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Figuring Out Contractions

14 Jan

I am feeling lower back and lower abdomen pains. And I feel like I need to poop (which I did, but still feel like I need to). The pains are completely irregular and ease off when I sit back with a pillow under my lower back, so even if these are contractions, they probably are false ones.

Let’s see how it goes. No other signs of labour. I will be 37 weeks tomorrow, plus my OB told me on Monday that the baby has reached the full-term size, so if he decides to get born, no one will try to stop him.

I honestly doubt I am in labour. But having these pains makes me realise just how close I am. That, really, any time now might be THE time. I feel confused.

No Cook, No Food

13 Jan

I stopped cooking almost completely. I cannot find the energy to get up and cook. I wish I had a high chair so that I can do most of the preparation stuff while seated.

I am not suffering because I eat only once a day – at lunch. But my hubby does suffer. And he works too much and already does so much stuff around the house that I cannot ask him to cook, too.

Where do I get the energy? All I wanna do is sit. And read blogs, write blogs, paint, read books – anything that doesn’t involve me moving. Or paying attention to (food shouldn’t overcook… or overflow… or get burned… you need to pay close attention to it – it’s so high-maintenance!)

Argh… I am worried. Because with the baby here, I am sure I will be even more tired with the lack of sleep. What are we gonna do then? We can’t eat frozen perogies and hotdogs forever.

Feeling Full, Swollen, Large, and Heavy

12 Jan

My colleagues threw my a baby shower today – got a blue basket of goodies. And then we went out for lunch – it’s almost 10 pm now but I still cannot even think of eating. That’s the way it is lately: I eat big lunch and then cannot eat until the next morning. Or eat an apple at most. Which, I guess, is not something to complain about – I am not gaining weight. However, the thing is I do crave things with my eyes – and it pisses me off I cannot eat. There’s no space!

After lunch I had a cup of tea and for about an hour afterwards, I could hear it at the top of my stomach when I walked. As if I were a walking flask…

My right nipple is INSANELY itchy. I don’t know what to do any longer, it’s KILLING ME. Tried using baby cream – didn’t help. Maybe I should start using the breastfeeding cream already?..

The closer I get to the due date, the less I can imagine it. And no amount of baby kicks and stretches can bring me closer to the idea of him being born soon, to change our lives forever. Somehow, when the EDD was further away, the idea was more relatable. Now I simply cannot believe this is really happening. Tuesday is my last day at work. My life is changing. Forever.

Ouch. The baby is doing some painful stretches right now. And he’s so strong, too! I can hardly force his feet back in when he pushes too hard.

My feet started to swell. My toes, ankles, all of it… Not too bad, not elephant feet like some women get (not yet, anyway) – but they do swell.

And my fingers, too – every other morning I cannot put on my wedding band (I still can squeeze the engagement ring on, though – it’s a bit bigger, I guess). Yes, I remove the rings the moment I get home. It’s something all the women in my family do. I cannot stand having rings on, especially when I cook or do dishes or whatever… So now in the mornings I often cannot put the rings back on before I go outside.

My face is swollen, too – my nose is rounder and plumpier.

And overall I feel large and heavy. I walk like a penguin and cannot walk any other way. When I stand up, the baby’s weight falls on the front side of my lower belly and it usually hurts. I often have to stand, all slumped, for a few seconds before I can straighten up.


11 Jan

I am more energetic these days. I don’t feel like I need to sleep all the time. I am eager to do things. I go to bed late and wake up early. Is it the predicted energy of nesting that hits you a couple of weeks before delivery? Could it be that I am getting ready?

I am trying to be cautious and stop before I start doing things I feel like doing (and I feel like moving furniture, imagine!) – and keep it low-key. But I definitely am more energetic. Went for a half-hour walk after work yesterday (we are experiencing one of the warmest Januaries ever, I think), went to bed past 1 am yesterday, woke up at 8 am fully rested… So not like me 😉

If we had two cars, I bet you I would be running around, buying new bedding for our bedroom, bookshelves for the nursery, etc. As it is – we have one car which my hubby uses to get to work, so I sit at home and work on a photobook that is supposed to cover our pre-baby lives, since the moment we started dating 3.5 years ago. My goal is to get it done this week.

