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24 Sep

Oh, did I mention I registered first baby hiccups the day before yesterday?

I was in bed, and felt the baby move, but then I realized it’s a different sort of movement. I didn’t feel any typical pokes – they were like whole-body movement. And they were fairly rhythmical.

He was hiccuping! My newsletter warned me a couple of weeks ago that I might feel this anytime now.

Poor thing, I felt bad for him – I couldn’t help or even comfort him, and he went on hiccuping for at least 15 minutes…

Pregnant Nightmares Begin…

23 Sep

Last night, I had my first pregnant nightmare – I was dreaming I went to the bathroom and saw lots of brown discharge. I panicked, went back to bed, and was praying for it to be nothing, trying to convince myself in the second half of trimester things like this shouldn’t happen.

Somewhere in the middle of this dream I woke up but didn’t notice that I was previously asleep. I stayed in bed, panicking and agonizing for at least 5 minutes before I thought: wait a second… I don’t remember going to the bathroom tonight… this is the first time I woke up… this must have been a dream!

Oh my god, I was sooooo relieved to realize this was just a dream and all was well with the baby!

This night, I had a very bizarre dream. First of all, I was dreaming that my baby has arrived. At first it was very tiny and not moving (because he’s 20 weeks only) but then he started moving and crying and then he got to be normal baby size.

He was lying on his tummy – on my tummy – raising himself on his hands and smiling. And… he had almost a full set of lower teeth! I thought: uh-oh, I guess I ate too much calcium supplements while pregnant… how on earth am I going to breastfeed him??? But then I decided that since he only has lower teeth, it should be fine…

And then I was outside and there were two snakes, one normal size and one HUGE. I ran away and my uncle (to whom I haven’t spoken in like 15 years because of a family quarrel) said he’ll catch the big snake (the small one vanished). Finally my uncle managed to bump the snake’s head, but got bitten in the process.

I start calling the ambulance, and then realize I don’t know the address of the house I am in. I pass the phone to my dad, but he’s so slow, he clears his throat, nearsightedly peers at the phone screen… in short, by the time he presses the phone to his ear, no one’s there any longer.

Frustrated, I grab the phone from him and thrust it at my sis – and that’s when I notice the snake started moving again trying to eat a cat. And NO ONE is paying any attention to me or the snake, everyone’s standing around, drinking, eating, chatting – while this huge snake swirled around.

And then I noticed that the snake’s body got really fat – it swallowed the cat!!! The snake attacked me, I caught its head, calling out my classmate’s name (what the hell was HE doing in my dream?? Haven’t seen him for even longer than my uncle!) and he appeared and threw an ax that conveniently was in his hand and killed the snake (miraculously killed the snake and not me, I should say).

And that’s when I noticed the snake managed to bite my hand. At the same time I realize I am pregnant, my baby is once again inside me. And I am terrified – how will the snake’s poison affect the baby? Can a pregnant woman get the anti-poison meds? All the way hoping that since the snake already bit my uncle, maybe it didn’t have any of the poison left…

And then I woke up.


Giving Birth

22 Sep

In my today’s newsletter I got links to videos of births. First, I watched a natural birth, not in a hospital, with no meds. Yikes. No, I get all the benefits and all – but seriously, yikes.


Then I watched a live video in a hospital with an epidural. The video isn’t too graphic, but detailed enough. I am glad I watched the natural birth first, though. For me, this looked much, much better. And I actually cried when I saw the baby’s head emerge. It was such an amazing miracle.


Maternity Fall Shopping

21 Sep

Went bra-shopping today. My-oh-my, I underestimated my growth! I used to be 34B or C – depending on the model and how revealing I wanted it to fit, so I was certain I am 34D now – not so! I was so squished-squashed in 34D! It was too tight around the torso, too – so I went for 36D which, as far as the cup size goes, equals 34DD – yikes! Considering they’re supposed to keep growing for the remaining 4+ months of the pregnancy and then get even bigger once the milk comes… I think I will be like a cow!!! They’re huge and heavy and all covered in blue veins, so bizarre. I decided to buy only one bra – winter is coming, so I am not likely to deal with see-through issues. It’s army-green with white polka-dot, so cute 🙂

I also bought a fall jacket, knee-length. Nothing that I own will close over my belly – and fall isn’t even here yet. The one I bought has double row of buttons, so I will be able to move a butting or two if it gets too tight. It’s nothing fancy, a Suzy Shier coat – relatively cheap – but looks nice and, I hope, will last me until I need to switch over into my winter jacket.

I also finally found where they sell tight that help against varicose veins (which run in my family) – they’re 50 bucks a-pair!!! That is outrageous!!! I am going to do an online search now. I am sure something more affordable should be available there… Fifty bucks for tights…

And now I am home, tired and hungry, boiling perogies for lunch. Mmmmm 😉

Should I Start an”Around the World” Cuisine Marathon?

20 Sep

Read this today:

“The taste of the amniotic fluid differs from day to day depending on what you’ve eaten (spicy enchilada one day, sweet carrots another). And that smorgasbord of tastes won’t be lost on your baby. That’s because your little one has very developed taste buds already. In fact, researchers have noted that babies who were exposed to certain tastes in utero via the amniotic fluid were more eager to eat foods with that same taste after birth. Want your baby to eat his or her broccoli later?  Eat yours now!

I guess if I want my baby to eat Indian and Chinese and fish and whatever – I need to eat all of it now. I guess we should start going out to restaurants from different cuisines. Mmmm, it’s been a while since my last visit to the Ethiopian one – time to go!!!

Not Every Baby Move is Fun!

19 Sep

My baby discovered a new pastime: kick mommy in the bladder. Fun times!

20 weeks

18 Sep

20 weeks! Half-way there! Woo-hoo! Baby’s around 6 1/2 inches long from head to bottom and about 10 inches from head to heel – apparently starting from 20 weeks, they start counting the full length, finally – I guess the curled legs are easier to measure when baby is that big?

Lost most of the weight I gained due to bad constipation problems, so not as worried about my weight as I was (I was half-expecting to be put on a strict diet next time I see my ob-gyn – so this worry is off the table, at least for now).

Bought knock-off Uggs today at Winners – they’re swede with ship-skin insides, so soft! And I bet they should fit me just fine in winter even if my feet get all swollen.

Bought a cute sweater-dress with draw-stringed imperial waist. I feel like I need a waist somewhere or I am starting to look just formlessly big, I don’t like it.

Talked to my friend about turning my winter coat into a pregnancy-friendly one. I found the idea online: sew an insert for the front of the coat with two zippers, one to attach the insert to the left side zipper of the coat, the other – to the right-side zipper. Most women can borrow their husband’s coats, but my hubby is so skinny…

My friend also told me she’s going to give me a basket of all the proved-and-true lotions, creams and soaps (she has 2 daughters so she knows what to buy/not to buy) – so excited! I felt the task of researching these things on top of all the strollers and cribs quite daunting.

Great day 🙂