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Maternity Clothes??

18 Jun

Spoke to my sis yesterday. Out of the blue, she asked me: have you thought of your wardrobe? Getting some new, roomier clothes?

Whaaaaa? I am not even 7 weeks yet. I say it’s a bit early for that, surely?

She said it’s different for everyone and we left it at that.

But then I started thinking and realized that am already giving preference to jeans and pants that I saved from the times when I was about 15 pounds heavier (was depressing time of my life). Haven’t even tried to fit myself into any ‘normal’ pants. Overall, I choose dresses whenever weather collaborates. Dresses leave my tummy free to be whatever.

I know it’s not a baby bump, not yet (although apparently my uterus has already doubled in size) – it’s all gas and water and bloatedness (is it even a word?)

But whatever the cause is… perhaps she is right and I need to give my wardrobe some thought… Some of my t-shirts insist on rolling up. I am sure if I had to wear a button shirt, it won’t stay closed over my breasts.

Hmmm… This is all happening a bit earlier than I am prepared to deal with. Will go on with the dresses for now.

P.S. Was nauseous a bit this morning… feeling more at ease, less worried 🙂

In-Laws are Coming

17 Jun

My in-laws are in town for the weekend. Spent the day cleaning, as well as hiding all the pregnancy-related evidence: vitamins, suppositories, ultrasound snapshot, pregnancy book, pieces of pregnancy art and mosaic, fertility clinic folders, brochures and business cards with appointment times and dates…

I never even realized how much compromising evidence we’ve accumulated lying around!

Also, talked to my sis today. Once upon a time she promised to come for a few weeks and help me once I give birth. I’ve been meaning to raise this issue for a while, but didn’t have to: she raised it herself. Told me she will use her vacation towards coming! I feel a bit bad that she’ll have to be stuck in freezing Toronto in February, spending little time sleeping properly – as a vacation… But am so glad she’s coming!

nausea gone?

17 Jun

Worried. Nausea hasn’t showed up for the past couple of days.

Trying to shake off fearful thoughts. Ultrasound is 1.5 weeks away…


16 Jun

Oh god, I am so, SO tired. Waking up is dreadful. Especially since I do the double waking up due to progesterone. I wake up at 6:30 for a few minutes, and then at 7, permanently.

I am yawning constantly. My whole body feels like someone spent the night beating me with a bag of flour (and then wiped me to remove the evidence).

By the time it is 7 pm, I am ready to go to bed. I have no energy to do anything. The pile of dirty dishes is gynormous – and we do have a dishwasher!!!

My eyes feel full of sand. My bones hurt. I yawn. My head sways if I stand up too abruptly.

God, how do women work full time through this. Furthermore, how do women that already have small kids go through this? At least my hubby can feed and read his own books…

Journey to Pregnancy (Art Book)

16 Jun

I am sharing another spread from my pregnancy art book. I called it “journey to pregnancy”.

Partially, it’s an abstract idea; partially, it reflects all the numerous travels we did while dating – and after getting married, too. As all of that was part of our journey to pregnancy, in a way.

Again, image is clickable to see it in better resolution.

Journey to Pregnancy, Art Book

We Saw Our Baby!

13 Jun

We saw our baby today. All we could see was a dark circle with something small at the right side of it, and a teeny-tiny flickering in that small something.

The round thing is the sac. The small something is the baby. The flickering – is the heart, beating.

Baby is tiny! 0.3 cm only. So I have no idea where do those online counters get off with pea-sized babies. I have never seen peas that small. Maybe lentils, but not peas.

One single tear ran down my cheek.

Hubby was excited and confused – didn’t understand much of what he was looking at, as he confessed later. Also said he thinks the baby has his nose and my ears, LOL 🙂

Next step – another ultrasound in 2 weeks on Wednesday. Once we hear “all is well” – time to graduate me to an ob-gyn, choose a hospital and such…

This became just a notch more believable today. And we have a picture 🙂

6 weeks, 0 days

12 Jun

So, we’re starting the 7th week! According to one source, my baby is the size of a sweet pea. According to another source – like a small bean, about half an inch. The discrepancy is due to the fact that one source measures head to rump, while the other, I guess, measures head to toes (or tail?)

The heart is beating now, the blood is circulating. I hope we do see the heartbeat in our u/s tomorrow noon!

The embryo already has hands and feet, thickly webbed – and it will start moving the limbs sometime this week! How cool is that! Yah, I know I won’t feel it until sometimes in the second trimester, but nevertheless… very cool!

And the baby is starting to sprout eyes, ears, nose, cheeks, and chin.

Hmmm. I still haven’t started exercising. Booo.