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Keep Being Preggo? Give Birth? Can I Choose Both?

7 Jan

Less than 30 days to EDD… And things are getting progressively uncomfortable.

I swear, I heard a small CRACK! when the baby was busily stretching inside me yesterday. And then he went silent – it freaked me out!Did he just break something and lose consciousness? I started poking and shaking him – and sure enough he woke up with vengeance.

I can now always feel baby parts sticking out – he just doesn’t fit inside there any longer. My belly is forever weirdly shaped these days. It feels like this is what’s going on:

Only he is a boy…

I feel his hands digging below the – what are these bones called? the ones that stick out on very thing girls when they wear bikini? – well, below those bones. It’s hard to imagine that anything can be below those and not fall out of me.

His feet insistently stretch out of the left side of my belly. Which is better than when he kicks his feet upwards – in my ribs or diaphragm. At least once a day I jump, startled. Or hurt.

But you know what? I also feel sad because this awesome experience is coming to an end. I had wanted to be pregnant for so long. And when I did, finally, get pregnant, it felt like such a long journey – 8 more months from the moment I found out! And now most of the time has passed. Really, it could happen any day now. And I won’t be pregnant any longer. Yes, I will have a baby – but I all of a sudden feel like the time passed too fast and I didn’t quite enjoy the state of being pregnant.

Weird, very weird.

I guess I am just hormonal. Wishing for the pregnancy to never end – and wishing for the baby to be born early. I am a very confused pregnant woman – both things cannot happen!

And I increasingly worry – what if he’s born and something is really, really wrong with him? Horrible thoughts come to mind. I brush them away fairly successfully – but they still plague me…

Anyway… this is a long-winded, kind of babbling and empty post… So I’ll finish it here and now 😉

One Month to EDD

5 Jan

My EDD is Feb. 5th. Today is Jan. 5th. Yikes!

At the same time, not yikes. At the same time I started to secretly wish he gets born a bit earlier. After he reaches full term – 37 weeks – of course.

This is not a “I complain, please feel sorry for me” post – I feel the need to document all the discomforts. The professional in me likes all observations documented.

Yesterday he decided to do some big-time stretching when I went to bed. Head pressing against my bladder, feet against my left ribs. Not matter how hard I tried to arch my back, or switch to the other side – he still squeezed and pushed.

Overall, since he dropped, I fell like a have a bag of stones in my belly. All his limbs are in new places now, pressing painfully against my skin. there is a spot above my belly that feels sore – because his bum is pressing there most of the time.

When he hiccups, it reverberates in my rectum. As I am typing this, he kicked me in my boob! Which is sort of resting on my bump when I am seated. Putting on pants hurts – because when I bend over, the baby puts all his weight on my bladder. The lower back started to hurt.

I just feel that we are both uncomfortable – he’s really restrained inside there, no room to move. I am all achy and grumpy.

If I stand for too long, my bum hurts. Some bones or ligaments or whatever feel kind of stuck. So when I stand waiting for my streetcar to arrive, I need to shift a bit. Otherwise keen pain shoots through those bones.

The bones on the inside of my thighs hurt under the pressure of the baby, under his and the uterus’ weight.

And I feel ridiculously dehydrated today. I keep drinking – water, tea, milk – and barely pee. Bizarre.

Is it gonna be one month more? Less? More? We’ll see. But I do secretly hope it will be less. Even though my sister will arrive on my EDD (got her air tickets) and delivering early means she won’t be around to help.

Weirdly, I don’t even feel like a bad mother for wishing to give birth early. I feel like I should be ashamed – but I am not. For what it’s worth…

Swelling. Emergency Trip. Dropping. Peeing.

3 Jan

Did I mention I am all swollen “down there”? Swollen so much I almost couldn’t see the opening in the mirror? Itches like crazy when I shower? Feels “fallen asleep” when I sit for too long?

Well, today a bit of bleeding was added into this joyful mix and I decided not to tempt fate and go and get checked.

I was impressed with the speed – I was in and out in 2 hours. Wow!

And it all turned out normal. Normal late-pregnancy swelling – increased blood flow, pressure of the fluid- and baby-filled uterus, blah-blah… And bleeding was from a little skin crack on the outside. Caused by swelling.

