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Baby Bump In Progress

23 Aug

Here are my baby bump pics from 6, 10, and 14 weeks.

The 6-to-10 progress is slight, but it’s there. The 10-to-14 progress is much more obvious.

All pics were taken in mornings, when I was not bloated from progesterone suppositories (even now, at 16 weeks, I am smaller than on some of those progesterone-bloated days… man, did it hurt!)

Preggo Bump at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, and 14 weeks

I’m Back (or How I Got Scared)

9 Jul

What I hate about trips is that you have to eat at the restaurants and I always get this vitamin hunger – there just aren’t enough fruits and vegetables in the restaurants! They insist on shoving breads and meats and potatoes in everything. And even if you order a salad, it’s primarily various stupid plants (what am I, a goat? a cow?), while I am looking for meaty tomatoes, bell peppers, cucumbers… real vegetables. And I couldn’t order fruit salads as they primarily consist of melons and strawberries – which I have to stay away from.

I bought myself a big orange one of the nights, and had a mango-orange smoothie yesterday, but I still feel vitamin-deprived.

Another thing that didn’t go all that well was my walking for too long with a suitcase in tow around Chicago. Sightseeing. At first I took a couple of boat tours, and then decided to walk. And all was fine until it was time to go to the airport. Right at the subway tourniquets, as I straightened myself after pulling money from my purse, I got muscle spasms on both sides of my lower belly. Real bad. I got SOOOO scared, I thought I might be miscarrying. In a foreign country. With no travel insurance. Forget all that – I thought I was miscarrying, period.

But then I had enough presence of mind to remember that I get such pains now whenever I walk for too long (for over 1-1.5 hours) straight. I bet it’s the muscles that are moving aside, making way for the growing uterus. But it hurt so badly!

I dragged my suitcase down to the platform and, thankfully, there was a seat on the train and the ride was long enough. It got a bit better.

I shoved the progesterone pills just before the flight – I figured they a) are meant to keep the baby inside me and b) are producing ‘relaxin’ so I was hoping those muscles will relax and stop aching.

I am still not completely well this morning and am a bit worried about the upcoming u/s on Wednesday. But the pain is on the sides. Not where the uterus is. So I hope everything’s fine. I am not googling.

Glad to be back with all of you – I missed you all (and now I need to go eat a dozen mandarins).


6 Jul

I am flying to Chicago today – for work. I know, my doctor told me it’s perfectly safe – but I still am worried.

But I am guiltily looking forward to two night of quiet, with no chores to be done, with eating out (or ordering in… more likely) and going to be and sleeping in – for Chicago is 1 hour behind us.

I should drink plenty of liquids today, though – for the flight.

Pregnant Bloat, Revised

5 Jul

Okay, so I took another picture today – once I de-bloated. On the left – me, yesterday (9w1d), after eating a peach. I spent a few hours in pure agony, so bloated I literally could not stand, sit, or lay still. It felt like my intestines were being open with a sharp knife. Slowly. Even this morning, I was still in pain, until I succeeded in getting rid of the bloat by visiting the washroom.

On the right – me now, at about 7 pm on the following day (9w2d). I am a bit bloated – but not in pain. Yes, there is a bit of a bump going on – but I certainly don’t look pregnant now. Just not as slim as I used to 🙂

I have to wave good-bye to peaches, melons, grapes – and maybe something else until better times.

PS I started to wear dresses every day. They are the only thing that don’t add to my tortures when I get bloated. Thank god I have enough dresses – and a lot of them a size bigger than needed!

My Bloat (Photo)

4 Jul

my pregnant bloat

I was too quick to celebrate bloat’s going away. I made a grave mistake: I ate a peach. Peaches always make me bloat. But bloat while pregnancy is UBER-BLOAT.

So I took a picture for all of you to see what I complain about when I say I am tortured by my intestines about to blow up.

I am 9w1d. This is my belly. This is not a pregnancy bump – this is a painful pregnancy bloat.

Time is Relative

4 Jul

“Only 3 more weeks until I am off progesterone” – that’s what I said yesterday and, all of a sudden, realized that my time perspective is changing.

Only recently, I was living from one cycle day to another. Only recently, the two-week-wait was unbearably long. Only recently, the 2 weeks from one ultrasound to another felt like an eternity.

And, all of a sudden, at 9 weeks I am starting to feel a bit more sure. A bit less worried about the upcoming u/s next week on Wednesday (1.5 weeks away!!!). A bit less impatient for the second trimester to start, to be off progesterone – and to reveal the secret of our pregnancy to the world. Now it’s “only” 3 weeks away. I can wait.

I started thinking of the nursery. I got a looking-after-a-newborn book from my friend. I am imagining our life with the baby, feeling a bit sad it will be the coldest month of the year – February.

I am still scared that something still might get wrong. But it feels now more like “anything can go wrong anytime” – like a brick can fall on my head and kill me, I can’t protect myself against that. I don’t feel a heightened risk of the early weeks anymore. Perhaps, wrongfully so – but that’s how I feel. And I think I am thankful for feeling such inner peace.

Oh, and the bloat was almost absent over these past 2-3 days. Maybe, for good? I sure hope so 🙂 Anyway… 3 more weeks until we move into the next stage 🙂

9 Weeks (or Camping When on Progesterone)

3 Jul

We’re 9 weeks today! Apparently, we’re a whole inch long, and we have earlobes and teeth are starting to form – how cute!

We took our little embryo camping this weekend. Some burgers, camp fires, dipping in very cold St. Lawrence waters (no swimming seemed possible – dipping was all I could handle, so cold it was).

Let me tell you, progesterone is no fun when camping. The logistics are just horrible. The washroom is a few minutes away from your site, and when you wake up in the middle of the night to pee – you wake to also get rid of all the progesterone clogging your… uhm… @ss-hole. Well, what can I say? I had to find a spot in the bushes and arm myself with wet wipes. And then hand-sanitizer. Urgh. There was NO WAY I could carry all that pee and progesterone (or wax) all the way to the washroom in the middle of the night. And I did not enjoy behaving like a savage.

And then I was worried the smells might attract some wild life and I was lying there listening to some creatures walking around our tent (raccoons, I guess).

I am glad that by our next camping (a month away) I will be off progesterone. Can hardly wait! 3 weeks to go!