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11 weeks

18 Aug

According to my self-proclaimed EDD, today marks 11 weeks.

I found one more reason to go for c-section: in the hospitals, priority is given to c-sections and twins, when distributing single-rooms. I would really hate sharing a room with another sleepless baby and never-ending stream of nurses not only to my and baby’s beds – but to theirs, too.

As I was pushing the stroller towards a nearby playground, wearing my new maternity capri jeans, I all of a sudden realized that I seem to have found my peace. I felt so blissfully pregnant in that moment, in sink with the budding life inside my belly, a happy momma waiting for an addition to the family.

I think I finally fully believe that I am pregnant, we’ll have a baby in early March, and the absence of spotting over the past 4-5 days helps me breathe.

I think it took me much longer to relax with the first pregnancy – probably the twice-a-day progesterone suppositories were a powerful reminder of my malfunctioning body. I think having gotten pregnant on my own this time around, it is easier to believe in the abilities of your own reproductive system.

I don’t trust my system enough to attempt natural birth, though. I did not enjoy the pain, too (I couldn’t get an epidural for ages). And I am not the type that embraces epidural-free natural birth. That simply is not for me. Maybe my pain is stronger than that of an average woman, maybe I am a wuss, whatever the reason is – I don’t think I want to experience that again.

Oh, and the memories of the size of my baby boy (10 pounds) – and his head, especially (36 cm) gives me chills to this day. THIS was trying to get through WHERE???..

Anyhow. I am happy with my newly found peace. I hope it stays with me.

Maternity Clothes

17 Aug

Went shopping today. No, all of my pants still close on me easily – but when I sit for a long time, they cut in and hurt. I guess because all of them are lower rise (not too low-rise… that would not be appropriate for my age/job title :))

So went to an outlet mall close by and bought 3 pairs of maternity jeans (one capri), 3 summer dresses, and a few shirts. All of that for $120, taxes in. Not bad, eh?

Last time I didn’t want to spend almost anything while pregnant. This time around I know that I will be wearing my maternity pants for a few months after delivery – as well the long shirts (hence I bought shirts that double as nursing tops).

The summer dresses are mostly for our planned vacation in late fall.

While trying the clothes on, I stuffed the provided belly-pillow in my jeans – and it felt like such a strong deja vu! If it weren’t for Timothy, staring at me from his stroller, this would have been too weird I think.

Anyway… I am so happy to have capri jeans to wear now while it’s still hot – and they won’t cut into my lower abdomen!!!

Told my Boss

15 Aug

Informed my boss today that I am pregnant.

Tomorrow her 2.5 week vacation starts, so I feared that while she’s away, my pregnancy will have become too noticeable and… well, your boss should find from you, not from office gossips!

I’ve been trying to talk to her since Tuesday and finally managed to get a few minutes with her today. I think she was too overwhelmed with all the workload before vacation – so other than congratulating me, she didn’t really know what to say,

Well, in any case, the cat is out of the bag. Our families know, my boss knows… I’ll share the news with colleagues next week (I’m off tomorrow). So maybe I should share it with the whole wide world already. Idk. Something doesn’t let me.

It’s not like I have any specific milestone in mind: like an ultrasound or an official end of the first trimester. I just hesitate, for no obvious reason – but at the same time I burst to share. I think I will share, soon. Next week probably – after I announce to colleagues. Cause it might be awkward if they find out fro facebook, you know 🙂

I haven’t seen my spotting for the past couple of days. I guess that’s putting more weight on the “let’s tell everyone” side of scale…

First Gyno Appointment

12 Aug

Had my first Gyno appointment today.

We had some discussion around c-section vs VBAC. When kids are less than 2 years apart, they pretty much force you into c-section. Our kids will be just a bit over 2 years apart – so I have the choice. But for the VBAC, there’s not stimulation. So if, like last time, I don’t go into labour on my own – and if my labour isn’t progressing – I might have to suffer through very, very long labour. And, chances are my next baby will be just as big, if not bigger.

