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Ultrasound #3 – Anatomy Scan

11 Oct

Well, the results of the anatomy scan will remain a mystery to me until Tuesday, when I go to see my gyno, but the verdict (albeit not a 100%, of course) is in: it’s a boy!


I am happy. I sort of wanted a boy. I know boys. Boys are familiar. Timothy will have a best friend and playmate. We have everything a boy needs.

I think my hubby’s family might be a bit sad – there very few girls on his side of the family. My parents’ comment was also something like “well, most important that the baby’s healthy” – which I also interpret as a bit of disappointment. I know how much they wanted a granddaughter (which my sis gave them almost 8 years ago) – but now they’ll have 3 grandsons and still only one granddaughter.

But hey – this is my child. And I am happy. We already chose a name – still deciding on how to spell it (there are variations available… we like the French spelling).

And I can now do the walls in their bedroom and bathroom – cover it with airplanes and firetrucks and such.

And talk to Timothy about how he’s going to have a baby brother.

“You’ll be heavily outnumbered now” – said my husband jokingly, hugging me as we were leaving the hospital.

“Well, you three better take good care of your only woman.”

Another boy. In less than 5 months. Weird!!!


22 Aug

Had my NT scan ultrasound.

The appointment was 1.5 hours late. And it was SOOOOO cold in the waiting room I was practically shivering! The u/s tech gave me a sheet to wrap around my shoulders once I came in for the u/s.

I won’t know the results until I see my doctor in 2.5 weeks.

All I know is that when the tech turned the monitor towards me in the end of the u/s – my baby waved at me 🙂

38w2d Ultrasound

24 Jan

So I had the ultrasound done today. I was given the report to bring it to my OB (the lab is in the same building), so I read it.

Cervix: 5.4 cm! That’s long, not open. Which, according to Dr. Google, means very tightly shut. Very long.

Baby’s head measures at 39w and 40.5 w (there are to measurements, I didn’t quite get what each means). Yikes.  I am glad in these past weeks babies are more into gaining fat than growing heads…

His abdomen is only 35 weeks. No wonder I didn’t gain any weight over the pas weeks…

Everything seems to be in norm, though.

So now it’s a waiting game.

Putting my feet up and waiting. Nesting. Spent quite some today organizing under-the-sink cupboards in all bathrooms. This is a pretty cool shelving unit – very handy to stuff more under the sink, regardless of that huge pipe!

Anatomy Ultrasound

14 Sep

The suspense is over. The gender has been revealed. After an hour-long ultrasound (I didn’t expect it to be THAT long) we were shown the head, the face, the profile, the four chambers of the heart, the stomach, the spine, the hands, the feet, and there, in between the legs… was a small penis 😉

Now we know – it’s a boy! A little soccer player. Or kung-fu master, more likely. Even the u/s tech commented “this one isn’t a quiet one” 😉

Baby was super-active during the ultrasound. The ultrasound machine froze up on us twice – and while she (the u/s tech) was fiddling with it, I saw the baby kicks for the first time – I mean on belly!!! The baby kicked me a few times in a row to the right from my belly button – and I saw the kicks, bump-bump-bump! Very cute 😉

The baby is almost upright. My friends are telling me once it turns head-down and starts kicking my diaphragm, it won’t be quite so cute. Oh well. At least with all this kicking going on I didn’t feel worried before this u/s. I know the baby is alive and kicking. Literally 😉

It yawned and waved and moved a lot. And it’s measuring almost a week ahead at 20w2d (I am 19w4d). Yay!

Now I’ll have to get used to the idea of having a boy. So weird. Most of my friends have girls, so I know very little about baby-boys. Except for my nephew, but I was 12 when he was born. I don’t remember much.

Anyway. The suspense is over. The baby shower is scheduled. Now I’ll have to double-check my registry to make sure I don’t have an occasional pink item there 😉


Boy or Girl?

13 Sep

When Artist Mouse was about to have her gender ultrasound, she collected all the gender predicting old wives’ tales and ran her “symptoms” through it. I am going to do the same now (I added a couple to her list) – my ultrasound is tomorrow morning!

Carrying high or low – High = Girl and Low = Boy
It’s hard to tell – I am not far along enough, but lately I notice more thickening right under my rib cage. So I am guessing – high.

Craving sweet or savory? If you’re craving sweets, it’s a girl.
In my first trimester, I had zero interest in sweets and ate lots of smoked salmon and salted herring. Then things changed – now I eat nutella and peaches (like 4 a day). So, based on the current symptoms…

If the baby’s father puts on weight during pregnancy – it’s a boy
I just called to my hubby downstairs: honey, have you gained any weight since I got pregnant? I got a frustrated “no” from him (he’s trying to gain weight, lucky guy).

The Pendant. Swing a pure gold pendant over the pregnant belly. If it swings back and forth, it’s a girl. If it swings around, it’s a boy.
too lazy to experiment.

The Ring Test. Suspend a pure gold ring over the pregnant belly. If it swings left to right, it’s a boy. If it rotates, it’s a girl.
too lazy to experiment.

