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Prenatal Class #3

12 Nov

We usually have our prenatal classes on Tuesdays – but since I will have to miss one due to a business trip, they were able to get us into a one-day workshop on the same topic as the class we will miss! I am so grateful they suggested this – no hassle, no additional fees, no information missed.

I have no idea why so many people say these classes are a waste of time. Even more so – I couldn’t understand why I was the only one taking notes. Seriously? They think they will remember all of this – a few weeks later? Sleep deprived??? Or, if they think they know it all, why join the classes?

Anyway, that’s their problem.

Today’s class was on newborn care. It was such a SWEET class. And having it on a sunny Saturday afternoon instead of a dark Tuesday night helped, too.

She showed us how to bathe and wipe a newborn – boy and girl. Very detailed – to the point of having all the shampoo bottles open before you start so that you don’t have to grow a third arm when you have baby in one, closed bottle in the other, and no way to get to the contents… How to swaddle a baby. How to change diapers. She went over every object on the list of “what you need to get baby changed”. How to take his temperature. How to take care of the cord. What number to call in case of this and that.

She gave lots of tips here and there that made a lot of sense.

The biggest eye-opener for me was to have everything ready before the baby arrives. And that doesn’t mean having the batteries inserted in the sleep monitor and clothes washed – it means having everything ready – since the moment you get home, you will need to breastfeed, change, wash, etc.

The sheets in the crib, the diapers and vaseline and wipes on the changing table ready, the bath time stuff ready… It sounds kind of obvious, but I never really thought about it in such great deal.

And we also watched a very sweet video of taking care of newborns – and their cute little faces, and noises they make…

My hubby started rubbing my shoulder excitedly, he is so cute πŸ˜‰

Oh, and he (hubby) surprised me this morning by arriving from his hairdresser with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. I quickly ran through all the possible holidays and anniversaries and failed to find any reason. Turns out it was just for me. For the woman who takes such good care of his baby. For the woman that will deliver this baby in less than three months.

Last time he gave me flowers for no reason at all was before we got married. I am so touched!!!

In short – another great day! Thank you Universe πŸ˜‰

Baby’s There, Even if I Cannot See Him

12 Nov

I realized that when I play tag with my son in my belly, I actually feel like he’s only hidden by a thick blanket or something. I so fully feel him – and even know most of the time which way is the head, which way are the heels – that he feels all too real.

Sometimes when he sticks out his limbs too much, I have to gently force him back πŸ˜‰ It’s too uncomfortable, when he stretches me like this.

But he’s a good boy. Kicks are more and more rare – his movements are now more fluid and gentle. And even when he kicks, he kicks my skin – not my organs on ribs (well, most of the time).

And it is just so sweet – waking up to his wiggling around, like a goldfish in a bowl… My day immediately starts with a broad smile. I can imagine how one day he will be waking up, looking at me with a smile, happy to see me when he wakes up – and I will be saying: “look who woke up! My little precious baby boy!” – and he will giggle in response πŸ˜‰

My Baby Boy, Getting More and More Real

11 Nov

Yesterday I felt so close to him, I almost shed a tear of wonder.

He usually gets active the moment I get in bed, so that was no surprise. What was a surprise was that I felt hard pressure against the right side of my belly and when I gently palpated it, I realized it was his spine. I rubbed his back gently, and sang some songs, and could feel him wiggle happily. Almost as if he said “rub here, too, please!”

I sometimes feel sad my husband can’t always be around to witness things like that. By the time he got to the bedroom, he was too tired. He absentmindedly rubbed my belly with icy cold hands (baby stopped moving right away) and went to sleep. I even felt hurt – how could he not want to wait an extra minute to feel the baby move?

But I let it go. My hubby is having a hell of a week at work this week.

I went on rubbing a rocking my baby boy in my belly, feeling him kick his little heels on the other side of my belly. I am sure once the baby is born, sometimes I will be too tired to enjoy our baby – and my hubby will have to step in.

Thank You, Universe

10 Nov

Thank you, Universe. I don’t think I thanked you – well, not in a formal way, anyway.

When I look back at my life mere 3 years ago, I am in awe – how my life has changed! From being utterly miserable, licking the open wounds of my failed marriage and the pain it caused me, and the deep cuts on my heart and soul? From a job which I masochistically loved to slave at? From a total confusion of where to go next, what would my life even be like? From having a couple of thousands bucks in my account after the split-up?

To this.

Yes, the change was gradual. Yes, there were setbacks. But hey – look where I am.

Thank you, Universe. For giving me the best husband – for me. Caring, thoughtful, loving – and loved. For giving me a husband who wants kids. For letting us conceive a child. For making this pregnancy such a life-changing experience – through letting me have a part time job. Which means I have lots of time to listen to the changes happening inside me, to live in the now and here, taking the pregnancy day after day, to fully enjoy the miracle taking place inside me, not rushing to the finish line (EDD), for having the time and peace to prepare for the next big adventure that me and my husband will start in about 12-13 weeks.

For giving me friends and relatives as supportive and caring.

For the beautiful house that we have. For the wonderful weather. For the serene babymoon we had.

For all the things, small and big.