Remedy? Giving birth. Yay. 5 more weeks of fun.

Although… I am not sure it is gonna be 5 more weeks. Cause as I was walking down the office corridor today, I literally felt the baby fall through. I am fairly sure he dropped – the pelvic pressure is incredible. I cannot walk and not waddle, it’s impossible. Standing up hurts. Walking hurts. Not hurts-hurts, it’s manageable, but still – it hurts.

I am so looking forward to not having to go to work… 2 more weeks (which, for me, is 8 more working days).

And now let me get a cushion under my lower back, stretch my feet onto the coffee table, spread my legs so that the swollen area gets enough room, arch my back so that there’s enough room for the baby’s feet before they hit my ribs… Until I need to go pee.

Yeah. Another sign of dropping – all of a sudden the peeing frequency increased. Nothing too bad yet – but much more than it was.

Fun times.

Belly Getting Bigger, Heavier, Harder…

2 Jan

Looks like winter decided to arrive, after all. It’s snowing! I llllike it. I am sure, not for long – but right now I like it! It gets brighter and cleaner outside.

My baby boy is misbehaving. Yesterday I discovered that he turned sideways. Very breech. And was stretching while in that pose – highly uncomfortable.

I think he turned once I got into bed. I guess it got too uncomfortable with the belly squish-squashed against the mattress and pillow. Right now I am not certain if he’s head-down or bum-down, but definitely not sideways.

I still feel sleepy and tired after the New Year’s night. And tomorrow is a work day, I’ll have to get up early. Not looking forward to it. Well, only 8 work days left (I work 3 days a week). Jan. 17th is my last day at work! Looking forward to it. Carrying this belly around is now very tiring. Depending on the baby’s position, I sometimes feel like the belly might tear off and fall down. Icy sidewalks get me nervous, too – I can’t even see where I step. And, well – I am just overall tired. I am looking forward to staying at home and doing nothing – before the big busy life starts with the baby!

I am discovering BH more and more often. Still only through touch; I cannot actually feel the contractions.

Baby hiccups more and more often.

Overall, belly seems less pointy, rounder. I don’t think the baby has dropped (especially considering his yesterday’s breech position), but something is going on.

Well, ninth month has started… I am starting to freak out!

8 Months. 35 Weeks. Happy New Year. All Today!

1 Jan

Now here’s a coincidence – today is exactly 35 weeks, exactly 8 months (my last cycle started on May 1st) and – 2012 is here! 3 more weeks till full term. 2 more weeks till EDD.

New Year celebration was a bit tough on me. First of all, being a sober person among those drinking isn’t much fun. It’s not even entertaining as it once used to be when we were all younger. It’s kind of boring. And then I was too sleepy – that single insomnia episode this past week threw my biorhythms off: I actually started feeling sleepy around 6 pm! Anyway, I survived until 3 pm (and another 30 minutes it took us to get home).

I woke tired and full today (too much eating through the night ;))

This morning, the newsletters on baby development are telling me he isn’t gonna grow much longer (higher?) from this point on, but will keep on getting fat.

It also says that his hearing is very well developed now and he is especially attuned to high-pitch noises. That explains why he moves so much when he hears certain songs!

It also says that baby is so cramped he couldn’t move much. False. My baby moves just as much as he used to. Yesterday, as our friends (the hosts of the party) were giving us a tour of their HUGE new house, the baby kept stretching and poking one of his feet so far out the left side of my upper belly that I literally feared he was gonna poke a hole through the wall of his sac and my uterus and my belly. Still – I am grateful he’s not one of those kicking you in the ribs. Maybe simply because I am relatively tall (5.7).

I got a pretty bad case of swelling down there. I took a peak in a mirror and – woah! Wearing pants is uncomfortable. The mere thought of having sex is terrifying. Soap makes it burn. Dr. Google says it’s common in the late phases of pregnancy – the increased blood flow, the increased pressure of the baby… but it could be an infection, too. We shall see. But it’s oh-so-uncomfortable!

Anyway… happy 2012 – the year our baby will arrive!