The Mothers Face. If it’s round, full and rosy, it’s a girl.
I don’t know. As I am gaining weight, it is getting rounder. I am not looking worse – no breakouts, no spots, no nothing. In fact, I rarely even add makeup lately (cannot be bothered). Mmmm. Does this classify as “rosy”?

Acne. If you have more acne, it’s a girl.
No. The usual little bit. Although… I had LOTS on my chest. My breasts were all getting itchy. But those are gone now. So, based on current symptoms (no extra acne):

Interpreting dreams of the pregnant woman. Cigars, trucks, snakes, telescopes = Boys. Tupperware®, keyholes, any fish, almonds, Prada®, Vogue magazine = Girls.
Um… Snake, yes – once. But then I often have nightmares with snakes.

The Key Test. If the pregnant woman picks up a key from the thin end, then it’s a girl.
I dunno. They’re on a key chain. I usually pick them all by the security card from the office entrance – it’s easiest to find in my purse 🙂

Chinese gender calendar
It gives you a prediction based on your age at conception and the month in which you conceived. As far as I am aware, I conceived on my birthday. But maybe just before – or just after. The funny thing is that regardless of the age I enter – both answers are…

If you carry in front, it’s a boy; if you’re wide at the middle, it’s a girl.
I think my waist is still in it’s rightful place – does that mean I am carrying in front?

Hang your wedding ring from a strand of the father’s hair over your belly. If the ring circles, it’s girl; if it swings back and forth, it’s a boy.
My husband doesn’t take his ring off.

Is Baby’s heart beat faster than 140 beats per minute (bpm)? It’s a girl. Less than 130 bpm? It’s a boy.
I can’t remember exactly, but I think the heart has always been in the 150-160 region.

If morning sickness lingers all day, it’s a girl.
I didn’t have any.

Baking Soda test. Take a small cup with baking soda in it, pee on it.  If the baking soda fizzes (I’ve heard women describe it like the fizz on a soda or similar) it means a boy, no fizz means a girl.  They say it is due to the acidity of your urine when you are pregnant with a boy.
Never got around to do this one, lazy me.

Net-net: 6 “girls” to 4 “boys”

This is too close to 50-50… And for Artist Mouse, this didn’t work. She had like 70% boy – and it turned out to be a girl 🙂

We shall see tomorrow morning!

Baby’s Heart!

15 Aug

Today I heard my baby’s heart for the first time!

In the fertility clinic, there was something wrong with the u/s machine’s sound – and in the hospital I guess they just cannot be bothered with something as insignificant as letting listen to the heart. So I never heard it.

Today was my first ob-gyn appointment. Despite lots of negative comments that I read about her online, I liked her. The secretary was thorough and as nice as worked-down doctor’s secretary could be. I saw a patient dropping by just to give her some coffee!

The doctor also seemed nice, I didn’t feel like she was trying to rush me out the door like so many people online mentioned. I guess I didn’t have a myriad of questions?..

Anyway, she told me the only pain I should worry about is menstrual-like cramps that happen every hour or more frequent. Everything else are normal pregnancy aches and pains, nothing to be done about them.

This Friday I am to go get the blood test done – which would be the second part of the NT test.

And in about 3 weeks I will have the anatomy u/s – where, hopefully, we’ll find the baby’s gender.

They want me to go to the hospital again, but they don’t tell you ANYTHING there. Not even the gender. So I think I’ll go to a normal u/s laboratory.

Oh, and the day I had my NT u/s? My baby measured 3 days ahead. So all the worries of the u/s before then that the baby was 3 days behind were for no reason. I guess it’s just the way this is 🙂

PS Wore my maternity jeans to works today – HEAVEN!

Horrendous Hospital Service

28 Jul

So today was my nuchal ultrasound. I had my appointment slip and a time slot booked in my calendar for 7 am. Last night, a hospital secretary left a voicemail on my phone, reminding me I have a 6:30 am ultrasound – and to please come with full bladder.

6:30 am?? I called back. The hospital front desk picked up. I started explaining the reason for my call and then realized they transferred me without saying a word. Click! I am talking into a void. And once transferred, no one answered.

Ok. I’ll come at 6:30 am. No biggy, right?


I woke up at 5:30 am (!!!), drank the liter of water, got ready and we drove to the hospital.

“You are early” – commented the front desk clerk. I paused: “what do you mean?” She raised her head: “well, they don’t open until 7 am”

You have GOT to be kidding me. Why the f*** do you tell me to come at 6:30 – with a full bladder!!! – if you don’t even open until 7 am???

I didn’t say this to the front desk woman. I only smiled weakly and said I hope I don’t pee in my pants. And then I was jumping and jogging by the ultrasound lab’s door. I was almost crying, I wanted to pee so badly. It started to hurt. I couldn’t even think of the actual ultrasound – I mean, they’re pressing on you stomach there!

And what do you think? When they finally showed up (five minuted PAST 7 am), they shrugged their shoulders: “go pee. We don’t need your full bladder”.

YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. I really felt like whoever left that voicemail the night before, was a woman-hater sadist.Making me come half an hour early with full bladder for no reason at all???

I peed, we got down to the ultrasound business. It turns out they DON’T tell you the results right away. They send them to you ob-gyn. Like a week or two later. Great. So I spent about 10 days with her pressing my belly, asking me to cough and do other weird stuff trying to make baby turn.

And then it turned out my blood test is also today, not a few weeks later as I was told.

So I went to this waiting room, got my number in line (9! yay!), read a sign saying that someone will call my number and sat down to read a book.

30 minutes went by, 40, 50… I haven’t heard anyone calling anyone.

It turned out they had only one nurse and two lines (this being a hospital, urgent people were coming in). The nurse decided she is too busy to go calling people, so she just didn’t. With no warning or announcement. I was soooo aggravated – I waited for 1.5 hours for a simple blood test! Outrageous. And no, I didn’t miss my place in line (well, only a bit… #10 went in front of me).

I am disgusted with St. Joseph’s Hospital in Etobicoke. I really felt like they are sadists who make things purposely aggravating and irritating. And I am to give birth there!!! I am having second thoughts.

And I am considering filing a complaint. The morning incident with me almost peeing my pants was really inhumane. But I really doubt it will make any difference. In those huge places people feel safely untraceable. It’s impossible to establish who is to blame.

Ultrasound #3

13 Jul

Today we had our 3rd ultrasound – and said good-bye to our fertility clinic.

The baby was sooooo active today! She (the u/s tech) was showing it to me on the screen and it all of a sudden flipped! She said he sneezed, LOL – she actually saw how his fingers fanned 🙂 He moved a lot, wiggled all the time. So cute. I saw the spine core, the heart (beating at 160) – and she said it looks like it’s a boy! Of course, it’s still very early, but she showed us something between his legs that looked like the turtle tale 🙂 Well, it looked like it to her = we didn’t really see what she saw 🙂

I still haven’t heard the heartbeat. Their u/s machines’ sound isn’t working.

The baby measured at 10w (3 cm 6 mm) – while I am 10w3d, so I am a bit concerned.

Major disappointment: I thought I will be off progesterone in 1.5 weeks, but no. First of all, it’s until 12 weeks according to baby measures – and since the baby measures at 10 weeks and not 10w3d, I am still to take 3 pills a day for 14 more days. THEN for ANOTHER week – 2 pills a day. And THEN FOR ANOTHER WEEK  – 1 pill a day. Jeez. 4 more weeks of this! And it means I will still be shoving those up my ass when we’re camping in 3 weeks :/

I have my first Ob/Gyn appointment on Aug. 15.

They also are setting an appointment for the nuchal u/s in week 12 – to check for down syndrome. But that will be in a hospital. We’re done with the clinic. They wished me luck and asked to bring and show them the baby once it’s born 🙂

I don’t have ANY idea what to expect from the ob-gyn appointment and what happens after than 0 how often will we be seeing the doc, how often will there be tests, ultrasounds, etc.

And I probably should start looking into prenatal courses, labour plans, car seats, strollers… A whole world I know nothing of. While all I want to do is sleep…

Ultrasound #2

29 Jun

We had our second ultrasound today – I am 8w3d. Everything is fine! It was sooooo different than the first one! This time around, we saw an actual baby – head, feet, hands, strong heartbeat of 170 – and a circle next to its feet which, I assume, is the developing placenta.

The u/s tech (who used to be a gynecologist before she immigrated to Canada) told me that if I haven’t got morning sickness yet, I’m unlikely to get it now, so late into placenta development. So I should consider myself lucky. And I do – but primarily for having a baby, and only then for having it easy… If I need to complain, I can complain about bloatedness pains. I look noticeably pregnant.

While the tech was taking the measurements, the baby moved and waved – my hubby saw it, but I didn’t 😦 When she turned the screen to me again, the baby wasn’t waving. The tech even wiggled the wand in my vagina a bit, but baby refused to move. Oh well, let it snooze – I hope it will be as courteous towards me later on 🙂

The baby measures 2 cm now – and only 2 weeks ago it was 0.37 cm! Isn’t that just unbelievable?

So they referred me to a gynecologist, but because in our wonderful free medical system in Canada it usually takes a couple of months or more to see a specialist, the clinic will keep seeing me for now – I am to come back for u/s #3 in 2 weeks.


PS On my way home, I saw a very pregnant lady on the subway. I was mesmerized by the way her belly moved on its own non-stop, dying to experience the same…

Ultrasound Tomorrow

28 Jun

As always, a bit worried about the upcoming ultrasound – tomorrow.

I decided to take a walk along the lake from work today and perhaps I was moving a bit too fast, but I started feeling some aches and pains in the lower abdomen. On the sides, not in the centre – but still… So am worried now.

Hold on there, baby raspberry! Show us your strong heartbeat and wave some limbs at us tomorrow!