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8 Jun

I think this is the first time I didn’t post for so long. 3 days! I started a new job and the first 2 days were long and exhausting – but fun. So far so good. I have a spacious sun-filled workspace right by the window, a nice title I feel proud and scared of at the same time (scared of the responsibility), people (most of them) seem really nice and friendly and relaxed (good sign), and industry is fun.

I am getting into a new routine now with all the pregnancy related things.

Progesterone: since I take those rectally (they give me yeast infection vaginally), I don’t feel like moving for at least 30 minutes after taking them. And a bit later they cause serious bowel movement. Which causes a bit of a logistical issue in the mornings, now that I am back in the work force. So now I put my alarm 30-40 minutes ahead of the time I need to get up, shove the progesterone pill up my @ss, and go back to bed. So far, so good.

Preg-vit. The morning vitamin pill is supposed to be ingested 1 hour before your first meal intake. Which, again, is a logistical issue on a typical workday morning. So now I take my preg-vit at the same time I take my progesterone (I now keep the pack and a glass of water on my night stand) – and go back to sleep.

Water intake. I bought myself a small 330 ml flask which I take with me. I try to start drinking during my commute and keep on drinking water and decaf teas throughout the day. So far, I feel like all I am doing is going to the bathroom, feeling uneasy because people might notice and suspect I am pregnant. Not a great thing to suspect during my very first week there. But at least now I can manage and fit 2 L of liquids inside me! Before that, I couldn’t. Just physically couldn’t.

My next goals:

– Start exercising

– Start getting to bed earlier whenever possible (the last 2 days I came home well after 10… but I want to start getting in bed at 10, read for a while, then lights off)


5 Jun

Today I am at 5 weeks, 0 days. The 6th week started! And my baby is now the size of an apple seed. Just a week ago it was a poppy seed – and now an apple seed! Such a growth spurt.  (Just noticed I spelled “poopy seed” instead of “poppy seed” LOL)

Breasts feel a bit sore sometimes. And they got bigger. In fact, one of my friends eyed them suspiciously and asked me whether I am pregnant. Well, I told her about the progesterone suppositories and suggested it’s their effect. I am not ready to start telling everyone!

No morning sickness yet.

This morning got REALLY scared. I was sitting with my laptop and then jumped off the couch and went into the kitchen and then felt this strongest rush of blood to my head and all of a sudden realized I can’t see. Like, at all. You know how sometimes if you get up too quickly you get this rush and everything goes black for a moment? Well, it was the same – only it was a bit longer than a moment. Maybe three seconds or so. It was really scary. I knew I was standing staring at the window – and it’s a bright sunny morning outside – and I don’t see a thing.

Now I remember my mom telling me she lost her consciousness a few times with both pregnancies (me and my sis). In a shower, in the subway (no ventilation or air-conditioning and in rush hour). And I got my mom’s weak blood vessels. So I guess I should be more careful.

I also developed some weird morning running nose thing. Every morning, it’s running – and then everything is normal. Maybe I  became allergic to something? Like my wool blanket? I don’t know.

Other than that, nothing to report.

Oh, and now the really scary thing. Was reading a pregnancy book, and it described how you give birth to the baby, and then the placenta, and that then you pass on blood clots. Attention: “notify your caregiver if those blood clots are bigger than a lemon“.

Yikes. I mean, YIKES. Blood clots the size of a lemon?

Anyway, back to happy thoughts. All that is still 35 weeks away. Apple seed – I love my apple seed 🙂