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33 Weeks: shopping for the L&D bag contents and housing thoughts

19 Jan

33 weeks today. Less than 7 weeks to go until c-section!

Went shopping today. I uncovered my “L&D Bag” list and went to buy things missing (although I might not need them all). Bought size 1 diapers, nursing pads, 0-6 mos pacifiers, hemorrhoids suppositories (although hoping I won’t need them!), huge pads, etc.

Even bought some snacks to take with us to the hospital – the canned fruits and mousses, the ones that do not require refrigeration and are fairly liquid (I remember how scary the first poop postpartum seemed!)

Then I went home and purchased 2 more items online: the nipple cream (which I could buy online but that’s quite a trip as only a few stores carry the one I like) and – to make shipping free – a nursing cover. Last time around I bought a cheap one from Toys-r-Us and it barely covered anything at all. It was too short and too narrow.

So there. I think I have everything now. Just need to pack the L&D bag, just in case – the prenatal classes lady (from before Timothy) always insisted it should be packed by week 32. And I am 33 now 🙂

We gave a bit more thought to who should sleep where. We have only 2 bedrooms (well… there is another room on the first floor which is a home office – but who wants to live on the 1st floor with the bedrooms on the 3rd when there are sleepless nights involved???)

At first, the plan was for me to take the new baby into the master bedroom and for hubby to move in with Timothy. However, the more I thought about it, the less sense it made. Yes, it will keep things familiar for Timothy – but you know what… He’s very easy-going and has no issues sleeping wherever.

On the other hand, EVERYTHING I need is in Timothy’s room: glider, changing table, baby monitor camera, etc. And moving all of it into the master bedroom is impossible, our king size bed takes too much space 🙂

So we’re probably going to bring Timothy into our bedroom maybe a week before the new baby arrives (so that Timothy doesn’t think the baby kicked him out of there), and then I will occupy the nursery with the baby until further notice… whenever the new baby starts sleeping more or less through the night (ahhh… with Timothy that was at about 6 weeks old…)

We also went double stroller shopping today. We don’t want to spend too much as we don’t foresee using it too long or too often – but we feel we might need it for a year max. There’s a stroller for $330 plus taxes – which is better than $800-1000 like most double strollers and better than the cheap ones for $130-200 (Timothy looked extremely uncomfortable in those). We didn’t buy it yet, but I think we will.

I picked up a carseat from a friend last weekend (her son outgrew it and they’re only starting TTC for baby #2, so we can use it for now).

Ahhh, we’re starting to get ready… Now I need to go through the boxes of clothes returned by my friend whose baby is a year younger than Timothy and make sure everything’s there (like winter sack for stroller outings and such).

Getting Clumsy

24 Dec

I read about pregnant women getting pregnant brains, getting clumsy, etc. – but haven’t really experienced it. Occasional forgetfulness wasn’t much more than usual. Losing balance or brushing my bump against something happened rarely.

Until today.

First, I was making tea for my hubby and I. He had a bit of a poisoning yesterday, so I was taking care of him, making a good big cup of strong black tea – with sugar. I closed the sugar jar and proceeded to pour the water when something tugged at my sleeve and BAM! – the glass jar ended up on the floor. Huh. Ikea knows what they’re doing, the jar remained intact. Apparently, the edge of my sleeve got caught in the latch and I bushed it off the counter.

Deep breath, on to making breakfast. The water is boiling, I take the egg pack out of the fridge, take an egg in my hand – next moment the egg is on the floor, leaking every which way. I don’t even know how this happened. Can’t I even hold things in my hands any longer?

Deep breath, my hubby wiped the mess… 5 minutes of boiling later, I am taking the pot with the eggs to the sink to pour some cold water over them. I pour the water in the pot, pour it out – and end up pouring it on the partition between the two sinks. The water splashes all over and ends up on the floor. Does EVERYTHING have to end up on the floor today?! Again, my hubby wiped the mess.

Okay, time for breakfast. We are drinking our teas, eating eggs, discussing the book about baby sign language that we bought the other day – when I decide to change my pose and almost knock the whole table off. Tea spilled, I feel mortified. Perhaps I should be fed my my hubby, securely attached to a chair so that I don’t drop, spill, or break anything else?..

Getting Closer to the “We Are Ready!”

23 Dec

Today was a tiresome day. Big grocery shopping – I am having friends over on the 25th. And big baby-related shopping. Hubby is freaking out that there are so many things to be done, so even though there is no real need to buy these things right now, I decided to provide him some relief.

5 hours later – I am home.

Grocery store was a ZOO. Insanity.

And then I went shopping for nursing pads, high-waist cotton panties, buttoned shirts, baby mittens, hypoallergenic laundry detergent, etc.

There are a few items we still need to buy – like a baby video monitor. They’re all ridiculously expensive in Canada (about 40% above the US prices!) and we cannot decide which one to buy. We bought one when we were in states – and we returned it the very next day. The batteries didn’t hold the charge – and all the reviewers online were complaining about the same thing.

I still need to decide which fabrics to order for the nursery curtains – which I will be sewing myself.

