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Pregnant Art: 4 Weeks Pregnant

22 Jul

And another spread from my pregnancy artbook. I share them in a totally haphazard fashion, ain’t I? ๐Ÿ™‚

This one is from when I was 4 weeks. From the time when my baby was the size of a poppy seed. And there are actual poppy seeds glued here!!

As always, images are clickable to be viewed in somewhat better resolution.

5 weeks pregnant - baby is the size of a poppy seed!

Poppy seeds:

This is a poppy seed. That’s how big my baby was at 4 weeks (or, rather, how small :))

5 Weeks Pregnant - Poppy seed

To Crave or Not to Crave

4 Jun

I am not sure whether I actually am having cravings. I mean – whether they are any different than cravings you might get while not pregnant – but I do know that now I am very fast to indulge myself on whatever whims I get.

Two days ago I really, REALLY wanted herring in mayo-and-beets salad. Mmmmm. I ate the whole jar within 24 hours. I don’t think I like the way I smell now ๐Ÿ™‚ Thank god it’s the weekend and my hubby also ate a lot of the stuff.

Yesterday it was carbs. Cereals, cakes, pizzas.

Today it was an omeletย  for dinner.

But I am fairly sure these aren’t pregnancy cravings. Those are just me having a reason to indulge myself.

No other preggo signs. Well, boobs started to get a bit sore at the upper part.

Oh, and my libido seems to have come back! Yay!

Pump the Adrenaline

3 Jun

I am a very new driver. I waited for a very long time to get my license because I was terrified of driving. Of the responsibility. Of the risks. Still am afraid, in fact.

Today I spent 2 hours in my car in total. Hyperventilating most of the time, feeling something pulsating very strongly just below my left ribs (lower than heart – aorta?), feeling dizzy with so much blood pumping. I feel the Pulse even now, thinking of the experience.

By the way, is my heart rate already elevated due to pregnancy, regardless of adrenaline rushes?

Anyway. I was stressed and tense. I tried breathing exercises (while stopped at traffic lights), I tried holding my breath, I tried smiling – nothing worked. The Pulse was thumping. Shaking my whole body.

I talked to my baby. I asked my baby not to be afraid if it feels my fears and my adrenalin rushes. I told the baby I love her/him. And that I already can’t wait to see her/him. It seemed to calm me down – but also distracted me from the road.


I wonder – can strong adrenalin rushes be harmful for a baby?..

Pregnancy and Libido

2 Jun

Yeah, I read before that for some women pregnancy brings a total libido change. Mine came in the form of complete lack of interest in sex. I mean – nothing. Nada. Zero.

My worries about my cervix getting bumped during an intercourse and starting to bleed as the result also don’t make sex sound very attractive. It’s not dangerous, I know – but I will always be questioning the blood I’ll see.


What can be done to improve sex drive?

Taking Care of My Health

31 May

So I need to take better care of myself.

I already eat healthy – I cook from scratch and rarely use and pre-cooked ingredients. But yesterday I took a look at the suggested number of servings of all the major food groups and my reaction was: who on earth can eat that much? And I am not talking only about the pregnancy diet – even what they suggest you should normally eat, when not pregnant. 2 servings of milk for a not pregnant woman? half a liter? daily? seriously? And up to a liter for a pregnant woman? 10 vegetables and fruits? 10 pieces of bread (or equivalent in grain products)? I mean, what am I, an elephant?

I’ll try to add more salmon and liver to my diet, but other than that… This is ridiculous. I’ll bet on my vitamins.

I don’t drink enough. I guess that’s why I had a really bad headache yesterday. I should make myself drink more.

I need to exercise. You won’t tell it by looking at me, I am fairly slim, but I barely move. I am lazy. I can stay at home all day. And to have a healthy baby, and an easier labour, I need to move more. So I started looking for a prenatal yoga class. I hope I am not ridiculously early for that ๐Ÿ™‚ My hubby and I will try to have evening walks as often as we can. And we’ll also start going to the pool at least once a week.

