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12 Weeks

26 Aug

12 weeks. End of trimester one, according to some sources.

Bump is definitely here – cannot suck it in any longer. It’s not big, but definitely there.

I am in a hurry to get my share of sleeping on my belly while I still can. It already is getting a bit uncomfortable. I already need to bend a knee, propping myself up a bit to the side.

Boobs are sore. Now. It’s weird. Last time the growth and soreness happened much, much earlier and was gone by this time. Boobs are definitely getting bigger, too.

Am not as tired all the time, but physical activity exhausts me – like spending an hour at a playground with Timothy. Cause I have to climb with him everywhere. And go down some of the taller slides with him.

I wonder what we’re having? A boy or a girl?

I wonder what the new baby will be like. An easy baby like Timothy? A nightmare with colic, gas, teeth, rashes, etc?

I am still trying to shake off that deja vu feeling. I am pregnant again. Just as I started working – again. Expecting a baby in late winter – again. The matleave months will be almost the same. I have to keep reminding myself that this is not a repeat of Timothy. It’s a new baby – and Timothy is an additional factor in this whole scenario.

I will have two kids. I will have to learn to juggle them. To figure out how to get quality time with them both. The sleeping arrangements. The daycare pickup while having the new baby – perhaps sleeping or whaling or whatever. I never got out of the house if Timothy was cranky. I’ll have to now.

It’s a whole different game now which I don’t know how to play – yet.

Good thing I have 6 more months.


22 Aug

Had my NT scan ultrasound.

The appointment was 1.5 hours late. And it was SOOOOO cold in the waiting room I was practically shivering! The u/s tech gave me a sheet to wrap around my shoulders once I came in for the u/s.

I won’t know the results until I see my doctor in 2.5 weeks.

All I know is that when the tech turned the monitor towards me in the end of the u/s – my baby waved at me 🙂

Things I Miss

22 Jul

So far, there aren’t many things I miss.

I still eat deli meats – if I am the one buying them in the store, checking their best before date. I won’t buy a sandwich, though.

I still drink coffee occasionally – maybe 2-3 cups a week, and most of the time I don’t even finish my cup. I read that 1 cup a day is totally normal.

I haven’t drank wine in a while, but I promised myself I won’t go crazy over this issue – if there is a party, I will have half a glass or so. Just make sure it’s not on empty stomach and it’s stretched over the evening.

So as it is, the only thing I really miss is sushi. Yeah, I still can have the grilled eel sushi, the crab ones, the vegetarian… But it’s not quite the same! If I were in Japan where you’re guaranteed to have fresh fish, I probably wouldn’t have stopped even eating sushi. But being deep inland in Toronto… I make piece eating my smoked salmon sandwiches (fresh baguette, butter, smoked salmon… mmmm…)

I still struggle with dairy consumption. I just can’t consume as much dairy as I am supposed to. I don’t like dairy. It is still a puzzle for me…

Welcome to Hell

21 Jul

It’s hell here today. The hottest day on record or so. It’s 38 degrees (101 Fahrenheit) in SHADOW. With humidex – feels like 48. And there is a strong wind. Hot wind. You know how when you open an oven, a wave of hot air hits your face? That’s the wind we have here today.

It’s insane. I have never experienced such intense heat in Canada. My air conditioner is unable to lower the temperature below 78 degrees. Yeah, it gets lower during the night, but with the sun out – forget it.

I’ll take 78 and NORMAL humidity. That definitely beats the 101 heat (which really feels like 121, humidity taken into account) with the scorching wind.


The buses barely cope with the heat. The a/c is on, but since the bus has to open its doors every few minutes to let the passengers in/out – it barely helps.

“Welcome to hell”, – said the ticket guy at the ticketing booth in the subway.

And it ain’t getting much better anytime soon.

Time Started to Fly?

20 Jul

When I was TTC, time was CRAW-LING. Every cycle day was marked and labeled and researched. The 2ww was excruciating.

Then I got pregnant. Pregnancy starts with the same 2-week-waits all the time – that’s how often you get your ultrasounds. And that’s how often you get reassured all is well.

Pregnancy starts with the goal of making it to the relative safety of second trimester. I quickly calculated that I will be 12 weeks in the end of July. “Good – I thought – the announcement will be a welcome present for my mom’s bday”. And then I set this thought aside: end of July felt light years away.

Until I realized today that it already is the 20th. That my mom’s bday is next week. That I will be 12 weeks this Sunday. That my nuchal is next Thursday.

I am shocked. I cannot believe end of July is already here. I cannot believe soon we will be sharing the news.

I hope  the nuchal u/s will be fine…

Tastes and Preferences Changing

19 Jul

I mentioned earlier that I stopped craving sweets. Pastries, croissants, cakes, ice-cream… I couldn’t care less. Smoked salmon on a piece of bread spread with butter? Yes, please!

I used to have light breakfasts. Like yogurts with a small piece of bread. Now? All I can think of is BAGEL AND CREAM CHEESE!!! And the bagel has to be toasted, of course.

I used to drink lots of tea in the morning. Now I hate the taste of it, no matter what tea and what flavour. I can only drink tea now if there is a piece of lemon in it. And sugar.

Yes, I don’t want to eat sweets anymore, but I want to drink sweets! Sweet tea. Orange juice. I never drank juices. I expelled all pop and juices from my diet years ago – for it adds sugar and calories without making you feel full. Making you fat, sneakingly. And now all I can think of in the morning is orange juice.

My lunches remained fairly unchanged – whatever leftovers I bring. But if I go out to buy something, I tend to be tempted by pizzas and such… I never used to eat junk!!! How many things changed…

I used to crave sweets in the afternoon. At 3 pm I used to start going mad, dreaming of chocolates or cookies. Not anymore – now all I want is a big juicy orange. Or mango.

In the evening I used to eat a big bowl of salad – and that was it. Not salad is not enough. I will also eat a smoked salmon sandwich or two or four. And a fruit. And drink a huge glass of chocolate milk. Although the last one I drink because I need to get my calcium, not because I like milk.

So… I guess I crave breads, mostly. Bagels, pizzas, sandwiches… And since I could be more accurately described as the one with diarrhea (as opposed to the majority of constipated pregnant women(, I guess bread is exactly what I need to normalize my bowel movements.

If you are still reading, I am amused that you found my dietary details so interesting – and I thank you for your attention 🙂

What Babies Want?

18 Jul

I googled a lot yesterday and made a list of all the things we will need for the baby’s arrival. The list is loooooong. Some of the words were new to me (what’s a vest? what’s a babygro? – google images helped me…)

Next step – I am going to google how much all this stuff costs.

Yeah, I know – some stuff I’ll get for baby shower, some will be hand-me-downs from recent moms. But I want to have a full picture nonetheless. To know. To be prepared.

Then I will have to start looking into specifics. How to choose a carseat, how to choose a stroller. Other items that are important to research (mattress, perhaps?)

I am stepping into a totally unfamiliar territory here. I doubt my mom could help much, last time she had a baby was 32 years ago. My sis? Perhaps. But then she leaves in Russia. It might be quite different.

Oh well… no matter whom I ask, the decisions will have to be ours.