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Show Time

14 May

Beware: I am sharing some musings on sexual intercourse here…

CD14. After yesterday’s trigger shot, today-tomorrow is the ovulation time to be spent copulating. Let’s copulate to populate, haha…

I never noticed before (perhaps because I rarely ovulated before) that sexual desire goes sky-high around the ovulation time. And orgasms come faster and more intense.

I also wonder: I was told that I have a retroverted uterus. In plane language, that means: tipped towards my spine, as opposed to normal tipped-forward towards the bladder position. Anyhow, the question is: does gravity help me more because of this? Will lying on my back for 20 minutes after the intercourse increase my chances?

I always worry about staying in bed for too long after the intercourse. Last year, I had 3 cases of UTI (urinary tract infection). Apparently, those are nicknamed “the honeymooners’ disease” because they often come from having too much sex and too little and infrequent peeing. So now I tend to try and visit the bathroom right before and right after, just as the doctor prescribed.

So you see, I wonder a lot. The good thing is that I don’t worry a lot. For whatever reason, this cycle I am in a relaxed “whatever” state of mind. Last cycle, the idea of 2ww was killing me. This cycle? Whatever…

Ouchful Friday

13 May


I love how this cycle the dates are the same as cycle days. Easy to navigate.

Blood drawing: was very painful this morning. I guess I should’ve given her another arm for a change.

Ultrasound: my large follicle grew to become 2.0 cm. The rest fell behind.

So they triggered the ovulation (another ouch) and told me to not have sex today, but to have sex tomorrow and on Sunday.  And to come back on Monday to confirm the ovulation.

Then I spent a lot of time walking around. Yet another ouch. I haven’t worn these shoes since fall, and I got all blistered.

Mmmm. I hope my nipples won’t be sore the whole 2ww like they were in the last cycle. Sigh. We shall see..


12 May

Last cycle, due to my vacation, I wasn’t able to start daily monitoring until CD13 – at which point I had one large follicle (1.8 cm) and plenty small ones.

Today – it’s CD12 – the picture is similar. The two follicles that they found 2 days ago (1.3 and 1.5 cm) aren’t growing at quite the same pace. One got nice and big today – 1.8 cm (the ultrasound tech showed it to me on her screen – huge black circle, very cool), but the other one remained relatively small at 1.4 cm.

Judging by my cervical fluids, my body isn’t planning to ovulate anytime soon – but then, over the previous year, my body didn’t ovulate at all, stretching my poor ovaries from within with all the accumulated follicles that never got to release their eggs).

I am to come back tomorrow and we’ll see what’s happening with the follicles. Probably they’ll give me an ovulation-triggering shot and then it’ll be rabbit-sex time. And the 2ww.

Overall – pretty much like the previous cycle. I wonder, why is it that I get only one follicle worth harvesting? Perhaps, the Femara drug dose is too low? (Femara is like clomid). I thought the whole point of Femara is to grow more follicles – more opportunities?

But then I heard that many women do not respond to the drug at all, never growing even one follicle worth harvesting. So maybe I am not doing all that bad.


I am off to my interview with a faculty at the college I am trying to enroll into – and then to my mosaic class!

–°reative Immersion

11 May

I started an art book. What is an art book? It’s a notepad where you paint, draw and glue in puctures, words, texts, thoughts, etc. The result looks kind of like this (but I saw some much, MUCH better):

Copyright Hannap

I read a lot about them, appreciating the beauty and creativity of it, but I kept wondering: what, exactly, is their purpose?

I kept on reading and I figured the following:

  • It’s a convenient way to collect and save ideas. Patterns from magazines, creative thoughts, examples of interesting fonts… whatever catches your eye
  • It makes you exercise your layout and composition skills. On each page, you make decisions on the background, choice of elements, their layout, etc.
  • Third, and most important one (I discovered this one only once I opened a notepad and started working on one): it evolves your creativity. It makes you think, it makes you generate ideas, it sends you searching for associations and thought fragments

The idea is to have a few art books going on at once, each one dedicated to a certain theme. It’s best to pick an abstract theme. A theme like “clouds” or “human figures” would quickly become a catalogue of pictures. It makes you collect things, and work on their layout, but not create.

If you choose something like “happiness” or “freedom” or whatever else interests you – then your spreads will be creative ones. Each one with an idea to it, a creative idea, a thought behind the pictures. And a book, in its whole, will become an exploration into a certain topic.

I am absolutely ecstatic. I arranged my desk yesterday, all the paints, brushes, scissors. I collected all the old magazines from all 3 floors of our house. I started cutting out pieces, writing down ideas, preparing backgrounds for the spreads. And I started working on my first art book.

Its theme? Pregnancy, of course. I have so much to “say” on the topic, I feel I won’t have any problem filling the pages out.

I feel creative. My brain is bursting with ideas that my hands aren’t quick enough to even jot down, forget about fulfill. I feel happy.

Monitoring Begins

10 May

CD10 today – went to the clinic for some magic wand-poking and blood drawing.

They say I have two promising follicles on the left side (again on the left side, as in the last cycle!) – of 1.3 cm and 1.5 cm. Not bad for CD10, not bad at all! They gave me a ‘day off’ tomorrow, to come back on Thursday.

The ultrasound tech told me “we’ll turn you into a mummy very soon!” – and it really caught me off-guard. I don’t know why, all of a sudden a realization hit me – just how hard it’s going to be – being a mom. My whole life will change. I won’t belong to myself quite in the same way anymore. Am I really, truly ready??? I got cold feet.

Weird how these things happen, you know – after TTC-ing for over a year…


9 May

For whatever reason, I feel serene. I feel a serene kind of love towards my husband, I serenely accepted the interview time and date for a continuing education program I applied for, I serenely spend my time with my crafty hobbies.

And I feel serene about my cycle. Today is CD9. Tomorrow the clinic will start monitoring me towards my ovulation.

Of course, I wanna get pregnant. But I don’t get all rattled up questioning and wondering whether I will get pregnant THIS cycle.

Somehow I have a serene feeling that I will get pregnant soon enough, I just need to wait.

I feel serene. And weird.