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From Cold to Halloween

21 Oct

Third day in a row of border-line-cold-balancing. Am I gonna get sick? Am I not?

My throat is all yucky. My head is heavy. I sneeze occasionally.

Weird – usually when I get a cold, it comes really fast after first symptoms. I get niagara falls of a running nose – I need to keep rolled pieces of toilet paper stuck in my nostrils for a day or two, that’s how bad it usually is.

This time I keep feeling under the weather, not getting really sick, but not getting better, either. Ahhhh. I’m tired and bored.

Spent the whole day today crafting Halloween decorations. Got some ideas online, inhabited my staircases with paper rat silhouettes, made a garland of jack-o-lanterns (painted and cut by me), attached webs and spiders around in the corners. We are hosting a party next weekend, so if I am stuck at home – I might as well use the time and start decorating early!

I am also making my own costume this year since there are no costumes for pregnant women and the idea of painting my belly (as a basketball ball, or a fish bowl, or whatever) just doesn’t sit right with me.

I am going to be a… cupcake! It’s big enough to allow for the belly 😉 Saw the idea online, will make it myself, though. I’ll share a photo when I’m done (if I am happy with the results).

Oh, and we’re gonna have a family-oriented Halloween, first time ever! We already have 6 confirmed kids! This is gonna be interesting…

Baby Brain?

20 Oct

I am starting to get forgetful.

Missed my credit card payment.

Forgot to return the library book on time.

Agreed to go see a musical on a day when I already had dinner plans.


Baby brain already?…

No, Please, No

19 Oct

Scratchy throat. Slightly stuffy nose. Heavier head. More tired than usual.

Not the flu/cold, please! 😦

Down with Food!

18 Oct

My weight gain was very good for a while. I gained like 10 pounds over the first 18 weeks of pregnancy. And then another 8 in the following 6 weeks – as my appetite spiked (as well as the baby’s growth accelerated – he’s now growing and gaining fat). I am only 24 weeks and +18 pounds already.

I am getting concerned about the weight gain. And, to be quite honest, I am not as hungry any longer, but I don’t seem to be able to stop eating. It’s like a habit. Huge lunch, then a huge apple, then a huge peach, then a small snack when I get home, then a supper when my hubby comes home, then maybe another peach… I eat all the time – without being hungry. Which is bad.

Today, I came home and drank a cup of tea with a few pieces of cheese. And then ate a peach later. And I am fine. I don’t need a supper. The big lunch with the fruits that follow it is enough. The baby is big enough now to leave little space for food. I feel unpleasantly full from all this eating.

That’s it, I gotta stop eating when I am not hungry. Or I will gain too much weight – and the baby will be huge – and I will require c-section. Or I will develop gestational diabetes. Or high blood pressure.

Down with food!

Fall Blues

17 Oct

Fall has officially arrived. It is COLD out there!!!

The sun rises so late now, I can’t wake up. I hit snooze like 5 times this morning and finally extracted myself from bed around 7:40 and realized it is time to turn the heat on in our house. It was miserably cold.

Now I need to cook but can’t find any energy.

It’s kind of… blah.

But then my favourite cortland apples hit the stores.

I had a cup of very hot coffee this morning with my favourite breakfast sandwiches: fresh baguette spread with butter, topped with apple-smoked salmon (and by that time it got bright outside, so the mood improved!)

The fall colours are amazing – from greens to celery-greens to yellows to cocktail-cherry-reds.

My hubby is waiting for Halloween – he loves the holiday, for whatever reason.

My SIL is coming to visit soon.

My baby is kicking and his birth date is approaching quicker and quicker.

All in all, life’s still good. Even when no one lends you a sit on a street car, averting their eyes, pretending not to see your bump.

24 Weeks

16 Oct

24weeks. No matter which source to turn to, we’ve reached viability. Chances are very slim, but they’re there. Baby will mostly be putting on fat now – all the organs and systems, as far as I understand are in place now. He’s practicing breathing and is getting fatter to keep himself warm once he arrives in this world. Amazing.

Baby is very active, moving along. At times I feel like he’s somersaults in there, sometimes it feels like he’s feeling his way around (as if trying to find a loose brick in his imprisonment cell, looking for an escape route, lol), sometimes it feels like stretching, sometimes – well, just kicking 😉

It never hurts me, but sometimes he hits some nerve and makes me start. And even makes me jump a little in surprise 😉

He is very active in the mornings when I wake up. If I stay in bed for a while, he’ll keep swimming around, letting me and my hubby feel his moves.

I talk to him. Tell him how much we both love him. Let him get used to his name, to my voice, my intonations of love and care. I often sing in the shower – for the baby. I rarely used to sing before.

Funny thing: at some point after getting past the midmark (20 weeks), weeks became less important – I am measuring more in months now. As in “I am 5.5 months pregnant”. As in “3.5 months to go”. I now sometimes get a little lost in weeks. Especially since online sources tell you what happens at 24 weeks – while my book talks about what happens during the 25th week. Which is confusing.

So if in the beginning it was all about day of the cycle, and after the BFP it was still weeks AND days (as in 10w5d), and then more like 15 weeks and a half – now I am measuring in months.

Next milestones I am looking forward to: having less than 100 days to go (hitting the double-digits) and crossing over the trimester #3 (28 weeks, I think?)

All in all, all is well. I have never been happier – on all fronts of my life. I sometimes feel scared – it’s too good. I am scared something bad’s gonna happen. But I waive these thoughts away. I brush them under the carpet. If something bad will happen – I’ll deal with that then. Now – I need to enjoy. Bask in my happiness.