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5 Nov

It’s been a while since I last shared my belly photos. So here they are, in 4-week progression!


22-week-one is, unfortunately, in different outfit. Oh well.

PS I cannot believe I used to be so thin.

PPS My belly rash has cleared after I showered and scrubbed the vaseline remnants off. Yay!


4 Nov

Raised by shirt to show off my belly button starting to get inverted inside out (to my hubby) only to discover my whole belly cover in some splotchy rash. Worried!!!

We checked my whole body – no rash anywhere else.

Googled – all belly rashes described are supposed to be itchy. And raised. And even blister-looking.

I have two candidates: food allergy (I was stupid enough to have gorgonzola pizza today… yeah, with “penicillin”… Or it could be clogged pores (I covered my belly with vaseline 2 days ago and haven’t washed it off with soap since – just showered, without the sponge).

Took a shower, rubbed my belly, sitting with my belly exposed to air. Looks like the splotches are getting lighter. So maybe it’s nothing, after all… I hope it’s nothing.

If it doesn’t go away by morning, I am off to ER.

Luscious Hair… Linea Negra… Wonky Appetite… Patterns

2 Nov

I love that I lose like 2-3 hairs a day. My bathroom used to be so messy with all the hair falling out. The thingy in the bathtub that catches hair had to be cleaned every other day before – not anymore. I brush my hair and only 1-2 hairs get loose.

But I dread what will happen once the pregnancy hormones stop raging. I will probably feel like I am going bald. And I hope I will be able to contain the urge to crop my hair. I’ve been growing it for 3 years now (haven’t had long hair since I was 7!!!)

Linea negra is starting to appear. It’s very vague – but it’s there.

The acne that were plugging my chest in the summer are gone now. In fact, everyone’s saying I look really great. Blooming. Rested.

Well, I rest only on my days off (which are 4 days a week) – on my weekdays I grudgingly climb out of bad and feel pretty sleepy and tired. Because I stay up until midnight – and I just don’t wanna sleep before then!

My appetite is weird. There are days when I eat normally (full lunch, couple of oversized apples, good dinner) – and then there are days when I can’t even finish my lunch and feel pretty stuffed from tiniest portions of food or fruits. Bizarre.

The baby seems to be starting to develop patterns. He’s at his most active around 8-9 pm – and then when I go to bed, around 11-12. I am not sure what the patterns are throughout the day – probably because I don’t have any patterns ( I work thre days a week, I wake up at different times, eat at different times, etc.)

Spent the day today at home, making a video for my best friend’s husband’s video – his big bday is coming – and also cooking borscht. Borscht takes about 4 hours to make, so I am very pleased with myself (I made a huge pot of it, will last a few days. And borscht tastes best on the third day!!!)

Hmmm. That’s it for now!

First Prenatal Class

1 Nov

We had our first prenatal class today. Looks like there is a baby boom going on – the class is HUGE! And on Mondays they even had to form 2 classes to accommodate all the people looking to take the classes.

She started with taking all the guys into a separate room and making all of us (in gender-specific groups) introduce ourselves, the due date and intended hospital of birth – and then share the aches and pains we’ve experienced so far, and our expectations from the class.

The she got all the dads back and we sort of compared notes. It looked like dads spent most of the time discussing the emotional volatility of their wives 😉

She showed a picture that made it clear just how crammed things are in our tummies (I always wondered where do the intestines go – I thought hey sort of get stuck behind the uterus, but it looks like they move to the top).

Using a rag doll baby and a rag pelvis, she showed how baby turns when passing through the pelvis during birth.

We went over labour signs: 511. You are supposed to go to the hospital when contraction get to be 5 minutes apart, lasting for 1 minute, and having been at it for 1 hour.

False contractions are irregular and don’t change pattern. Real contraction start 20 minutes away and keep getting closer apart and longer.

That was pretty much it.

Overall, I liked it. I didn’t really learn anything new, but I think it’s great because it brings me and my hubby on the same page.

5 more classes to go, on Tuesdays!

Sugar Rush

31 Oct

Somebody, please hide the chocolate from me before I eat all of it, suffer from insomnia, racing heart, and then gain like a gazillion pounds!!!

My friend works at this bakery or whatever where they make this awesome candy stuff that is chocolate with caramelized sugar with nuts… or something like that. Literally, to die for. And she brought a huge box because we had a huge halloween party. Only guests were too full by the time it was desert time and almost all of it was left… for me!

I already am experiencing sugar rush. And it’s 11 pm – the worst time for sugar rush. I need professional help!!!

26 Weeks!

30 Oct

26 weeks – 14 to go!

The progress is accelerating with a mind-boggling speed.

My hubby yelled yesterday when the baby kicked him. He said he never felt it so real. That before he always needed my confirmation that what he felt was the baby – not me or my rumbling insides. But that was… a very good kick and he yelped in surprise – he actually scared me 😉

Took another merengue class today – was fun! Even though I am starting to feel the changed centre of balance is affecting my ability to follow the steps 😉

Went for a nice walk in the autumn forest today. Weather was beautiful – about 10 degrees and sunny. Just lovely. But a bit too hilly for my pregnant self. I got hot from the hour-long walk 😉

Hosted an awesome halloween party! I made my own costume. I was a cupcake – that provided enough space for the big belly 😉

I still don’t pee excessively. I don’t even necessarily wake up to pee during the night. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. But I do wake up in the middle of the night because my hips hurts, and my knees, and my feet…

TMI: I am getting progressively more and more leaky. I hate panty-liners, but now I feel I cannot do without them. It’s weird – feels like I suffer from incontinence.

And I definitely am developing the horror of hemorrhoids ;( Oh well, I’ll take care of that after the baby arrives. it’s not too hard, right?

But all in all, I am doing great. Baby is kicking away busily, I am feeling great, feeling happy.