So this is a low-key activity. It keeps me out of trouble. Away from moving furniture 😉

OB Appointment #7

9 Jan

Another appointment. From now on I will be seeing her every week – my next appointment is next Monday.

The baby (or, rather, the belly) measures at 37 weeks – only 1 week ahead (the previous 2 visits he measured 2 weeks ahead). My “diet” seems to be working! I lowered my sugar and carbs intake significantly. I also haven’t gained any weight – still at 74 kg (13 kg above pre-pregnancy).

Well, my overall lack of appetite plays a role here, too.

The heartbeat was perfect, my blood pressure was 120/60 as always. Very stable – which is very good, according to the doc.

I also had the test for some microorganism to make sure it is safe for the baby to be delivered vaginally. The ugly part was that I had to go to the bathroom and take the swab myself – front and back. I am not very apt with sticking things inside myself without a mirrow, especially when my lady bits are swollen and feel strange…

Since the baby measures at full-term, she said that if he decides to get born – he’s ready, no one will be trying to stop him. And that I should go straight to L&D if anything feels wrong, immediately.

Baby is head down, however, despite what I was thinking, not engaged (=has not dropped). So all this pressure and swelling of my lady parts was not connected to the dropping. It’s just the blood flow and general weight of the uterus filled with water and baby…

All in all, everything is fine.

36 Weeks

8 Jan

36 weeks. This sounds like a LOT of weeks, I can hardly believe it’s been so long!

What does this wonderful time bring me?

Lower back pains when I sleep. I don’t know why – I am fairly okay throughout the day, but no amount of pillows can make me comfortable during the night. I actually wish I could sleep standing on all four – that seems to be the favourable position for the lower back. But as I cannot sleep like that, I always wake up with sore lower back. The belly is so heavy it pulls – I guess – some muscles there. And sticking pillows under the belly to fight the force of gravity doesn’t help much.

Contractions. They are still not painful and I still discover them mostly by accident – by touching my belly and feeling the hardness of the uterus. But sometimes I feel like I am having light menstrual cramps – and would check the uterus – and sure enough it would be hard. So my body is practicing, without causing me too much trouble (thank you, body).

Baby stretches. Baby moves almost non-stop these days. It feels like he’s a restless insomniac, trying to find a comfortable position, tossing and turning, tossing and turning. And then stretching – that’s when my baby starts moving like an accordion – a huge bump to the right, a smaller, sharper one to the left. Sometimes it hurts. And then the baby would get a fit of hiccups – and with his size it feels like there’s an earthquake going on – my whole body shakes. Poor thing, I wish I could comfort him…

Swollen and itching down below. Oy, this is really, really, REALLY uncomfortable. Common, apparently – and no relief other than giving birth. I switched to using the baby bath soap – you know, the hypoallergenic stuff. It seems to help. A bit.

For whatever reason, I think my breasts are softer, less firm. Not sure what’s that about. Still huge, with nipples getting darker by the hour, though.

On the bright side: I am still not a crazy pee-er. As I talk to people, I come to realize that I probably have a very roomy bladder. Before pregnancy, I could go for HOURS without having to pee. Like pee at home before work and then again – when I get home after work. After a full day of work. Now, of course this is not how it always happened – but every now and then it did. Yes, I don’t drink 2L of water a day – but still. SO while now I do pee more often – it’s still not maddening. I wake once during the night. Sometimes I don’t wake up at all. It’s a mystery to me – but I am glad this is how it is. Thinking of my friend who would wake up 15 times during the night… I’d rather sleep before the baby arrives, thank you very much!

Another positive? Still no stretchmarks – yay to heredity!

Hair is getting really thick – hardly need the strainer in the bath: there’s nothing to catch. A lose a few hairs a day.2-5 hairs a day, I would guess.

I think labour might be nearing – I feel more nesting. We recently did some renovations, essentially creating an extra closed-up room (which used to be an unused open-concept space) – and I happily spent the day yesterday cleaning it, packing the shelves with books (having the books sorted by topic), and making it overall comfy. I am into things like that nowadays.

The crib we ordered has arrived – we’ll need to pick it up at the store next week. I need to sew the curtains. And we need to buy and assemble a couple of ikea shelving units.

But I feel like we’re on track. The baby laundry is done, the L&D bag is packed, overall the nursery is ready (we do have the blinds even if I never get around to sewing the curtains), so we’re ready!