Sometimes I think life cannot possibly get any better. And then my baby kicks me, reminding me that soon enough he will join us – and I am certain life will get even better. Deeper. More meaningful.

Thank you.

Total Bliss

9 Nov

I spent the day in a spa today. I arrived at 2, and until 5:30 I relaxed in a comfy chair by the pool, eating apples, drinking herbal tea, reading “The Happiness Project” (AWESOME book!), swimming, enjoying the meditative music… And communicating with my baby boy.

For the past 3 days, it feels like he almost never stops moving. Or stops but for very short intervals. I am glad he mostly moves now, as opposed to kicking. I enjoy watching his limbs move across my belly. Or, whenever I feel extra pressure, press my fingers and touch his sharp something, whatever it is (unless it’s the head, I can never tell what exactly I am touching… but it is so cute).

I feel so healthy and beautiful and happy. And when I say “beautiful”, I actually refer to my belly! I love it. I am proud of it.

The I had a 50-minute pregnancy massage – that was fun! I was on my left side, with one pillow between my knees, hugging the second pillow like a teddy bear, the third pillow supporting my neck – that’s how pregnancy massage is done for, of course, you can’t lay on your belly πŸ˜‰ And then he transformed the bed into a semisitted position to massage my legs, feet, and then neck and shoulders.

I polished it all off with a luxurious shower. they have those rainforest shower heads. I spent at least 15 minutes just indulging in the pouring hot water, and all the fragrant body washes, shampoos, hair conditioners… And then a body moisturizer, of course.

Total bliss!

By the way, the baby was going CRA-ZY during my massage. He was all over my belly, like a fish in a bowl πŸ˜‰ What was that about?..

And the walk to subway was lovely. We’re having an unusually warm November – it was +17 today!

Awesome day.

Second Prenatal Class

8 Nov

We had our second prenatal class today. I was surprised to learn that my hubby is concerned about the level of activity our baby’s showing – he’s afraid the umbilical cord will wrap around him! And I learned about it from his question to the instructor. He never shared this concern with me. Weird.

But the baby is active, that’s true. It’s more movement now than kicks – but so much more frequent! I have a theory that our baby boy likes to be stroked, so he is always changing poses, making parts of his body stick out, knowing I will stroke and tickle him. I like this interaction, it’s fun. I feel like we’re connecting!

We discussed the stages of “normal” labour (no c-sections, inductions, epidurals) and then watched a video of a live birth.

While the video was following a couple through contraction, I was close to tears because of compassion for the woman and all the pain she was going through. And then when the baby was born, I actually did shed a few tears, it was such a miracle…

My hubby says he really likes these courses, things are getting clearer for him. He does receive the dads’ newsletter from babycenter, but I guess it doesn’t cover everything πŸ˜‰ I am glad we’re doing this together for this places us on the same page. And helps him figure out his role in the labour.

Did I ever mention the cutting-the-umbilical-cord freaks him out? I find it hilarious that he seems okay with all the other things labour-related and so touchy about something so mundane…

PS and we have less than 90 days to go… my-oh-my, time flies!

OB Appointment #4

7 Nov

My OB was away, again – and again a bearded older guy replaced her. I don’t think I like him – he seems to be absent-minded. That’s what I thought last time around, and got my “diagnosis” confirmed this time when he was surprised that I still haven’t had a glucose test – while he himself told me last time to wait until the next appointment (today). And even then – remembered about it only when I asked about it.

I asked whether there will be another u/s before going into labour – he said that generally no, that’s not required. I asked what about determining baby size (I was 9.7 and my dad was over 10) – he said that if there are any concerns, it will be done late in the 3rd trimester. I didn’t quite understand how they decide whether there is a chance the baby is very big without an ultrasound.

I asked about my weight gain so far – he said that it’s fine. He obviously judged by my look, not by the chart.

I asked whether I need to do the count – how oftenΒ  the baby moves within a 2-hour period (like I read so many times) – again, he said not to bother. He said to only worry and count if I feel a drop in the amount of movement. But what good will the count do then, when I don’t have an established baseline?..

Yes, I don’t like him. He’s not thorough. It felt like he sees his job in soothing and waving away any worries those pregnant women might have.

But all in all, I felt that all is well. Hopefully my OB will be back in 4 weeks.

27 Weeks. Trimester 3!!!

6 Nov

So we are turning 27 weeks today and are officially crossing over to the final, third trimester.


Baby is celebrating this by being hyper-active today. He almost knocked my laptop off my lap. He’s getting very strong and he stays awake for very long periods of time. This morning we watched his gymnastics for about 30-40 minutes – and that was a VERY intense session, let me tell you. At times I felt like he just might go right through my skin, out!

My baby shower is next weekend.

We came up with a middle name for our baby, too. It’ll be after my hubby’s first name. In our motherland, we use patronims instead of middle names – which sort of says whose son or daughter you are. So we decided to go along with that tradition (kind of) and use my hubby’s name as middle name. Thankfully, it sounds quite nice, put together.

And, since I always wanted to call my son with this name (until I met and married my husband, that is), it means I’ll get my wish granted, in part ;))

3rd trimester… my-oh-my…