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Baby Stuff

19 Nov

This is the pile of presents and hand-me-downs in the baby shower aftermath. It’s all sitting in the living room since at some point we will be painting the nursery and this will be in the way there, then.

There aren’t many things that we still need to get. Crib. Carseat. A bit more sheets for the crib. I also wanna buy the walky-talky-mit-camera to keep an eye on my little one.

And that’s it, I think.

The hand-me-down clothes will have to be washed. By the way, do I have to use a special detergent? And do I have to wash baby clothes separately from ours?

I am actually itching to start redoing the nursery. But first I need to buy some fabric to redrape the gliding chair and to make curtains…

Planning the Nursery

18 Nov

I am almost 29 weeks and we haven’t even started on the nursery.

Yeah, we have lots of stuff – stroller, bath, diaper genie, playpen, TONS of hand-me-down clothes (looks like I won’t need to buy any until he turns two!!!) – but we still haven’t started on the nursery.

Every now and then I’ll browse the internet, looking for inspiring ideas, save some that I like and… put all this to rest. I don’t seem to know where to start. It’s even harder since I am planning to keep a double bed in the nursery for the first little while, which will make the conditions a bit crowded – and makes it hard to decide what goes where.

Today I finally decided which thread needs to be pulled to get this ball going: I need to get curtains and some fabric to re-drape the rocking chair (or are they called sliding chairs?)

The colours and patterns will dictate the choice of paint colour for the walls – and the paintings on the wall which I would love to do myself.

I intended to take a trip to the area of Toronto that has the highest concentration of fabric stores per square foot, but woke up with pretty big pain under my right knee, at the back of the leg. Ahhh, I suspect varicose veins aren’t to be avoided for me ;( Anyway, I decided to take it easy and stay put today. What saddens me is that next time I will have any free time to go shopping will be after Dec. 4th!!! Isn’t that crazy?! My life got too busy with all kinds of activities related to friends, family, and work. Which makes me feel like I am running out of time.

Well, maybe – just maybe – I will be able to go to those stores on Wednesday… we’ll see. It won’t help much for I won’t be able to do anything with the pieces of fabric until December even if I do buy them on Wednesday… sigh.

Oh, and if anyone’s interested – here’s a pretty good online nursery layout planner: http://babysdream.icovia.com

Head Over Heels

17 Nov

Yesterday I woke up and immediately felt something different about my belly. It felt heavier. I felt more pressure on my bladder. It felt harder at the bottom.

And then when I started seeing my baby’s heels bumping through the very top of my belly, I realized that my son went into the head down position. Just over 6 months (28 and a half weeks) and he’s in birth-ready position. I hope he’s not actually planning to try and get born yet.

I know that he might still wiggle around, but since yesterday morning he stayed upside down, his heels sticking out of the top of my belly.

He’s obviously facing the front part of my body for his hands keep massaging my belly somewhere in the navel region. And he got so strong! When he’s moving hands AND feet, it feels like someone is rubbing my belly very firmly with their fingertips. It’s a very odd feeling. Actually, on Tuesday I thought my hubby was rubbing my belly a bit too strongly to my liking – only to realize he wasn’t. It was my baby boy rubbing my belly from the inside…

My belly button is pretty much completely flat now.

And… only 80 days to go!

Prenatal Class #4

16 Nov

We had another prenatal class yesterday – this one focused on labour with intervention, ranging from epidural, to induction, to c-section.

I have to say, it was disturbing.

Epidural looks scary. As opposed to the natural labour we watched on a tape last week, here the woman had an IV drip, all sorts of monitors, and even a catheter (ew) – and she was strapped to the bed as she couldn’t walk any longer. And the epidural itself didn’t look like picnic either – the needle and all. To be fair, the instructor told us that compared to contractions you’re experiencing, epidural is really piece of cake. So it shouldn’t be all that frightening when we get there.

