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Royally Annoyed

4 Feb

So my EDD is tomorrow. There’s gonna be a newborn baby any minute. My sister and niece are arriving tomorrow. And that’s the moment our boiler decided to break down! No hot water, no heat. Thank god, at least it’s a relatively warm winter this year. So far it’s 68 degrees indoors. I put some pots of water on the stove to heat up the house.

But really, REALLY bad timing.

And, of course, a technician charges 50% more on weekends. And what with the imminent labour and guests’ arrival, we cannot wait until Monday!!!

UPD: I’m a genius. Before forking up $200+ to a technician, I decided to switch the boiler’s fuse off and on. Seems to have done the trick! Had a nice HOT shower and it’s nice and cozy at home 😉

When Is His Birthday?

3 Feb

Now everyday we wonder: will it be our baby’s birthday? My hubby even interrogates my belly: “what do you want for your birthday”? 🙂

So far, the only thing that is certain is that the baby’s going to be a Dragon (the Chinese new year has began) and Aquarius (he definitely won’t stay inside until the 22ns, when Pisces start). But which day will be the b-day?

Labour is imminent. (TMI alert!)I remember they mentioned that usually your body starts to purge everything before labour – and it is true. No more constipation, that’s for sure. I am now like a clockwork. And it feels like I get more out than in.

I pay attention to every little pain or twinge in my back and/or belly – is this it? Is this the beginning? I get the menstrual cramps in my lower back every other day now. This dreadful, uncomfortable feeling (which I almost forgot about, what with being pregnant, and rarely having periods the year prior to getting preggo).

But it looks like the 40-week mark will come and go on Sunday, and I will have to see my OB on Monday…

Still Inside!

2 Feb

39w4d and he’s still inside me! He kicks and sometimes shudders (it freaks me out!) I hope shuddering is normal.

My sister is arriving at noon on Sunday, so chances are getting higher and higher that I will still be pregnant when she comes. Or that I will actually be in labour 😉

I ran out of things that need to be done before the baby’s arrival. Now it’s reading-painting-doing nothing. And guessing – will it start with the water breakage? With contractions? Or will I need to get induced?..

Nesting… Mom meetup group… Zen About Labour

1 Feb

Crazy nesting continues. Not only did I single-handedly (is this a real word? wordpress underlined it in red) assemble 3 (THREE) bookcases/wardrobes for the nursery and the closet in the nursery, assemble the baby bouncer, hang the pictures and sort and arrange all the baby stuff in all the new storage – I washed the blinds today, the windows (in the nursery) and got my hubby to mount the videocam (for baby monitor). I keep going round, wiping, cleaning, sorting, arranging. It’s insane. I am a very laid-back person when it comes to housekeeping. I usually clean when it’s dirty, but not before (or because “I always do this on Wednesdays”).

I also visited a local moms meetup group today – it was lovely (always a pleasant surprise when you meet a lot of strangers through internet and they turn out to be nice). I am hoping to get to know more mommies in the area as I know no one here (we moved here just over a year ago). Of course, they told me lots of birth, water breakage, and natural deliveries stories. And half of them told me that visiting an Italian restaurant lead them – or someone they know – to getting contractions (we met in an Italian restaurant). Hmm, we shall see.

What else?

These days, when I wake up to pee around 6 am, I cannot go back to sleep because everything aches and hurts. I am just not comfortable. I toss and turn and then get up with my hubby at 7 am. Today I managed to fall asleep on the couch, had a nice nap. I guess soon all I will be doing is napping – an hour here, half an hour there… Better get used to the couch 😉

My sister is coming on Sunday, with my niece. I wonder if the baby will arrive before then or not (it’s my EDD). Or during (in which case I have my best friend ready to go and pick them up at the airport).

Overall, I am in a weird mood. Even the girls commented today how amazingly Zen I am about this whole labour thing. Somehow I am not worried, or excited, or anxious, or whatever. I personally feel that my attitude is similar to when I go back to Russia to visit my family: I am excited to go there and see them, but I know there will be a painfully long trip, maybe with delays, with lack of sleep, and with a heavy jet lag afterwards. This comparison might pound very weird or even insensitive to you, but that’s how I pretty much feel about the labour itself: it’s gonna be long, it’s gonna be painful, but it won’t last forever. The outcome will be very exciting, but the labour itself is not something I am looking forward to – it’s just an inevitable step on the way to meeting my baby. So I don’t think about it. And do not stress over it. Yes, I guess I am zen. At least for now. When contractions start – I might get an adrenaline rush and finally realize – THIS IT! THIS IS HAPPENING!

