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Weird Dream

23 Nov

I had a dream this night that my baby stretched his foot so much that I could actually see the contours of his little foot through my belly – the toes, the heel, the whole thing… It was FREAKY.

And then I dreamed that we somehow got him out – to have a looksie. He looked much older – he even knew how to crawl and go down the stairs! And then we panicked because we didn’t know how to put him back inside me – and we knew we needed it to, it was to early for him to be born.

I woke up.

Sure enough, baby was safely tucked inside me. doing the stretches. But I couldn’t see any toes 😉


Upholstering the Chair, Day Two – and More Baby Stuff

21 Nov

Bought a curved needle today. The upholstering is moving along much easier now! I actually felt really cool and in the know when I walked into a fabric store and inquired whether they have curved needles and was immediately lead to where they were.

The fabric is pastel green with some green-blue-orange snails and turtles. So I am thinking turtles and snails are going to be the nursery theme. I now have grandiose plans of MAKING snail and turtle toys. We’ll see about that 😉

Anyway, I am enjoying my upholstery project – I feel satisfied and accomplished. I am taking step-by-step pictures – which I will share when I’m done, whenever that happens 😉 I will be pretty busy for the next 2 weeks – but I definitely am going to finish this!

On another bright note, hubby spoke to his colleague. The colleague inquired whether we have all the stuff we need for the baby’s arrival. he said – well, only car seat and crib among the big items. And just like that, out of nowhere, she offered to give away her car seat!

We got so much hand-me-downs – and gifts – that crib + mattress is going to be the ONLY big item we’ll purchase. Which releases funds to enjoy decorating the nursery! Yay!

Anyway. I am in a happy mood today. Even though I woke up at 5:30 today and couldn’t fall back asleep. Baby calisthenics didn’t help, either 😉 Off to bed!

29 Weeks and Upholstering the Gliding Chair and Venting About Hubby

20 Nov

29 weeks!

Still no stretchmarks. Still no back pains (unless I am forced to sit without back support for too long). Leg and hip pains in the morning – yes. Vein pains under the knee at the back side of my right leg – ouch!!!

Baby’s head down. I am sure soon enough he’ll be able to kick me in the ribs. So far he is kicking the top of my stomach and is doing some hard-core stretching. Sometimes huge lumps move across my belly – that’s pretty scary stuff!

I FINALLY started working on the nursery today.

I went shopping for fabrics, was FLOORED by the prices. I mean, I went to those stores where rolls of fabric are packed so tightly you can hardly see what’s there, the air is dusty, and overall the stores look shabby – so I figured the prices should be good. Ha-ha-ha! Naive me.

First of all, there were virtually no baby-themed fabrics, whether designated for upholstery/drapery or not. Second, what was available was infinitely dull. Third – when I found a fabric I kind of liked, it was $14 per yard! And according to my calculation, I needed about 6 yards (it’s a large gliding chair with lots of details, plus the leg rest). Seriously, for that much money, I can buy a whole new chair!

I got very upset and went to Wal-Mart, looking for baby/kid curtains/linens, hoping I’ll be able to use it. But there were NO baby/kid curtains or bedding. Weird, huh?

I went to a couple of other stores – same thing.

Finally, I went to Toys’r’us and got 2 packs of lovely flannel receiving blankets that were on sale (although at the time I picked them up, I had no idea – even the cashier was surprised). I know flannel isn’t exactly upholstery fabric, but it looked cute. And we got the gliding chair for free. So – whatever. It’s a project, and I wanna do it!

I got home and started right away. It’s a LOT of work. 4 hours of work yielded the seat covered. There’s still the back, the armrests, pockets under each armrest and leg rest thingy… But I like the way it looks. No idea how durable it will be, but it looks lovely. And I am so excited to have finally started!

Seriously, I will spend so many hours in this chair, it better look nice.

Btw, my hubby really pissed me off yesterday by throwing a totally uncharacteristic fit about the idea of upholstering the chair being stupid, and that he doesn’t understand how I’m gonna do it, and that we should just throw a blanket over it… he kept going on and on – and I just couldn’t understand how this even was his business and why he was so upset about it. He even told me that I cannot do it – or won’t finish it – or something insulting to that extent. Very supportive. Phhh.

He got me so upset, I couldn’t fall asleep. I got so aggravated, thoughts kept pulsing through my head – and my baby definitely felt my anguish – it was going crazy inside there. While hubby slept peacefully next to me. So I got up, collected all of my pillows, and went to the spare bedroom.

He rarely upsets me – and this time I just cannot understand what was this all about – at all! It’s not like I asked him to help me in any way. It’s not like he will have to do anything. What’s the big deal?

Sorry for fuming. He got me really angry.

Of course, he apologized this morning, but this incident still remains a mystery to me.

And as I set working on the chair today, he avoided the room. Then before going to bed, he came in, gave me a hug, gave the chair a perfunctory glance and announced it looked really good. He barely looked at it.

Ahhh. Anyway, time to go to bed… I should think of the baby and remain calm. For the baby’s sake. Whatever this tantrum was about, I am glad I am doing this little project. It makes me happy. And there is no harm in it – whatsoever.

So, whatever drove my hubby to throw a tantrum – will have to be shoved back to wherever it came from.

Sorry for the vent.

Anyway. 29 weeks!