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Pregnancy Weight Gain

30 Dec

My weight gain has reverted. I was almost 75 kg at my last OB appointment – but I was 73 this morning. 2 kg (or about 4 pounds) less.

Yes, at the time of the OB appointment I was badly constipated. Yes, my appetite has decreased, I eat less now – and am trying to watch my carbs intake, like the doctor has suggested.

I hope the decline in weight has nothing to do with the baby. Well, at least I haven’t noticed any changes in his behaviour.

I was about 61 kg when I got pregnant. So if (let’s say) I am 75 kg now, then I gained 14 kg so far (or just a bit over 30 pounds). Which I believe is normal weight gain. With one month left to go, I hope I won’t all of a sudden gain a whole pile…

On a separate note, I was dreaming our baby was born – and for whatever reason he was mixed race – he had black facial features, but very light-skinned. Still dark, but not black. In my dream, my hubby and I were perplexed: yes, we went through fertility treatments, but we didn’t use donor sperm!

But the baby was oh-so-cute. And his hair was golden-brown curls 😉


Scary Holiday Season

29 Nov

So it looks like I gained 4 pounds in 5 days of U.S. Thanksgiving while visiting the relatives.Yikes!

I do hope it’s not real gain. I had some constipation issues, so maybe I will get rid of some of it shortly?.. And there is xmas coming… and cold (which equals less walking/moving) coming… at this rate I will be HUGE by the end of this pregnancy!!!

Where’s my metamucil? I gotta make those bowels work overtime 😉

Down with Food!

18 Oct

My weight gain was very good for a while. I gained like 10 pounds over the first 18 weeks of pregnancy. And then another 8 in the following 6 weeks – as my appetite spiked (as well as the baby’s growth accelerated – he’s now growing and gaining fat). I am only 24 weeks and +18 pounds already.

I am getting concerned about the weight gain. And, to be quite honest, I am not as hungry any longer, but I don’t seem to be able to stop eating. It’s like a habit. Huge lunch, then a huge apple, then a huge peach, then a small snack when I get home, then a supper when my hubby comes home, then maybe another peach… I eat all the time – without being hungry. Which is bad.

Today, I came home and drank a cup of tea with a few pieces of cheese. And then ate a peach later. And I am fine. I don’t need a supper. The big lunch with the fruits that follow it is enough. The baby is big enough now to leave little space for food. I feel unpleasantly full from all this eating.

That’s it, I gotta stop eating when I am not hungry. Or I will gain too much weight – and the baby will be huge – and I will require c-section. Or I will develop gestational diabetes. Or high blood pressure.

Down with food!