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I Need to Rest, Not Plan!

17 Jan

I know that I just stopped working – today – but I already filled out the matleave application and saved links to online forms for child benefits and applying for social insurance number (Canadian analogue of the American SSN).

Getting my haircut tomorrow. If I don’t get it now – who knows when I will be able to?

Dropping by my best friend’s new place on Thursday. She just separated with her husband – she needs dome love! IF was one of the things that drove them apart šŸ˜¦

Have High Tea plans on Saturday with my girlfriends.

My hubby’s bday is fast approaching (I hope our baby doesn’t arrive on his bday!)

Seriously, I shouldn’t be packing my days with plans. I should be relaxing!!!

Told My Boss About My Pregnancy

3 Aug

Yesterday I told my boss about my pregnancy.

We scheduled a 5 pm meeting to go over some things – my boss was too busy to meet earlier. Since it was after hours, we had a good conversation, not rushed and relaxed. For an hour, we discussed all the ongoing projects, plans, initiatives… And then when the discussion died down, I said: there is something else I need to tell you: I am 13 weeks pregnant.

She beamed – I don’t know if she was really that happy or whether, as a boss, she got really good at putting on a big smile – but either way, she warmly congratulated me, asked me how I feel and for how long I will be able to stay.

I told her that while my contract with them is up in the e/o December, my due date is early February – she said she sees no problem extending it if I want.

And overall she told me this is great news and not to worry, they will survive and plan my succession :). Which made me feel really good – I felt awkward when the day after I accepted their offer I found out I was pregnant. I felt like I was cheating, accepting job knowing that I will be leaving them (if all goes well) in 8 months.

So I feel relieved and at peace. Time to start planning vacation. We want to go south for a week, just the two of us, to fully enjoy the quiet time, recharge, reconnect, and prepare for the coming changes,

What Babies Want?

18 Jul

I googled a lot yesterday and made a list of all the things we will need for the baby’s arrival. The list is loooooong. Some of the words were new to me (what’s a vest? what’s a babygro? – google images helped me…)

Next step – I am going to google how much all this stuff costs.

Yeah, I know – some stuff I’ll get for baby shower, some will be hand-me-downs from recent moms. But I want to have a full picture nonetheless. To know. To be prepared.

Then I will have to start looking into specifics. How to choose a carseat, how to choose a stroller. Other items that are important to research (mattress, perhaps?)

I am stepping into a totally unfamiliar territory here. I doubt my mom could help much, last time she had a baby was 32 years ago. My sis? Perhaps. But then she leaves in Russia. It might be quite different.

Oh well… no matter whom I ask, the decisions will have to be ours.

11 Weeks

17 Jul

I waited for sooo long to reach double-digits (10 weeks) – and now it seems that time simply flew from 10 to 11 weeks. When did this happen?

11 weeks. Almost done with trimester #1. There are differentĀ  ways to count – my book says trimester #1 is 14 weeks, and each of the following trimesters is 13 weeks. 40 in total.

But then everyone says announce to the world once you’re 12 weeks. Or once you’ve head you nuchal u/s (which should be doneĀ  between weeks 11 and 13 anyway).

I can’t believe we’re almost there – where we can announce the big news. Bask in other people’s happiness for us.

The reality of a baby is sinking in. “Will your insurance cover our baby, as well as me?” – I asked my hubby. I am on contract, so don’t have insurance coverage at work, but I am covered through him.

“Should we subscribe to some parenting magazines? When? Which ones?”

“When should we start looking into prenatal classes and how?”

“We need to start making a list of what’s needed for the baby (stroller, crib, car seat) and start looking into tips on how to choose.” And canvass our friends for hand-me-downs – which we can’t do now for most of our friends are unaware we’re expecting.

“That wall we want to build to separate the downstairs room from entry hall – we better build it now, before the baby arrives… as well as paint the walls as we’ve been meaning to”

The to-do mount is growing. I am grateful I am finally starting to feel more energetic and less prone to spend all my free time on a couch with a book. I will start looking into all of these things soon. Why me? Because I work only 3 days a week. I have the time!

Maternity Benefits

15 Jul

I called Service Canada today to find out the situation with maternity benefits. It’s pretty straightforward for most people: you get 50 weeks of paid matleave, the employer holds you place for you in the meanwhile. If you earned more than 22K in the 26 weeks preceding your mat leave, and worked for more than 600 hours in the previous 52 weeks, then you get $468 per week (minus taxes) for those 50 weeks. Or about $1700/month – net.

But for me, it’s very complicated. I was on unemployment insurance in April and May this year. Because of that, they calculate my insurable hours not for the whole 52 weeks prior to matleave – but only from the day I got off the unemployment. So I will have 7-8 months. Now, I work 3 days a week – that’s 22.5 hours a week. It looks like – if I don’t skip any days – I will have about 630 hours to claim. I can barely make it there! But I probably will. I will try and negotiate shuffling my workdays around to accommodate for the planned vacation (instead of taking days off, move them to week before/after vacation).

Also, since I am on contract, my employer won’t have to hold my job for me – so I won’t have anywhere to go back to once my 50 weeks of matleave are up. And – great news! – it looks like I will be able to then convert my matleave into regular unemployment benefits for another 18 weeks at same $1700 per month. This should give me enough time to look for a job – while still feeling financially secure.

So now my focus is on accumulating enough hours. I just hope they won’t fire me once they find out I am pregnant. If I were full-time, I wouldn’t worry (it’s illegal to fire someone for being pregnant), but since I’m on contract and have been there for less than 2 months… I don’t feel too secure. Oh well. I’ll have to wait and see.

At least it looks like everything should be fine.

And anyhow, the main thing is I am pregnant and we will have a baby. We can figure out whatever else might happen.