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OB Appointment

13 Oct

Had my monthly OB appointment yesterday. Only it wasn’t my OB but some other bearded doctor.

Looks like my placenta is at the front top of the uterus – it was interfering with him getting the baby’s heart beat on doppler. Apparently, placenta is pulsing just like heart – for the heartbeat-like sounds that we kept hearing while trying to listen to the baby, turned out to be placenta heartbeat. And then once we heard the baby heart, there were some other weird noises. It turns out you can hear the baby move in the uterus. Whoa! And, of course, he commented that the baby is very active. Well, duh. I know that.

All in all, things are good. He did some weird sort of finger measuring of my belly and told me that my little boy has obviously been reading books for he’s developing exactly by the book.

He told me the heart-flutter thing, the liver-aches, the occasional burning discharge – all normal. Ah, the wonders of being pregnant. I sometimes feel like I am a renter, living in someone else’s body, not used to weird sounds, smells, and other happenings… Yes, I smell differently. Not bad, just different. So bizarre.

The baby gets its quiet and busy days. Today, it moved a lot. Never kicked, just… swam about there. Yesterday it was quiet. Overall, there’s less kicking and more movement. Sometimes I can feel the movement with my hand, but not on the inside – so I guess at times baby moves and I don’t even know. I shall remember it later on, when I freak out about baby not moving (oh I am sure that will happen!)

Got my maternity medical compression pantyhose. Haven’t tried it on yet, but planning to sport it to a housewarming this Saturday, wearing a maternity dress… Hope it helps the painful spot on my leg!

Mmm. That’s all for now 😉

Heart Flutters

11 Oct

I am concerned. Ever since I got back from vacation, I feel weird heart flutters.

At times, all of a sudden, it feels like it would beat much harder. It almost feels like it beats against my ribs – just a few times, but enough to scare me.

Other times, it feels like it beats irregularly. Skips a beat, then beats too hard…

And I’ve had flutters and skips like this in the past. Last summer it was so bad they attached a heart monitor on me for 2  days. And did an ECG and a heart ultrasound. And didn’t find anything – although I suffered terrible heart beats and felt like I stop breathing while wearing the monitor. But that was when I still had my high-stress consulting job. So we all agreed those were panic attacks (I resigned immediately).

It hardly could be a panic attack now – I have nothing to panic about right now. Nothing.

I am seeing my ob-gyn tomorrow – let’s see what she thinks. I am worried for the baby.

UPD: asked other ladies on the baby center forum – sounds like it’s normal. And quite common: http://community.babycenter.com/post/a29786163/heart_flutters?cpg=-1#c2361415441

23 Weeks

10 Oct

By the way, we’re 23 weeks already!

I missed the 22 weeks post last Sunday for I was on vacation, and I didn’t get around to posting the 23-week post yesterday.


23 weeks – and one day!

According to one of my newsletters, we’ve reached ‘viability’ – which means if the baby decides to get born now, there is an 85% chance of survival. I am quite dumbfounded – the chance is that high? I don’t believe it.

Baby is busy wiggling and kicking. I feel not only the kicks, but the moves, too. It seems to communicate – like respond to pressing or tapping on my stomach, and kick around when loud music is around.

Every time I spent too much time in the pool, it would start moving around. Was it getting a bit cold in there? Or was he swimming, butterfly-style, like his daddy? 😉

Also, the baby started to blink (according to the newsletters… I don’t feel it, of course ;))

Overall, it is an amazing feeling, feeling the little one move around and start showing its temper (often when I turn abruptly from one side to the other, he starts wiggling around, obviously trying to find a new comfortable position :))

My belly got quite huge – or so I feel.

My weight gain is still progressing very well, I believe – so far I gained about 7-8 kg (about 15-16 pounds) – not too bad for 23 weeks?

No stretch marks – but my right leg hurts under the back side of the knee and a dark spot is starting to show there. I guess I will have those ugly spider or varicose veins. Before going on vacation, I ordered online a couple of surgical weight pantyhose to keep the pressure on my legs. They have probably arrived – will find out tomorrow when I am back in the office. I am glad fall is upon us – and it’ll be cold enough to wear them, soon.

After the flight to Cuba, my right leg hurt really badly, and both my legs got a bit swollen. The flight back was normal, though.

I often wake up with my hips sore; sometimes it’s the sore hips that wake me up in the middle of the night.

But overall – it’s grand. I’ve never been happier.