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16 weeks, Kicking

27 Sep

I am 16w5d.

The bay is KICKING! Well, kicking is not the right word, but I feel it every day doing tiny somersaults inside me. It’s a familiar and unfamiliar feeling at the same time – it reminds me of Timothy, but then I have much sharper memories of big Timothy stretching my belly every which way. I don’t really remember these tiny flutters (although now that I am feeling them on a daily basis, I am more sure than ever that what I felt at 12 weeks was the baby, and not a figment of my imagination).

My anatomy scan is scheduled in less than 2 weeks – I hope we will find out what we’re having. Hubby hopes for a girl, while I don’t really care either way. Timothy is so awesome that I wouldn’t mind having another one like him 🙂

My c-section is booked, too – in early March. I was surprised they booked it only 4 days before my EDD. But then I was relieved, too. See, I felt very uncomfortable with the idea of evicting the baby before the baby is ready. I also think that the longer the baby stays in, the bigger the baby gets, the bigger their stomach gets, the more they can eat at a time – and the longer they can sleep at a time. That’s my theory. So I was worrying about evicting the baby before it’s time. But 4 days shouldn’t make much difference – and, well, if the baby decided it is time before then – so be it. It will still be a c-section, just an emergency one, right?

Since I started taking liquid iron supplements, life has changed. I am alive, I am not in bed until 10:30 pm, I have energy to go to the playground with Timothy every day after daycare, for about 40 minutes before it’s dinner time… All in all, I feel great.

I am showing more and more. The belly is very pronounced when I sit. You know how with a fat belly when you sit down it all kind of… folds? I hated that about my postpartum body 🙂 Well, now it most definitely sticks out and gets nice and round when I sit. Yesterday someone offered me their seat on the streetcar.

The funny thing I still don’t fully understand I am expecting another baby. I still have this deja vu feeling, as if I am pregnant all over again with Timothy (even though the 19-month old Timothy is running around me in circles). I am half-expecting to have the same labour experience, same-looking baby, same way to spend the matleave… It’s weird. I have to prepare myself that this is a different baby. It might be very different, for all I know – not sleeping, being colicky, etc. I should prepare myself for that!

I am in a rush to “live life” before I am caught in the breastfeeding cycle again. Going out for a dinner and movie with a friend today, picnic tomorrow, hiking on Sunday… A spa day planned, want to go see Les Miserables musical with hubby, take a dancing class, have a girls night in cooking party… I have a whole list of things I wanna do while I can, relatively easy 🙂

There are some work-related worries on my mind, but that’s a whole other post, I’ll share some other time…

All in all, this pregnancy – unlike the first one, seems to be moving soooo fast!

Calcium, Pacifier, and Movement

27 Aug

The bliss of the second trimester.

I am feeling great. I am – finally – full of energy. I feel like dancing and singing. And I sing. Sometimes a lot.

My appetite is definitely growing. I might have gained another pound or two, so total gain so far is around 6 pounds. Although the first two pounds went all into boobs, I am sure.

Bought calcium supplements yesterday. Seriously, how on earth am I supposed to have 3-4 servings of milk?! I rarely drink even one. I find milk quite disgusting. And overall, I prefer drinking water and tea – I believe that drinks add unnecessary calories and sugars without making you feel full. I gave up all pop and juices years ago – and happily maintain my weight while eating pretty much as I please.

So hopefully the calcium supplements will help – as the baby is going through a growth spurt right now. Of course, the calcium is for me: the baby will get what it needs. It’s me who might end up toothless if I don’t consume enough calcium.

I also started spreading cream religiously all over my belly and my sides, morning and evening – just as I used to spend time with progesterone suppositories twice a day. Only this is muuuuuch more pleasant 😉 My friend told me she’s been oiling her belly, only to end up with stretch marks on the sides. Which she never thought to oil. So I am spreading the cream all over. I hope I got my mom’s genes – she doesn’t have stretch marks.

Round Ligament Pains plague me every now and then. It even woke me up this night – I guess I might have turned awkwardly in my sleep.

I already need to put something under my belly when lying on my side. Belly looks the biggest when I am on my side – muscles are too stretched to hold it in any way, so the belly sort of lies next to me. Very weird. And uncomfortable if not supported.

