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19 weeks!

11 Sep

Really? 19 weeks already? And the newsletter – for whatever reason – says I’m halfway there. Um, I thought pregnancy is 40 weeks – so I will be halfway there in a week?


So what it feels like to be 19 weeks pregnant?

Belly is getting BIG. Every now and then I would catch a reflection of myself in a shop window and silently gasp. It feels it happened almost overnight, how much it grew.

This morning, I woke up with a feeling that either a part of skin on my belly, or a part of an internal organ fell asleep. It felt dull and slightly tingly. My baby’s getting bigger and heavier.

The belly support belt probably shouldn’t be warn while seated. Every time I leave it on when sitting down, I get dull muscle pains in my belly. Nothing bad, but still – not pleasant. So the belt should be reserved for prolonged walking and standing (like while cooking).

My hubby felt the baby kick for the first time. I had to guide his hand and tell him where the kicking is happening and then I told him “just now – did you feel it?” – he said he did, although he looked doubtful. He said he couldn’t be sure if it was the baby or me. I assured him there was no “me” happening at the time 🙂 The baby’s growing and kicking!

I am definitely in the pregnancy constipation land. Boo. Maybe that’s why my belly is so big? I eat so many fruits and vegetables, but it doesn’t seem to have any impact on my digestive system. I’ll talk to my ob-gyn about this tomorrow.

Rolling in bed from one side to another is a chore now. For the brief second that belly is on top of me, I feel how heavy it became. Such an odd feeling. And thinking of how much bigger it’s gonna get is even odder.

I get an occasional leg cramp. Climbing stairs is getting harder and talking while walking is becoming tougher and tougher. Headaches plague me much more rarely than they used to in the first trimester.

So far, no swelling. Which is good. No extra acne, no sensitivity to smells. Although I noticed I can eat reheated meat. Meat leftovers. It just doesn’t taste right. So bizarre.

Overall – life’s good. Started a gift registry, out together and invitee list, waiting for my ultrasound on Wednesday (I hope we find out what we’re having).

Oy! Baby just kicked me again 🙂