The c-section, on the opposite, sounded quite good. Sounds like it all happens in a pretty jovial atmosphere, it’s not harsh lights of an open heart surgery – although it still holds all the risks of a major surgery. Did you know the c-section lasts an hour, but the baby is born within the first 7 minutes? It’s the stitching back that takes really long. And in case of a c-section, they usually give the baby to the dad for the skin-to-skin contact that is so important. And c-section babies have more mucous after they’re born (naturally delivered babies get most of mucous squeezed out of them as they pass through the birth canal).

Induction, apparently, while speeding up the process – makes it more painful. Or, actually, no one really knows – they say that maybe it’s just that with normal labour the build-up of pain is more gradual – while with induction it’s like – BAM! – and you’re in hard-core active labout contractions.

I spoke to my sister about this class today and got concerned. I knew that her first baby was a c-section, but never thought to ask what went wrong there (I was 12 when my nephew was born, see). It turns out her water broke, but she never got contractions. Even after induction. So after 12 hours they had to perform the c-section.

And my mom had problems with both of us with insufficient labour activity – she did deliver us both vaginally, but vacuums and forceps needed to be used. her contractions weren’t powerful enough, either.

I wonder if this is genetic? Something to discuss with my OB next time I see her. My PCOS already muddled my brain enough for it to not even consider sending ovulation signals to my body – what if it fails when it is time to onset contractions? It won’t be the end of the world – but I have to be prepared that I might need intervention. And that my recovery will be longer than average.

Lots of things to consider…

Baby Shower – and 28 Weeks!

13 Nov

I had the most amazing baby shower today. I feel so humbled and blessed to have such wonderful friends.

I don’t have any family around (95% of them are across the Atlantic), you see – so my friends really are my family. They are the ones that get me through the hard times, cheer with me through the good times and – well – are just there for me, any time.

My two best friends that saw me through my divorce and into the new and happy marriage arranged all of it for me. They decorated my house, they came up with great games, they kept everyone entertained, and made sure there is enough drinks and food (because I kept getting distracted and couldn’t keep up!!!)

About 16 girls gathered, a HUMONGOUS pile of gifts was aggregated in the corner, and there were a few fun games. I am documenting the games – you can skip this part if you’re not interested in details of baby shower games 😉

  • They served me with a tray of smelly diapers – I had to guess what the baby “ate”. they were testing my motherly skills 😉 If you ever repeat this for your friends – don’t use garlic or onions. It cross-contaminates other diapers. Half of them smelled like garlic, even though there was something else inside 😉
  • They made everyone tear off as many pieces of toilet paper as they wanted, and then made every girl give me as many pieces of advice as there were toilet paper pieces. One girls ended up with 19 ;)) But she made it! The advice that really sunk in? “Don’t worry too much. Most stuff goes away on its own after three days”. They left behind their lists, so I will review their advice later 😉
  • They also made each girl write a birthday wish for our baby boy for each year of his life (well, for the first 12 or 13 years of his life) – and a list of wishes for when he is born.
  • And then they read out the questions that they asked my hubby earlier on – and made me answer the same questions – AND guess what his answers were. We were pretty consistent, I am proud to report. And he knew when baby switches to solids and how many hours a day it sleeps! And everyone suggested I laminate his answers and frame them on the wall – for he said he’s ready to change ALL of the diapers ;)))

And then there was the gift opening that just blew me away. I have never been to a baby shower myself, so I didn’t know what to expect – but I certainly did not expect such generosity. Really, I feel humbled.

I am now waiting for my hubby to get home to go through the pile with him – and open the cards with him. I didn’t read them while I was opening the gifts – I decided to save at least some of the “live action” for him. As well as a piece of cake ;)))

I don’t have any pictures yet. But I will share some – when I get them!

Oh, and I am 28 weeks today!!! That’s more than two thirds down the road. And with this pile of stuff next to me, and the baby wiggling around inside me, it feels strange that he’s still not here – and there are still 12 more weeks to go. 2.5 more months to wait until we meet him. He just feels so real…