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Preggo at 6-10-14-18-22-26-30 Weeks

3 Dec

Pregnant bump growth in progression – at 6, 10, 14, 18, 22, 26, 30 weeks. How on earth could I have EVER considered myself fat BEFORE I got pregnant?!

Well, not fat but… you know… I often thought I should lose a pound or three…

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2 Dec

I woke up in the middle of the night from having some ridiculous nightmares that involved someone attempting to assassinate my ex – and someone succeeding setting my house on fire.

Since I already woke up, I decided that I might as well go visit the bathroom. That’s when I realized something’s off with the way my bump felt – it felt like the baby got tired of being head-down and turned sideways. Oh no!

a) I felt too stretched in an uncomfortable way and b) I heard that if they don’t take the head-down position by 32 weeks, they might not be able to turn later (not enough room to flip).

But sometimes during the morning he returned into the head-down position and went back to happily kicking my belly button and the upper part of my bump with his legs. In fact, a couple of times I thought I might get bruised. He’s getting strong!

On a less happy note, I think I am going down with a flu or cold. My throat hurts and feels swollen 😦

7 Months – and Describing the Kicks

1 Dec

Today is seven months. You know, in the way they count from day one of your last cycle? I just realized pregnancy is a bit longer than 9 months: my last cycle started on the 1st of May, I am due on the 5th of February.

Regardless, I am telling anyone I am due in 2 months. Because no one else needs that level of detail 😉

I woke up today from horrendous leg cramps. Ouch. I mean, OUCH. I read that it might be a sign of being dehydrated, so I am drinking non-stop today.

Someone asked me today what does it feel like – when a baby moves inside you. The best I could explain it was like feeling someone rub your belly firmly with fingertips – or poking here and there (unless you feel the kick in your diaphragm or bladder… which are harder to describe) – how would you describe?

Welcome to the Third Trimester Complaints

30 Nov

My back was KILLING me today. Did I sleep in the wrong position? Were the meeting room chairs to uncomfortable? Is it constipation or gas pressure? Whatever it is, I was miserable until I finally got into bed at 9 pm…

I am extremely sleepy. I went to bed at 11:30 yesterday – and woke up at 9 this morning. Yes, after waking up to pee at 5 am my sleep wasn’t deep (I kept waking up), but nevertheless: I slept for 9 hours. Still not enough for the pregnant me?..

The baby is big. Most of the time if I stroke my belly, I come across little bony bumps just under the surface – a knee, a foot, a hand… Sometimes a whole bum. Only the head remains at the very bottom, applying lovely pressure on my organs. And when the baby moves – my whole belly is moving, changing shape. It’s quite eerie sometimes.

Heartburn visits me more often.

My ankles are normally swollen by the end of the day – nothing too bad, but I am glad I bough ugg knock-offs – whatever happens to my feet and ankles,they will still fit. And they’re warm 😉

The good thing is my glucose test came back and all is well.

The awesome thing I still enjoy being pregnant, even though now I produce lots of grunts and sighs as I sit down, stand up, climb stairs and often for no reason at all.

I still enjoy my huge belly, the shape of it, the way it is still growing. I love being pregnant.

I love the closeness to my belly. You know, like I am sitting in a meeting and there is my baby with me. Moving. And I am stroking him, trying to soothe and comfort him. In a work meeting. It’s bizarre and awesome at the same time.

So overall – yes, I am starting to feel a bit tired and grumpy, but in no way am I ready to say “alright, baby, get out”.

Gro, my baby, grow – your mama loves you. Even when you try to dislodge my laptop off my lap/belly 😉

Scary Holiday Season

29 Nov

So it looks like I gained 4 pounds in 5 days of U.S. Thanksgiving while visiting the relatives.Yikes!

I do hope it’s not real gain. I had some constipation issues, so maybe I will get rid of some of it shortly?.. And there is xmas coming… and cold (which equals less walking/moving) coming… at this rate I will be HUGE by the end of this pregnancy!!!

Where’s my metamucil? I gotta make those bowels work overtime 😉

30 Weeks (Yesterday)

28 Nov

I was away for a few days visiting some relatives – so didn’t post the 30-week post on time! Nevertheless.

I am 30 weeks! Feels like a milestone. Three quarters of the way there. 10 weeks to go. Time is running out!

I was slightly worried about flying at this stage – especially on those tiny propeller airplanes. I don’t think I have ever flied on such a plane. It’s noisy. On the way there baby really did not appreciate all the goings on. he moved and kicked and just generally protested. We were sitting tight next to the turbine, it was really loud. On the way back, he was fine – just his usual active self 😉 But I’d rather feel him being active – and know he’s doing fine.

Got a bit freaked out by a slight lower back pain after we landed – after all, they say it might be a labour sign. But all is well.

While traveling, I started feeling really drained and exhausted – although we didn’t do much. Stayed at our relatives’ place, ate some Turkey, talked, played with their kids… But I felt like taking a nap all the time! I guess this is what trimester numero three is all about?

And from what I am hearing, it will only go down the hill from there. It will get much worse before the baby learns to sleep through the night. Oh well.

I also had an ugly dream where I wake up and discover my legs covered in ugly varicose veins that looked like warms. You know, the kind they dig from the ground for fishing. Yuck. I was relieved to wake up and find my legs fairly normal. there are a couple of spider-veins spots, but that’s about it. For now.

Got more hand-me-down baby stuff from our relatives. Yay!

We also bought a video monitor by Safety 1st – and it was ATROCIOUS. We returned it. The sound and image were good, bu the parent device had defective batteries. The very moment I unplugged the batteries (having charged them for the prescribed 12 hours), it just switched off. I went online and discovered that EVERYONE was complaining about the batteries. What’s the point of the wireless monitor if it is not, in fact, wireless? So we’ll have to do more research and find something else.

Anyway. Before this post gets too long-winded, I’m gonna end it. 30 weeks – yay!