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12 Weeks

24 Jul

Somehow I am not very certain today. All symptoms are gone. No more bloating, no more breast pains, no more round ligament pains. The only thing left – sleepiness. 10 pm is my bedtime. Like when I was 7 years old. I know, many symptoms are supposed to disappear, second trimester is supposed to be the golden time. But I thought second trimester starts at 14 weeks?14 weeks for 1st, 13 weeks for 2nd, 13 for the third trimester – 40 in total?

I am anxiously waiting for my nuchal u/s this coming Thursday. To see the baby, the heartbeat, the movements – and, of course, to find out whether everything is okay genetics-wise. Last u/s the baby was 3 days behind. Will the fears ever subside?..

I guess I will be restless then until I start to feel the kicks… Now that I graduated from the fertility clinic, there won’t be u/s every other week any longer.

I don’t know when we will have the nuchal u/s results. The same day? The following day? A week later? I know those will be preliminary results, there will be blood tests a few weeks later, but even after the u/s they give chances of Daune (sp?) syndrome. We decided to wait breaking the news to our families until after we got those probabilities.

I don’t know why I feel so down and blue. I hope it passes soon. I hope Thursday will be great.