Bottom line, she says if I don’t feel very strongly about vaginal birth, there’s no reason risking it. I have time to decide until my next appointment in 4 weeks. Because apparently c-sections have to be scheduled that far in advance! Shock.

I got my referral to the down syndrome ultrasound – which we hope will help us establish my EDD. According to my cycle, the EDD is March 2. According to my calculations – it’s March 9. We need to know to book the c-section appropriately.

And the doppler revealed a beautiful heartbeat. I wasn’t sure if we’ll hear it today – I read that at 10 weeks it might be picked up only if you’re very slim. Well, I guess I am very slim 🙂

The Gyno smiled and said “hmmm, I think a girl”.

The heart was beating really fast.

And the whole experience of sitting in that waiting room again, less that 18 months since my last time, somehow made this whole pregnancy that much more real. Discussing birth. Hearing the heartbeat. Sitting among humongously pregnant women.

I am pregnant, people. I am pregnant.

I wonder if I might be ready to start sharing the news with the family.

Need Your Opinion

15 Jul

Need your opinion on this “pregnancy announcement” video I made. Our friends and family  are scattered across the globe in different time zones, so we were thinking how to best break the news. And thought of sending a video link – first to the closest family (e.g parents), then to further relatives and friends. I am not sure about facebook announcements, but that is unimportant at the moment.

Could you please watch the video and share your feedback? I still have the time to edit it.

PS I promise I won’t be posting 3 posts a day very often – sorry for over-messaging :))

Sweet Tooth Gone?

15 Jul

I realized: since I got pregnant, I lost interest in sweets. I used to have the longest, biggest sweet tooth in the world. Chocolate? Pastries? Pies? Bring it on – no matter how full I am, I will always find a place in my stomach for desert. And now I realized that lately I just don’t crave desert.

To be sure, there is no aversion – give me a pastry and I’ll eat it. But I don’t get that mad light in my eyes, with a sole thought flashing at the back of my head “chocolate croissant, chocolate croissant, chocolate croissant”.

I don’t crave sweets any longer. I crave smoked salmon. Or babaganoush (sp?). Or sandwich thickly layered with mayo. Or even (urh) burgers. But not sweets. I lost my interest in them.

It is indescribably weird for me. No more crazy runs to convenience store to buy a jar of nutella. And even no baking!

Weird. As it is, I cooked a huge pot of soup to last a few days, and right away ate a bowl – and got myself a second helping. Such are my preferences these days…

Maternity Benefits

15 Jul

I called Service Canada today to find out the situation with maternity benefits. It’s pretty straightforward for most people: you get 50 weeks of paid matleave, the employer holds you place for you in the meanwhile. If you earned more than 22K in the 26 weeks preceding your mat leave, and worked for more than 600 hours in the previous 52 weeks, then you get $468 per week (minus taxes) for those 50 weeks. Or about $1700/month – net.

But for me, it’s very complicated. I was on unemployment insurance in April and May this year. Because of that, they calculate my insurable hours not for the whole 52 weeks prior to matleave – but only from the day I got off the unemployment. So I will have 7-8 months. Now, I work 3 days a week – that’s 22.5 hours a week. It looks like – if I don’t skip any days – I will have about 630 hours to claim. I can barely make it there! But I probably will. I will try and negotiate shuffling my workdays around to accommodate for the planned vacation (instead of taking days off, move them to week before/after vacation).

Also, since I am on contract, my employer won’t have to hold my job for me – so I won’t have anywhere to go back to once my 50 weeks of matleave are up. And – great news! – it looks like I will be able to then convert my matleave into regular unemployment benefits for another 18 weeks at same $1700 per month. This should give me enough time to look for a job – while still feeling financially secure.

So now my focus is on accumulating enough hours. I just hope they won’t fire me once they find out I am pregnant. If I were full-time, I wouldn’t worry (it’s illegal to fire someone for being pregnant), but since I’m on contract and have been there for less than 2 months… I don’t feel too secure. Oh well. I’ll have to wait and see.

At least it looks like everything should be fine.

And anyhow, the main thing is I am pregnant and we will have a baby. We can figure out whatever else might happen.