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My Second Beta Results

12 Jul

No, they didn’t call me. But I was passing by the clinic and decided to pop in and see if the results were back. They were and everything’s progressing nicely. Beta was just above 700 on Friday, and was over 5000 on Wednesday.

Looks like this is really happening!

11 Jul

I keep being forgetful. Bringing Timothy to a doctor’s appointment without shoes – he ran around the waiting room in socks. Left my phone at home today. And hundreds of smaller forgetfulnesses (is there such a word?)

I don’t know how far along I am, exactly, so I decided to designate the date on my own, according to which I am 5w4d right now. I need to establish the count!

My appetite went down dramatically. That’s weird. I don’t remember this happening with Timothy.

And – like with Timothy – I lost interest in sweets. Which sort of sucks. I lost my little indulgence! I don’t know how to treat myself when I feel like I deserve a little something.

I still do not really believe I am pregnant. I am afraid to believe in it. Constant cramps, lower back pains and weird navel pains just add to the worries.

Strangely, at the same time, I literally burst with desire to tell the world I am preggo. So far only hubby, my best friend, and you guys know I’m preggo. My sister is coming to visit for 3 weeks on Tuesday – I’ll tell her then. I am undecided on when to tell the rest. I don’t think I will be waiting until the end of the first trimester, like last time. I guess already having one child makes you slightly less vulnerable to the “what ifs”? I don’t know.

I try to avoid carrying Timothy. I try to eat more fruits. I excluded caffeine. I started taking prenatal vitamins (I hope it’s not too late?). But I still don’t really understand that there’s another Tetyoshka growing inside me.

It’s so different from the first pregnancy, when I was constantly reading everything under the sun. Now it’s more like “oh yeah… I think I am not supposed to eat goat cheese”. Not having actively tried to get pregnant, it’s very strange to actually become pregnant. After all the time and effort that went into Timothy. I wonder at what point I will really grasp it?..

Baby Bump In Progress

23 Aug

Here are my baby bump pics from 6, 10, and 14 weeks.

The 6-to-10 progress is slight, but it’s there. The 10-to-14 progress is much more obvious.

All pics were taken in mornings, when I was not bloated from progesterone suppositories (even now, at 16 weeks, I am smaller than on some of those progesterone-bloated days… man, did it hurt!)

Preggo Bump at 6 weeks, 10 weeks, and 14 weeks

Miscellaneous Musings and Nightmares

11 Jun

Had a terrible dream today. That I miscarried: went to the washroom and… well, I am not going to describe all the gory details. Was relieved to wake up. Was 6:30 am, so went and took the ass pill. Worried a bit about the upcoming u/s on Monday. Slept until 9 am.

Was again a bit nauseous this morning when finally woke up. Nausea lasted longer than the previous 2 days. But still not too bad. Nothing to get in the way of my life. Well, maybe sex won’t make it quite to the top of the list…

Still no food aversions. Food craving are harder to spot as having food cravings is a norm for me šŸ™‚ Totally want veggies and fruits all the time. And then thoughts of burgers and hot dogs make my mouth water. And I typically am not a big fan of either one!

Nipples getting enormous. Boobs went up a whole size already. Getting more and more painful. Like “ouch, don’t hug me like that” painful.

Hubby asked some questions related to giving birth. Am so far from even thinking about that at this point. I guess when I graduate from the clinic to a normal gynecologist, then will be the time.

Tomorrow will be 6 weeks. Only 6 weeks. This is a looooong journey. Well, it is shorter than the journey up to here… Especially if I throw in the childless years with no hope at the horizon with husband number one. As long as awful things remain in my dreams and never cross over to the real world…

Walking on Thin Ice

11 Jun

Have a questions for all of you. You’re all in the IF community so will have a POV (point of view) – I hope.

My two best friends have been trying to get pregnant for years now. They have different stories – failed IVFs, miscarriages, etc. Bottom line is – still no baby.

Now that I got pregnant, I am never sure how to behave. Just how much to share and overall – how much to talk about pregnancy. On the one hand – they’re my best friends. They love me and want what’s best for me and I need their support. On the other hand, it probably hurts for them.

I noticed one of them is getting an ‘eye-roll’ reaction to some of the things I say. She thinks that when she finally manages to get pregnant, she will relax and just live her life and enjoy being pregnant. Because there isn’t anything she can do to prevent a miscarriage – so why bother worrying? I am pretty sure she’s wrong and that when she does get pregnant that won’t be how she feels. But this reaction hurts me. Like when I declined bowling. I didn’t feel comfortable throwing extremely heavy balls for 2 hours. Big eye-roll in response.

So I am not sure. Just drop the subject of being pregnant and only answer when they ask with short and brisk “everything’s fine”? What else can I do?

I am Concerned

10 Jun

No-no, everything seems to be fine, knock on wood. Was nauseous this morning again, lasted a bit longer, but the nausea still was very mild.

The concern is… yesterday Jenna said she bets it’s a boy (since I find my skin glowing). And just like that – I realized I was visualizing a girl. And nothing else. To the point that a baby-boy seems hard to imagine.Unbelievable. Impossible.

No, I am not saying I don’t want a boy – it’s just that this thought never REALLY crossed my mind. Like, I never believed my first child could be a boy.