And one more thing: I really can’t find any suggestions on the safe sex positions. I mean, they write everywhere that it’s common to get some bleeding after an intercourse if the cervix gets bumped. And my cervix almost always gets bumped. It’s a size thing, sorry for TMI. And I don’t want to freak out every time I look at a toilet paper piece. What are the poses that don’t allow for a too deep penetration?

Worries and Interesting Facts

31 May

I will start with worries.

My betas were 63 on Friday and 230 on Monday. Which means they quadrupled in 3 days. My friend told me it’s growing too fast. Dr. Google scared me. Really scared me. Unless it’s twins, it’s a lot of unpleasant things that can cause this. I am calming myself down with thoughts that maybe early on it doesn’t grow precisely by the book?After all, it doubles every 36 hours instead of 48…

I don’t have any symptoms. No morning sickness, no sore breasts, no nothing – other than the urge to pee in early morning. But then my sister told me she didn’t even know with her second child that she was pregnant until she was almost 3 months. She also had no signs.

So I am trying to stop worrying over everything.

Now, moving on to interesting facts. While my dearest hubby thought that the more I am going to eat from now on, the better (I had to explain all the risks of over-eating and bust his intent to feed me with chocolate croissants on a daily basis), I found stats in my book where exactly all those extra pounds are being allocated to (this is based on a 30 lbs weight gain):

Baby – 7.5 lbs

Breasts – 2 lbs (woah!)

Maternal stores of fat, protein, and other nutrients – 7 lbs

Placenta – 1.5 lbs

Uterus – 2 lbs (this one I don’t get… is it the uterus walls that get so heavy?)

Amniotic fluid – 2 lbs

Blood – 4 lbs

Body fluids – 4 lbs

So I guess once the baby is out, it’s the breasts and the stores of fat that remain?

Fingers Crossed

30 May

So my betas went from 63 on Friday to 230 today. Everything seems to be normal.

The light shade of brown is still there, as well as slight cramps (but they might be the cramps from progesterone beacuse as opposed to constipation it gives me diarrhea).

And it’s a loooong wait from here – my ultrasound is 2 weeks away on the 13th. We will both go, me and my hubby.

I feel scared for my little poppy seed to stay unmonitored for so long. I am worried not to get any news for so long.

Well, I guess I’ll have to learn not to! Once I start my new job on the 6th of June, I guess my brain will be a bit more distracted from constant thinking about my poppy seed. Which is scheduled to be is big as a sesame seed this week!

Light Shade of Brown

29 May

Light shade of brown on the toilet paper.


What if it’s chemical pregnancy? After all, today is CD29… my last cycle was 31 days (my luteal phase was 16-17 days long). Could it be because I’ve been taking less progesterone (they told me to take 200 mg instead of 400 mg in the evenings until I get more supply on Monday).

Please, please, please let it be nothing…

Why Am I Being Ridiculous?

29 May

So I was thinking to myself, why am I being so ridiculous? Yes, I am pregnant. Like millions, billions of women were before me. And those women went on with hard manual labour, carrying heavy stuff (their older kids, for example!), some even working in inhuman conditions.

For centuries, there was no distilled water. Water was mostly contaminated and drinking beers and wines was much safer than just water. So alcohol consumption was really big.

And they all did it!

So why do I feel the way I do? Overly anxious and worried and uncertain?

Today, it hit me.

I know lots of people who just got pregnant. Pretty much like “you wanna have a baby? let me see… oh, I am ovulating tomorrow, let’s get on with it” – and then BAM! – they report they’re pregnant 2 weeks later. I am serious, this is a real story.

And then I have a few friends that are fighting infertility, multiple miscarriages, unsuccessful IVFs, stillbirths and so on.


So all I know from my immediate surrounding is that either you’re perfectly healthy and get pregnant fast and easy on your own, or you do have a problem and all you see is follicles not growing, body not responding, ovulation not happening, chemical pregnancies, miscarriages, disappearing heartbeats… And no success stories. For years and years.

I really want to be the one to break through this IF muck – and hopefully start the lucky strike for my friends.

But right now these stats are taking their toll on me. I’m afraid it will be like them. Something going wrong as opposed to me greeting a perfectly healthy baby in early February next year…