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First Kicks?

20 Aug

I think I am starting to really feel the baby.

First time I thought I felt something, I was 12w1d. At the time I felt as if a small bubble turned around its axe at the top of my uterus. Gas doesn’t turn around – gas always moves along intestines. But being a first-time mom, I wasn’t sure.

I had a few occasions last weekend when I though I felt the baby. It felt, indeed, like people describe it: once again, somewhere where the top of my uterus is, small touches like with a butterfly’s wing. But I wasn’t sure.

But yesterday and this morning I felt something much more pronounced, like little kicks. Like pokes, only gentle. They weren’t at the very top of my uterus but slightly to the right – although they definitely were at the front of my stomach. I am fairly sure that it’s my uterus that’s at the front of my stomach – and the intestines behind it?

Anyway, except for that first time at 12w1d, I only seem to feel my baby when I lie down.

But I really do think that I am starting to feel my baby! Exciting 🙂

Not Much Happening

19 Aug

Huh, I haven’t posted for a few days. Odd (for me).

Not much is happening, though.

Today I had a blood test – that’s the second part of that prenatal screening for down syndrome (the first part was the ultrasound I had 3 weeks ago – has it really been that long?!)

There was a small hiccup – the form that I had was for the hospital; it turns out for a normal blood lab you need a different form. Thankfully, I was next door to my fertility clinic, so I dashed there and they gave me a different form. I have to say they look worried when they saw me (thought something’s wrong, I would guess), and looked very happy when they realised all is well.

There was also a couple who brought their 2-week-old baby to show them, so nice 😉

Yesterday I found out it’s hard for me to stand without moving. I need to keep shifting my weight – otherwise the RLP hits my badly.

I am also getting breathless. Climbing stairs to the second floor at work (and we have VERY high ceilings) is” breath-taking” now. I think soon I will give up and start taking the elevator. Even though it’s very slow.

On the bright side, I am less tired and sleepy. I am going to bed a bit later now. My mood improved tremendously, I don’t snarl at people for no reason at all (which was happening now and then in the first trimester – I surprised even myself).

I got the ‘baby bargains’ book from the library today. It’s a bit outdated – from 2009 – but I think it should be fine. I see no reason buying a book like this.

I watched ‘lost in translation’ today – never saw it before. I didn’t get it. What was it about? What was the idea? What was the message? Very slow movie without an idea, a culmination… without anything, really. Or maybe I just missed it all.

On the way home from the blood lab I went into a cafe, ordered a huge gelato portion and sat there, finishing my book. That was nice.

Anyway, see – nothing really new to report 😉

Just how active can/should I be?

16 Aug

I work 3 days a week. I have wed and fri free. I really want to take illustration classes – and there is a couple I am interested in, and they both happen to run back to back on Wed – from 2 to 5 and from 6 to 9. But I worry – would it be too much? Sitting in classrooms from 2 to 9, coming home around 10 – until mid-December (I will be 7 months then)?

I also want to join a yoga class. There’s one on Monday, right after work. There’s one on Saturday in the morning. Would it be too much to join both?

And I still have Fridays free – if I start swimming on Fridays for an hour or so – would all of these be waaay over the top?..

Baby’s Heart!

15 Aug

Today I heard my baby’s heart for the first time!

In the fertility clinic, there was something wrong with the u/s machine’s sound – and in the hospital I guess they just cannot be bothered with something as insignificant as letting listen to the heart. So I never heard it.

Today was my first ob-gyn appointment. Despite lots of negative comments that I read about her online, I liked her. The secretary was thorough and as nice as worked-down doctor’s secretary could be. I saw a patient dropping by just to give her some coffee!

The doctor also seemed nice, I didn’t feel like she was trying to rush me out the door like so many people online mentioned. I guess I didn’t have a myriad of questions?..

Anyway, she told me the only pain I should worry about is menstrual-like cramps that happen every hour or more frequent. Everything else are normal pregnancy aches and pains, nothing to be done about them.

This Friday I am to go get the blood test done – which would be the second part of the NT test.

And in about 3 weeks I will have the anatomy u/s – where, hopefully, we’ll find the baby’s gender.

They want me to go to the hospital again, but they don’t tell you ANYTHING there. Not even the gender. So I think I’ll go to a normal u/s laboratory.

Oh, and the day I had my NT u/s? My baby measured 3 days ahead. So all the worries of the u/s before then that the baby was 3 days behind were for no reason. I guess it’s just the way this is 🙂

PS Wore my maternity jeans to works today – HEAVEN!

Maternity Clothes

14 Aug

I finally did it! Went to an outlet mall today and bought 2 pairs of maternity jeans (I don’t have dress code at work, so I expect this should suffice as far as pants are concerned, unless my ass doubles in size).

OMG, they’re sooooooo comfy! And they fit nicely around my belly bump 🙂 And there’s room for belly growth, too – they have these belly inserts in the store, so that you can try it on as if you were much further down the pregnancy path.

So I put this pillow in my pants, pulled the shirt down, looked in the mirror and… a huge dumb smile spread all over my face. For how many years I’ve been dying to see this! Myself, very pregnant 🙂

Very cool!

I also bought a couple of shirts in a non-maternity store. They were roomy and cute and very cheap 🙂

I feel so excited!

15 weeks

14 Aug

“Although her eyelids are still fused shut, she can sense light. If you shine a flashlight at your tummy, for instance, she’s likely to move away from the beam”

Now isn’t that just frigging amazing???

15 weeks. Feels like so many!

I am having my first ob-gyn appointment tomorrow. We shall see if I like her. If not – I’ll try to go back to the ob-gyn I was seeing before, the one that referred me to the fertility clinic. He’s a bit further away (I used to work close to his office), but I like him. He’s calm and thorough and attentive and gentle. And the secretary is quick and friendly. We’ll see.

On Friday, I was stuck in traffic behind a car that had a huge stuffed monkey under the back window. And all of a sudden it hit me: that will be our car in a few months! There will be toys stuffed there, too!

Little revelations like this one never cease to amaze me.