Got a small gift yesterday: a bottle and two pacifiers. So now I have 3 baby items: a onesie, a bottle, and a pacifier! Exciting 🙂 Hubby said “well, we’re ready for baby’s arrival now, we have all that’s really needed” :))

Baby moves a few times a day. Very cute. Often when I wake up in the middle of the night to go pee, I feel it’s moving. I read once that babies tend to sleep during the day, rocked to sleep by mothers walking, and wake up at night, when the mother is at rest.

I love being pregnant. I enjoy every minute of it. I love my changing body. This is all I wanted for so many years.

Pregnancy Artbook – Dreams of Growing a Huge Belly

26 Aug

Another illustration from my pregnancy artbook: dreams of growing a huge belly 🙂

This one swings both ways: if you aren’t pregnant, you dream of becoming pregnant.

If you are pregnant – in the early stage (like me) – you dream of a huge belly. Of being really-truly-noticeable pregnant 🙂

Pregnancy Artbook - Dreaming of growing a huge belly

Acrobatics Begin

23 Aug

On my way home today, my baby was super-active for about 10 minutes.

I sat in the streetcar, feeling my baby doing lunges (the way it felt), rubbing my belly in response, smiling foolishly, happily.

It was awesome.

I love my baby 🙂

Baby Bump In Progress

23 Aug

Here are my baby bump pics from 6, 10, and 14 weeks.

The 6-to-10 progress is slight, but it’s there. The 10-to-14 progress is much more obvious.

All pics were taken in mornings, when I was not bloated from progesterone suppositories (even now, at 16 weeks, I am smaller than on some of those progesterone-bloated days… man, did it hurt!)

Preggo Bump at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, and 14 weeks

First Baby Outfit, First Pregnancy Question

22 Aug

Last week I had a business lunch with someone I used to do business with in my previous job. They’re interested in getting business from me in my new position. We got talking, and I shared my pregnancy news, and he showed me pics of his 7-month, and…

This morning I discovered a parcel, inside which was a cute white onesie, branded with their logo. And it’s the first baby item we got! So unexpectedely, who would’ve though the first one would come from a business partner 😉

I got also asked today for the first time whether I am pregnant. I guess it is showing prominently enough now that the woman wasn’t afraid to pose the question (and to hear “no, I am just fat” ;))

16 Weeks

21 Aug

Oh, and by the way I am 16 weeks today. Time starts to feel like it’s flying. I feel like more and more often I post these “turning another week” posts.

My baby is developing its ears – he might be hearing me already!

It’s about to go through a growth spurt, doubling in size and weight over the next 3 weeks (wow – I’d better increase my dairy intake!!!).

Overall, I am feeling very happy and waaay more positive and confident than in the first trimester, as the chances of something going wrong diminish.

Not all of it is all that fantastic, though, even in the ‘golden’ second trimester.

I can definitely feel how fast my baby’s growing and just how bad my abdominal muscles are. I should have exercised before I got pregnant. Now it’s too late – every time I overexert myself even a little bit, I get horrendous round ligament pains (like attempting being on the top while having sex… TMI, I know). At times, the pain lasts for a few hours and during those I can’t find a pose that doesn’t hurt. I am planning to go next week and look for those pregnancy abdominal support belts – or those specialty tights for pregnant women, to take some of the womb pressure of those poor muscles.

Well, that should take care of those debilitating pains.

All in all, I am starting to visualize the nursery, imagine how it will be once the baby is around (reading books about raising and caring for a baby are tremendous help!), and it’s great.

My belly shows more and more. I like the way my t-shirt rides up my belly and my trainers – below my belly (I am talking about my home attire here, LOL). I just love the way it looks, the whole package – the huge breasts covered in blue veins, the belly that’s getting rounder and shinier and more pronounced, the increasing slowness and clumsiness.  Those are all fantastic metamorphoses.

And today I noticed the little sort of mustache that I used to have (as most women with PCOS do) almost disappeared – the hairs gut lighter, shorter, less noticeable. No more testosterone overload for the pregnant woman! 🙂

Oooh! The baby just kicked again! It was quiet all day today, but have been doing a lot of kicking for the past 5 minutes as I am writing this 🙂 Now, that’s the most amazing part of it all. I love my baby. I love being pregnant. I love being so happily looking into the future (and waiting for winter with excitement – now that’s a first! :))))