball out for me. Apparently, it relieves hip joint pain – and also helps the baby work on that cervix.

I didn’t notice any difference since last week. My belly is as big as it was, and the pelvic pressure is the same. So I was pleasantly surprised by the dropping news. I feel much better now. If they say babies drop 2-4 weeks before delivery, and I am 38w1d, then it feels like we’re on the right track.

And baby is posterior, too. Good boy (according to the latest newsletter, he’s the size of a watermelon now)  😉

OB Appointment #8

16 Jan

Yet another appointment. I had to wait for 2 hours today! TWO!!! That’s ridiculous. Especially since tomorrow is my last day at work. I felt really uncomfortable being away for so long.

Baby still hasn’t dropped. Still looks big – so next week I will have an ultrasound to try and estimate his size.

Perfect blood pressure.

My late afternoon tiredness got explained: low iron. Got a prescription to add to my vitamins (mmm… I’m really bad with taking vitamins… I cannot even remember the last time I took a vitamin… a week ago?)

Apparently, Eastern European women tend to deliver later than 40 weeks. Which is why baby’s size is very important: the longer he stays in, the bigger he gets. And when it’s you first pregnancy, delivering a big baby is really hard. According to my OB.

My test results from last time are all normal (the swab test to make sure it is safe for the baby to pass through my birth canal).

So… looks like the baby isn’t about to arrive yet.


OB Appointment #7

9 Jan

Another appointment. From now on I will be seeing her every week – my next appointment is next Monday.

The baby (or, rather, the belly) measures at 37 weeks – only 1 week ahead (the previous 2 visits he measured 2 weeks ahead). My “diet” seems to be working! I lowered my sugar and carbs intake significantly. I also haven’t gained any weight – still at 74 kg (13 kg above pre-pregnancy).

Well, my overall lack of appetite plays a role here, too.

The heartbeat was perfect, my blood pressure was 120/60 as always. Very stable – which is very good, according to the doc.

I also had the test for some microorganism to make sure it is safe for the baby to be delivered vaginally. The ugly part was that I had to go to the bathroom and take the swab myself – front and back. I am not very apt with sticking things inside myself without a mirrow, especially when my lady bits are swollen and feel strange…

Since the baby measures at full-term, she said that if he decides to get born – he’s ready, no one will be trying to stop him. And that I should go straight to L&D if anything feels wrong, immediately.

Baby is head down, however, despite what I was thinking, not engaged (=has not dropped). So all this pressure and swelling of my lady parts was not connected to the dropping. It’s just the blood flow and general weight of the uterus filled with water and baby…

All in all, everything is fine.

33 Weeks & OB Appointment #6

19 Dec

We hit the 33-week mark yesterday. It’s getting closer and closer and closer…

Apparently, the baby spends its waking hours with eyes wide open.

He still kicks and moves around a lot. Well, maybe not quite “around” – he stays head-down – but he definitely isn’t any less active than he was.

My photographer friend held a belly photoshoot session for us yesterday. We shall see how the pictures turn out. My hubby… do you remember that episode of Friends when Monica and Chandler want to take an engagement photo to be placed in a newspaper and Chandler always looks so creepy that Monica ends up posting a picture of her and Joey? My hubby is kind of like that in front of the camera, too.

He can’t hold a pose – he shifts and jitters. He can’t keep his eyes where he’s supposed to – trying to look at the photographer out of the corner of his eye. Looking extremely creepy 😉 He can’t smile nicely – he makes some weird… mmm… faces.

We’ll see… She took many pics – I hope there will be enough good ones. At least of me 😉

And today was OB appointment #6.

OB basically told me to go straight to L&D if anything happens for it will be hard getting a hold of anyone other than the hospital over the holiday break. And because of the holidays, the gap between my 2 appointments will be 3, not 2 weeks.

Baby still measures 2 weeks ahead – he’s at 35 weeks now (well, not the baby – the belly, which they measure with a tape).

The baby was very active during the appointment, sticking out his feet every which way, making the OB make a comment about my active alien. I wonder if he’s going to be the one who loves company and interaction with everyone around him. Many babies get quiet when an unfamiliar hand is placed on the belly – not my son.

OB said next time she’ll take a swab to make sure I don’t have some type of bacteria there which would be harmful for the baby during labour. Other than that – the appointment was uneventful. Blood pressure was 120/60, baby’s heartbeat normal. And the repeat sugar test was great.

So we have to sit around and wait to see how big it’s gonna grow. And try to be a good girl over the holidays (right… this seems unlikely… all I care about is carbs! I don’t even want meat or fish – at all).

OB Appointment #5

5 Dec

Had my OB appointment today. It turns out the secretary was wrong and my glucose test was a bit off. Not by too much – the OB thinks it probably is due to the fact that I didn’t fast (far from it… I took the test in the afternoon, having had breakfast and lunch) – and it’s off by just a bit. Regardless, she wants me to repeat the test – will do on Wednesday.

I’m on to biweekly meetings now – will see her on the 19th again. Feels weird to finally be there. Feels like home stretch.

She confirmed that baby is head down. And that he measures 1-2 weeks ahead. Actually, this was the first time anyone cared to measure my belly with a measuring tape. I don’t know what the numbers were (didn’t ask), but she “has a feeling he’s gonna be a big one”. Her suggestion? If he’s meant to be big, he will be – but I can lower my carbs intake to prevent him from getting even bigger. Apparently, carbs are the primary baby growth promoter. Other than sweets, I am not eating much carbs – so I guess I’ll have to cut my sweets intake 😦

Blood pressure is “nice and low”.

My weight gain seems to be normal to her (I was 61 kg pre-pregnancy; I am about 74 kg now).

For my leg cramps (have I mentioned I am getting leg cramps? lovely stuff that wakes you up in the middle of the night) she suggested magnesium supplements.

She said that low labour activity (both my mom and my sis had problems… my sis didn’t have contractions even after oxytocin! and my mom’s contractions weren’t strong enough) is not necessarily hereditary. She said often if your body knows the baby is too big to go through your pelvis, the contractions won’t come. And most babies in my family are big. Did I ever mention I was 9.7 pounds?..

The low milk supply, on the other hand, is hereditary (both my mom and my sis didn’t have enough). But there isn’t much I can do to prevent this from happening – just be ready that I might need to use formula in addition to breastfeeding.

All in all, everything seems to be fine. Tomorrow is our last prenatal class – and we’ll submit our pre-admission form to the hospital. It’s getting close. Precisely 2 months to go (I am due on Feb. 5).