For now? I am cleaning, reading, and painting.

Marley & Me

31 Jan

I watched Marley & Me today. I was pleasantly surprised – I expected it to be a shallow romantic comedy, but it was more than that. But that’s beyond the point.

The point is, it made me cry. There is this scene where they come for their first 10-week ultrasound. First, the technician couldn’t find the heartbeat with the doppler. And then she proceeds to do the u/s and, changing in face, excuses herself, comes back with the doctor who breaks the news: there’s no heartbeat and no baby.

I was bawling. Hugging my belly and telling my baby boy inside there how much I love him and how grateful I am to have him, to pass all those early ultrasounds – seeing just a pixel of heartbeat going on and off at 6 weeks, seeing beginnings of arms and legs at 8 weeks, and then even seeing him move and wiggle his limbs at 10 weeks… and then, of course, feeling him move around. All the way to now – feeling his big rolls and stretches. I cried and cried (I was home alone), telling him how we both – mommy and daddy – love him and cannot wait to meet him.

Hugs to all of you who had to go through this in real life. You are very brave and you deserve better. And I do believe – you will get there.

Humbly yours, Zygotta.

Pre-Birth Energy Boost

30 Jan

I remember them telling us at the prenatal classes that just before going in labour (like over the last week), you not only nest like crazy – you get an energy boost. Hmmm, I am guessing I’m there.

Today, I unpacked one of the bookcases that we had bought at Ikea yesterday. I brought it upstairs, 2 items at a time (the whole box was way too heavy). I found the necessary tools, assembled, and installed it in a closet in the nursery and re-arranged all the stuff in the closet. Now I have normal storage – there was so much space wasted!

I moved the crib and glider to allow more space for 2 more cabinets/wardrobes (they have doors, drawers, open shelves… for toys, clothes, books, stuff).

I am currently doing one final laundry load of baby stuff (I got some more after my big laundry day a month ago).

I assembled the bouncer.

I hung the paintings that I painted last week.

I added a few final items to my L&D bag (liquid snacks… jello and such).

Next I will do a laundry load and set the bed for myself in the nursery – and for the baby (well, for him its only a matter of stretching the bedsheet over the mattress ;))

I am sure my hubby will be horrified that I engaged in all this manual labour, but I was super-careful to not lift or push anything too heavy. And I feel so accomplished.

I can put my feet up and watch a movie now. Or maybe I should watch it while bouncing on a yoga ball…

39 Weeks

30 Jan

Huh, I am obviously ready to transition over to the next stage. I think for the first time I forgot to post the “week number so-and-so” post on time! A few times, I posted late – but never because I forgot.

So there you are – reaching 39 weeks finally did it. I forgot to post about it. I was preoccupied with painting, watching movies (I recently discovered you can get movies for free in your local library – which just happens to be across the street), shopping for some furniture at Ikea…

People are starting to annoy me. I though usually everyone starts asking you “any news yet?” after you pass your EDD. But no. I get emails and calls on a daily basis now. Cheerfully asking “how are you feeling? any progress? any news?” People, I am still a week away from even my EDD – and then it is pretty common to go a few days over!

I assure everyone I will let them know. I inform them we’ve created a mailing list and an email will go out as soon as we have news to share. I started asking people to not ask me the question. Argh.

The furniture we bought in Ikea yesterday ( we need more storage in the nursery) barely fit into our car. After playing tetris with the boxes, car seat that we already installed, some junk in the trunk, me and hubby, I ended up in the passenger seat pushed forward to the point that I was leaning forward, the top of my head in contact with the roof of the car (bumping on each pothole which are plentiful this time of the year), my knees squeezed between the seat and the panel. Baby didn’t appreciate this weird position and kicked me all the way home (which, thankfully, is only about 10 minutes). My hubby said that now I know how cramped our baby must feel inside 🙂

Why did I leave my driving license at home??? I could’ve been driving, having squeezed my hubby in the passenger seat…

Anyway… I feel kind of sorry for my baby. I think he should be happy to get out and be able to stretch his legs and arms 😉 Well, soon enough 😉 For now – watching movies while bouncing on a yoga ball, a lunch date in an Indian restaurant. We should also try sex. Especially since, from all I am hearing, there will be no sex for at least 6 weeks post-partum…

But I am not rushing my baby. I just hope he doesn’t stay too long past my EDD.

And since I didn’t gain ANY weight over the past 4 weeks, I am misbehaving. Ice-cream, nutella and bread all around. It’s a feast!