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Ultrasound #2

29 Jun

We had our second ultrasound today – I am 8w3d. Everything is fine! It was sooooo different than the first one! This time around, we saw an actual baby – head, feet, hands, strong heartbeat of 170 – and a circle next to its feet which, I assume, is the developing placenta.

The u/s tech (who used to be a gynecologist before she immigrated to Canada) told me that if I haven’t got morning sickness yet, I’m unlikely to get it now, so late into placenta development. So I should consider myself lucky. And I do – but primarily for having a baby, and only then for having it easy… If I need to complain, I can complain about bloatedness pains. I look noticeably pregnant.

While the tech was taking the measurements, the baby moved and waved – my hubby saw it, but I didn’t 😦 When she turned the screen to me again, the baby wasn’t waving. The tech even wiggled the wand in my vagina a bit, but baby refused to move. Oh well, let it snooze – I hope it will be as courteous towards me later on 🙂

The baby measures 2 cm now – and only 2 weeks ago it was 0.37 cm! Isn’t that just unbelievable?

So they referred me to a gynecologist, but because in our wonderful free medical system in Canada it usually takes a couple of months or more to see a specialist, the clinic will keep seeing me for now – I am to come back for u/s #3 in 2 weeks.


PS On my way home, I saw a very pregnant lady on the subway. I was mesmerized by the way her belly moved on its own non-stop, dying to experience the same…

Ultrasound Tomorrow

28 Jun

As always, a bit worried about the upcoming ultrasound – tomorrow.

I decided to take a walk along the lake from work today and perhaps I was moving a bit too fast, but I started feeling some aches and pains in the lower abdomen. On the sides, not in the centre – but still… So am worried now.

Hold on there, baby raspberry! Show us your strong heartbeat and wave some limbs at us tomorrow!

It’s All About Sleep?

27 Jun

Yesterday, I went to bed before 10 pm. Not sure when I turned off the light – but pretty sure that was well before 11 pm. And… today I was able to function!

Yes, I was tired and sleepy in the morning, but once I woke up, I was functioning! I didn’t feel half-asleep by 3 pm!

Going to bed now!!! (9:45 pm)

8 weeks

26 Jun

8w0d today – ninth week has started!

Exhausted beyond comprehension. Woke up at 9 am, fell asleep at about 12:30 pm, slept for 2 hours… The only reason for waking up – wanted to pee. Still sleepy. Listen to that belly growling – am hungry, too…

I know, I should be grateful I am not suffering from morning sickness on top of it all, but I guess I am too tired.

I was dreaming today that I had to confess I was pregnant while on a conference call with the headquarters (in the States). Once I went off the line, I (somehow, as it only can be in a dream) was able to hear my boss’ discussion with the US counterparts. The US people were suggesting firing me right away, and my boss was saying that in Canada, firing a pregnant person is not worth the bother, especially for a big corporation.

I woke up with evil thoughts of confessing I am pregnant right away – and stopping all the worries of not being able to perform… for I will become un-fi-rab-le!

No, not gonna do this, of course…

So, am going to make myself a salad… read about 8 weeks (received one update email telling me my baby is the size of a raspberry), and read – or maybe watch a movie…

Am tiiiiiiiiiiiiii-red… Yawn…