So now I am concerned and annoyed with my own self. I already feel like a failure. Like a bad mother. Even before I started feeling as a mother at all.


First Time

9 Jun

No, not that first time šŸ™‚ Today I felt nauseous for the first time. In the morning. It was mild and didn’t last long. And unless last night’s perogies were rotten or something, that was it – the morning sickness.

The book says the morning sickness is at its worse at 7-12 weeks. I am in my 6th week.

The book says to eat often and not too much. It also suggests I should eat something before getting out of bed. And I should carry around a ziploc bag with a piece of lemon to sniff whenever I feel nauseous. Makes me feel like a fragile lady in a corset from 19th century. They used to sniff something all the time because the fainted a lot. Because of the corsets.

Of course, I am not doing any of this yet – as I don’t need to – but I read all of it immediately šŸ™‚

I am sure I’ll feel different about it when (if) it gets worse, but for now it’s like my appleseed waved its hand at me: “hello mom!” By the way, the hands are developing this week…

Also , I was floored this morning when I saw the size of my nipples. If they grow at the same rate, they’ll be covering half of my breasts by the time the baby comes out. Yikes. I guess part of it was it being very, very hot – so nipples weren’t erect or anything and thus relaxed and large. Scratch that – they were XXL.

Oh, and you know what? I think I glow. No, not in the dark šŸ™‚ You know how you read in books about pregnancy glow? Usually I am taking good care of my face. These days, I am not. I take care of my ass (i.e. the progesterone), and my teeth – flossing every night as they say pregnancy can cause some bad gum bleeding;Ā  I have no willpower to take care of my face. But my skin looks great! Glowing.

Probably, not for long – just wait for the morning sickness to get ugly. But still šŸ™‚

Anyway, there’s my share of babbling about my early pregnancy days for today…


8 Jun

I think this is the first time I didn’t post for so long. 3 days! I started a new job and the first 2 days were long and exhausting – but fun. So far so good. I have a spacious sun-filled workspace right by the window, a nice title I feel proud and scared of at the same time (scared of the responsibility), people (most of them) seem really nice and friendly and relaxed (good sign), and industry is fun.

I am getting into a new routine now with all the pregnancy related things.

Progesterone: since I take those rectally (they give me yeast infection vaginally), I don’t feel like moving for at least 30 minutes after taking them. And a bit later they cause serious bowel movement. Which causes a bit of a logistical issue in the mornings, now that I am back in the work force. So now I put my alarm 30-40 minutes ahead of the time I need to get up, shove the progesterone pill up my @ss, and go back to bed. So far, so good.

Preg-vit. The morning vitamin pill is supposed to be ingested 1 hour before your first meal intake. Which, again, is a logistical issue on a typical workday morning. So now I take my preg-vit at the same time I take my progesterone (I now keep the pack and a glass of water on my night stand) – and go back to sleep.

Water intake. I bought myself a small 330 ml flask which I take with me. I try to start drinking during my commute and keep on drinking water and decaf teas throughout the day. So far, I feel like all I am doing is going to the bathroom, feeling uneasy because people might notice and suspect I am pregnant. Not a great thing to suspect during my very first week there. But at least now I can manage and fit 2 L of liquids inside me! Before that, I couldn’t. Just physically couldn’t.

My next goals:

– Start exercising

– Start getting to bed earlier whenever possible (the last 2 days I came home well after 10… but I want to start getting in bed at 10, read for a while, then lights off)


5 Jun

Today I am at 5 weeks, 0 days. The 6th week started! And my baby is now the size of an apple seed. Just a week ago it was a poppy seed – and now an apple seed! Such a growth spurt.Ā  (Just noticed I spelled “poopy seed” instead of “poppy seed” LOL)

Breasts feel a bit sore sometimes. And they got bigger. In fact, one of my friends eyed them suspiciously and asked me whether I am pregnant. Well, I told her about the progesterone suppositories and suggested it’s their effect. I am not ready to start telling everyone!

No morning sickness yet.

This morning got REALLY scared. I was sitting with my laptop and then jumped off the couch and went into the kitchen and then felt this strongest rush of blood to my head and all of a sudden realized I can’t see. Like, at all. You know how sometimes if you get up too quickly you get this rush and everything goes black for a moment? Well, it was the same – only it was a bit longer than a moment. Maybe three seconds or so. It was really scary. I knew I was standing staring at the window – and it’s a bright sunny morning outside – and I don’t see a thing.

Now I remember my mom telling me she lost her consciousness a few times with both pregnancies (me and my sis). In a shower, in the subway (no ventilation or air-conditioning and in rush hour). And I got my mom’s weak blood vessels. So I guess I should be more careful.

I also developed some weird morning running nose thing. Every morning, it’s running – and then everything is normal. Maybe IĀ  became allergic to something? Like my wool blanket? I don’t know.

Other than that, nothing to report.

Oh, and now the really scary thing. Was reading a pregnancy book, and it described how you give birth to the baby, and then the placenta, and that then you pass on blood clots. Attention: “notify your caregiver if those blood clots are bigger than a lemon“.

Yikes. I mean, YIKES. Blood clots the size of a lemon?

Anyway, back to happy thoughts. All that is still 35 weeks away. Apple seed – I love my apple seed šŸ™‚