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8 weeks ped appointment + immunization

4 Apr

We had our first immunization shot today. Thank to Artist Mouse’s post a few weeks ago, I asked the nurse if I can nurse Timothy during the shot. The nurse got all excited and said that that would be great! (Now I wonder why don’t THEY suggest this?..)

So she gave him an oral immunization drops (something for stomach virus, I think?) and then I put him on the breast and she gave him a shot in the hip. Timothy cried out for a second or two and got right back on the breast.

Then I had to switch the breasts – it turns out the immunization goes in both hips – this time Timothy got a bit more upset and cried for maybe 5 seconds and got back on the breast.

That’s all. It’s been 2 hours now, he’s peacefully sleeping.

I am hoping he won’t develop a fever.

Everyone said he did great.

All in all – it turns out he’s in 97% percentile. At 8 weeks, he’s 6 kg 440 g (that’s 14 lb and 3.16 oz) and 64 cm (25.2 inches). Smiling, making eye contact, peeing, pooping, sleeping through the night… The doc said he wins the best baby prize today 🙂


weight gain

1 Mar

We went for another pediatrician visit yesterday. I suspect she made a mistake last time when she said Timothy is not gaining enough. How could it ne that back then he gained only 20 g in 5 days and now 170g in 5 days??? Anyway, the main thing is all looks well. It seems I have enough milk, Timothy is looking great, and we are to come back in 3 weeks.

In other news, Timothy is 3 weeks and 2 days old. How time flies!!! He smiles more frequently – he smiled at my hubby and my sis. He tries to reach toys. He follows rattles with his eyes. He spends more time awake.

And he still sleeps great at night!!!

All my desperation over milk supply problems is gone. In fact, I feel like we bonded through this experience. We worked as a team, Timothy and I, to establish my milk supply. I pumped, he sucked, I ate pills, he demanded feedings… as a team, we worked it out! We are a team. A family. And I love him even more for this!!!

Yesterday we went to the shopping mall and he behaved great. And I discovered there are nursing rooms in malls- very calm, awesome environment!

Although all the mommies around me were discussing their “useless” husbands. Mine is awesome so I didn’t take part in the conversation. Just listened, a bit perplexd. Could it be that all of their hubbies (there were half a dozen women) are that useless?

Anyway. The main thing is my son is doing great and my hubby is awesome.

Thank you all for your support and cheering me up throught the milk supply battle.

First Pediatrician Visit

15 Feb

Yesterday we had our first pediatrician visit. We don’t have a pediatrician yet, so we went to kids’ clinic in the hospital where he was born. His first home, so to speak 😉

They sent us to wait in the cafeteria ’cause shortly before us there was someone with a case of chicken pox. No wonder the waiting area was empty (I wondered about that). I hope it wasn’t enough time for us to catch it!

The wait at the clinic wasn’t too long (about an hour and a half), which I spent drinking milk. I never used to drink milk. I hate milk. But now that I am a breastfeeding mama, I seem to crave it all the time!

Timothy is doing great. Although he lost almost 7% of his weight by the time we got discharged from the hospital (48 hours after delivery), as of yesterday he was almost back to his birth weight. I was so proud I am capable of giving him enough milk! I hope it stays that way. Even if sometimes I feel that he is permanently attached to my breasts and my nipples are extremely sore. I enjoy breastfeeding so much!

I was sort of terrified of the way the doctor carried Timothy, holding him by his neck and… one leg. As if he were a chicken, not a baby. Oh well, they know better just how tough babies are…

Timothy was screaming is if we were killing him 😉 It was well past his feeding time, plus most babies don’t particularly like being undressed.

Anyway, he’s doing great! I can’t be happier 😉

PS He slept from 1:30 am to 6 am, fed for an hour, and now slept from 7 am till now. 10 am. I feel so rejuvenated! I foresee another day spent attached to my breasts. But I’ll take this pattern over feeding every 2-3 hours. We like our sleep!