I need to do the big laundry and to pack the L&D bag. And then the remaining things will be small ones.

What Is It Like – to Be Someone Else?

22 Dec

We were wondering today – what if we could exchange bodies? Wouldn’t it be cool if my hubby could experience what it feels like – to have a baby inside?  To feel it move and stretch? To sense it startle and hiccup?To know – from the inside – what it feels like when there’s a bump of a heel traveling across your belly?

But then we thought – if this were, indeed, possible – then how do you decide when to stay in your own body? Like – okay, now it’s labour and I’m in pain – can I switch then and get my hubby to spend some time dealing with the pain?

And then he starts pushing and I yell at him: don’t push so hard or you will tear MY perineum!

Hmm, that would be tough. Deciding whose turn it is to experience something unpleasant. Not unlike deciding who’s doing the dishes 😉


21 Dec

All of a sudden, I feel really, REALLY exhausted today. I wanna sleep. My feet are tired. My legs are tired. My lower back aches. My belly feels incredibly heavy. Seriously – INCREDIBLY heavy.

Although the belly heaviness I should probably attribute to the lovely third-trimester-constipation phenomena. I think I haven’t used the washroom properly for 4 or 5 days now. Ouch.

I also need to watch more closely how much I eat. I tend to stuff the same portions inside myself, but the real estate inside me is highly limited. While I sit and eat, I feel ok – but the moment I stand up, I feel it: I overate. So I now need to consciously cut down my portion sizes.

I also need to watch my carbs. Sigh. So hard when the office is flooded with gift baskets full of sweets.

I switched from yogurt-and-bread in the morning to either eggs or hotdogs. Pathetic. I am also eating less sweet fruits.And I am trying to replace rice (I love rice! I can eat rice every day!) with veggies as a side.

I try and not snack at all unless I am actually hungry.

I really worry about the size of the baby. If it’s so hard and heavy to carry this big belly around now, what will it be like in 2-3 weeks? 5-6 weeks? I still have 6.5 weeks to go…

And – probably as a side effect of the overall exhaustion – I am getting irritable. Normally I am trying to be supportive of my hubby when he goes through his periodic panic phases (so much to do! so little time!) – but now it annoys me. I get irritated by the complaints about the lack of time, or the headaches, or whatever. I am not sure exactly why. Maybe I just don’t have enough compassion any longer for anyone else, feeling so exhausted myself.

I don’t like my irritability. I am trying to suppress it. I don’t always succeed, though.

Mmm. Do I sound really down? I’m not down, really. I am just… exhausted.

from getty images

Pregnancy Xmas Tree Ornament

20 Dec

I received a xmas tree ornament that I ordered online. We have a tradition of adding ornaments that signify main events of the past year – so I got a pregnancy ornament. This is what it looks like (mine is the brunette in pink dress on the right):

I searched for a logn time, but most were boring. Like this pudgy couple that is too boring for a xmas tree ornament. It lacks some kind of sparkle:

or this simple ball (I can make it myself!)

Or – even worse – flat white medal-like plastic ornaments with some pictures or sayings. Looks cheap.

Mine is made of metal and looks witty and cool and shiny 😉 Love it!

33 Weeks & OB Appointment #6

19 Dec

We hit the 33-week mark yesterday. It’s getting closer and closer and closer…

Apparently, the baby spends its waking hours with eyes wide open.

He still kicks and moves around a lot. Well, maybe not quite “around” – he stays head-down – but he definitely isn’t any less active than he was.

My photographer friend held a belly photoshoot session for us yesterday. We shall see how the pictures turn out. My hubby… do you remember that episode of Friends when Monica and Chandler want to take an engagement photo to be placed in a newspaper and Chandler always looks so creepy that Monica ends up posting a picture of her and Joey? My hubby is kind of like that in front of the camera, too.

He can’t hold a pose – he shifts and jitters. He can’t keep his eyes where he’s supposed to – trying to look at the photographer out of the corner of his eye. Looking extremely creepy 😉 He can’t smile nicely – he makes some weird… mmm… faces.

We’ll see… She took many pics – I hope there will be enough good ones. At least of me 😉

And today was OB appointment #6.

OB basically told me to go straight to L&D if anything happens for it will be hard getting a hold of anyone other than the hospital over the holiday break. And because of the holidays, the gap between my 2 appointments will be 3, not 2 weeks.

Baby still measures 2 weeks ahead – he’s at 35 weeks now (well, not the baby – the belly, which they measure with a tape).

The baby was very active during the appointment, sticking out his feet every which way, making the OB make a comment about my active alien. I wonder if he’s going to be the one who loves company and interaction with everyone around him. Many babies get quiet when an unfamiliar hand is placed on the belly – not my son.

OB said next time she’ll take a swab to make sure I don’t have some type of bacteria there which would be harmful for the baby during labour. Other than that – the appointment was uneventful. Blood pressure was 120/60, baby’s heartbeat normal. And the repeat sugar test was great.

So we have to sit around and wait to see how big it’s gonna grow. And try to be a good girl over the holidays (right… this seems unlikely… all I care about is carbs! I don’t even want meat or fish – at all).